When Things Are Not Going So Well.

Last Update: November 11, 2019

Well, I don't know if I jinxed this post by giving it this title, I just typed 600 words and deleted the post by mistake, now I have to type everything all over again, but I will not change the title. OK, so there are a few things I want to cover and I really hope I can type everything as I did earlier because now I have lost the momentum and I have even lost some of the things I wanted to say.

I would like to talk about the super affiliate challenge and share where I am so far. I also want to share a few things that have happened that have contributed to my position at the super affiliate challenge.

Let's Start With Super Affiliate Challenge

Month 5 of the super affiliate challenge has been very tough for me, the challenge itself was not tough but life interfered and now I am ashamed to admit that month 5 will be the first month that I will not be able to meet my content requirement.

I am not going to make excuses, I know even with everything that was going on which I will touch on in a minute, I could have managed to create more content than I have. So far I have published 4 posts, and even though I am working on my fifth one, I don't think I will be able to reach even half of the requirement by 15th of November which is the end of month 5.

To be honest I don't feel so good about that fact, one thing I vowed when I was accepted to the super affiliate challenge, was to make sure I meet my content requirement.

I m Not Making Excuses But.

So, we've been having problem at our house with our bathroom, there seemed to be a leakage within the walls which is a problem that was caused by bad job back in 2016 when the people who we had hired to do a bit of remodeling messed things up badly.

A few weeks ago we decided the bathroom had to be fixed before it causes more damage to the walls. We got recommendation from a plumber who has been fixing things at our place that were messed up back in 2016.

We got all the material needed and the job commenced, we thought all was well until the guy messed up the tiling job really bad, we couldn't look at those tiles, they were put on so badly. We had to stop him, and we decided to ask some friends to come and help us do it ourselves.

The house was a mess for a couple of weeks, not to mention problem finding the same exact tiles, anyway I will not go into many details but it was really hard to concentrate on anything other than the bathroom.

Then A Dear Friend Got Devastating News

We have these dear friends of ours who also happen to be our neighbors, very lovely couple, always so happy and kind to everyone. They were supposed to come over from UK, because they live here half of the year, and the other half in the UK.

They did not come when we were expecting them to come so we emailed to ask if all was OK, to which we got no reply. This was very strange to us, because we always communicate even when they are in the UK, even if its just to complain about the weather.

Anyway, we asked our other friends if they had heard anything and they too shared the same as us, saying that they had sent emails with no replies. We sent another email expressing our concerns, and two days later we got a reply and it was not good.

The lady has been diagnosed with cancer, and the husband understandably was devastated and he could not reply to emails, and that is why we had not heard anything.

Life Can Be So Unfair Sometimes

This lady is one of the sweetest human beings I have ever come across, always smiling and laughing, always so positive and full of life, and never says bad things about people. And as a couple they always seemed so happy and enjoyed each other's company. We always made fun of them about how in love with each other they are, despite being together for over 40 years.

We had spoken to them last year about their plans to spend more time in Greece because now their grandchildren were at the age where they didn't spend so much time with them so they had more time to go wine tasting which they love and also visit all the Greek Islands that's what they planed to do the next couple of years.

Now everything looks so uncertain.


Anyway, That is what has been happening in my life, hope all the other super affiliates are doing well and completing their tasks.

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Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks for sharing your struggles Rose. I do hope that your friend gets help and healing, my heart goes out to that couple.
I hope that your situation with your home gets settled so that you can get back to work on the challenge soon.
I admire your commitment to WA and to success, keep moving ahead, this is just one of the valleys that come, trust yourself to get moving ahead.
Hope your week ahead is blessed.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much, Ray, I am trying to make the best of the next few days before month 5 is finished. I hope I can get some things accomplished.

Yes, it's really sad about the lady, just sad because it sounds like the doctors are not very hopeful.