Wealthy Affiliate Has Been Upgraded Its Like A Facelift

Last Update: November 03, 2020

This is my first post on Wealthy Affiliate since the update. I feel like I am on a new website. I must admit I was shocked yesterday, when I tried to login to my account and I was not able to. For a few minutes I was completely locked out of WA.

But I knew things will smooth out, although I couldn't help but wonder, what if I was to be locked out like for real? Anyway, all seems to be settling down now, and I am navigating the new Wealthy Affiliate platform trying to familiarize myself with everything again.

What Has Changed In Wealthy Affiliate?

So let's talk about the key points I took from Kyle's welcome video, there is a new membership called Premium Plus, with this membership, you get much more than you are getting with your regular premium membership.

For example, you get more hosting space, where you can host up to 50 websites, you also get Jaaxy Enterprise, which makes your keyword research much better and easier, since you will get instant results, like you see in the training videos.

And also you will get special classes that are only available to Premium Plus members. There were other things that were mentioned in the video including other services that will only be available to Premium Plus members.

A Facelift Was A Great Idea

Well, with all websites, an upgrade is always needed after a surtain amount of time, to keep up with ever-changing technology, and so its only natural that Wealthy Affiliate would get a Facelift so to speak.

One of the things that attracted me to WA, was the lack of up sales. But in the case of Premium Plus, I think there has to be room for people to grow, and that means for people who want to run many websites or need upper level of services, should for sure have that option so they don't have to seek those services elsewhere.

I mean, when I was doing research for my first WA review, I came across an article written by someone who used to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate and in the article he said that his business had outgrown WA, and he had to seek upper level services somewhere else.

So I think with the option of Premium Plus, Wealthy affiliate members have more options as their online businesses grow.

But I Hope That Our Current Premum Membership Will Still Be The Same Or Even Better

I hope that we will continue to enjoy the services we have within our current Premium membership. For example, I hope we will still have our weekly live classes, and maybe even more classes.

When I logged in I did notice that we have new classes with new coaches, with many subjects covered, I think that is really good if its available to us the regular Premium members.


The new WA Platform looks good, I just need time to get used to the changes. What do you think about new Wealthy Affiliate? Do you like it? what are some of the things that you are concerned about? For me as I mentioned, I am concerned about our current Premium membership not getting better and us having to struggle with the idea of upgrading to the Premium Plus membership.

I say this because I have been in other platforms where if they release a new level of membership, they stop improving the current one and focus all energy on the new level of membership.

Please share your views below, I really would like to read your opinion about this.

Thank you for your time


PS. I will spell check later because right now it seems the Grammar check at WA is not working. And the save button is gone too, so I guess I have to publish.

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DCarpenter1 Premium
Great post Rose,

I have been away for a while & now trying to respond to 400+ emails.

I have yet to learn about Premium Plus, although it is not an option for me & will be quite a while until I have completed my basic training & start earning income from my site, which may need an alternative direction due to COVID.

Ropesa Premium
Welcome back Denis
Wdcope Premium
Rose good breakdown. Sometimes I would like advance notice a little so we do not have to communicate surprise as much. I have had other programs where they did that and were not as advantageous to us the regular premium member. Nice to see so far as I can see not much is less with Premium.
Now off to explore.
Take care,
Ropesa Premium
Thank you, Bill, for your comment. yes for now things are the same with our current premium membership, I just hope that it will still get improvements despite the availability of the Premium Plus.
BruceStephen Premium
Hi Ropesa I agree with your concern that the Premium membership could suffer if all the focus goes onto premium Plus.

At the moment I am struggling to do the training in Premium and maintaining one site let alone fifty sites. While it is a WOW that we will have so much online training I just do not have the time to see them all.

For beginners I believe that the Premium Plus is a bit expensive.

After I have completed the training and developed my current site into earning some cash I will then only look at Premium Plus. I have to do it the hard way by getting free traffic as I do not have the finances to throw at paid ads.

If I can not make money as a Premium member I certainly do not believe that I will make it as a Premium Plus member.

I certainly see it as a journey moving from Premium (getting started) to Premium Plus (taking things to a whole new level).

Premium membership in my opinion is one of the best and most cost effective programs available and I have faith in achieving success through it.
Regards Bruce
Ropesa Premium
You make great points Bruce.
jghwebbrand Premium
Like your post.
What really caught my attention is the nice way you explained the Premium Plus membership.

I copied it here so I can see it at a glance. "In the case of Premium Plus, I think there has to be room for people to grow, and that means for people who want to run many websites or need upper level of services, should for sure have that option so they don't have to seek those services elsewhere."
Premium Plus is a real treat for those who fit the above category.

Actually this morning, as I continue here, I am really liking the new layout. It is helping me to be more productive.
Nice going to Kyle, Carson and team.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much for your comment, I am still learning how to work the new WA platform.
Lonelyearner Premium
At first, this updated platform felt strange because I was used to the previous platform, even though I have only been a member for a month. Premium+ membership is strange because premium when I joined, I thought it had everything I needed equipped for the long-term online business.

Well, I'll have to get used to this updated platform.

Ropesa Premium
Thank you Timo for your comment, as it is now, the regular premium membership does provide you with all you need for your online business. I mean you get to host 10 websites plus all the training you need for your online business to grow. I think the Premium Plus is for those who might outgrow the current Premium membership. Well, at least that's my opinion.
Lonelyearner Premium
That's a great point of view. I couldn't think of that.