Top 100 What? Are You Serious? I Also Share Content Creation Tips

Last Update: October 02, 2019

OK, so I just noticed that I am in the top 100, I currently rank at 94, that is amazing considering how busy I have been and I have not been able to do my normal activities here at WA.

I am trying to meet my content requirement for month 4 of the Super Affiliate Challenge. To be honest, I am struggling a lot this month but thank God I only have two more articles to go, I have an idea for one but I don't have an idea for the last one.

Time is of the essence, I hope I can make it, so far I have not failed to deliver my monthly requirement of content. I am gonna burn the midnight oil if it's needed, I am not going to start failing even before we reach half-way of the challenge which is 6 months.

OK, enough about me, lets get to the real reason why I am writing this blog.

Recently I have been reading some real great stuff here at WA one post I must share here is this one by AJTrimble1

And this here is not the only one. He has written some really helpful, educative, and inspirational articles and I suggest you visit his profile and read his content, it's really helpful. Which brings me to my next point.

Do You Know What Makes You Click?

I have been studying my behavior lately just to try and figure out what my readers might be thinking when they are searching Google, Pinterest or the other Search engines. To be honest, you don't even have to study strangers in order to figure out how people behave on the internet.

OK, so every morning when I am having my breakfast before I get ready for the day, it's when I check my emails and my notifications from WA, And I usually use my phone to do that. As I am drinking my tea ( I don't drink Coffee because of Migraines long story)

There Are Two Reasons Why I Click To Read A Post At WA When I Am On My Phone.

I usually go through the notifications and there are two reasons why I click to go to WA and read something, honestly I find it difficult to read on the small screen of my phone but there are two things that make me click.

Number one if the blog post is from Kyle or other people that I am always interested in what they are writing about. I have a group of people within my network that I love reading their content here at WA and I will always click and read their posts no matter what.

What I usually do is click, leave a comment so I can come and read it later when I am on the computer. Please let me know if there are other ways of bookmarking a post here at WA.

Number two The next thing that makes me click to read on my phone despite the fact that it's a pain to read on a small screen, it's the tittle of the post, if the tittle is screaming at me to click, I will probably click and read.

What Does This Teach Me As A Content Creator?

What this teaches me is that trust is the number one reason for clicking Which means the people I trust can be blogging here at WA about anything and the tittle does't matter I will click because I trust they will have something substantial to share.

And number two is enticement, if the tittle of the post is enticing, it will tempt me to click even though I know it's gonna be a problem to read it on my small phone screen

Now I am not saying that the title should be a click bait, actually there was a time I used to get very angry because there were people who were using click baits and it was very annoying. I am just saying use a good title and also have meat in your post too, and of course make sure the tittle matches what the post is about.

It All Boils Down To Trust And Enticement

Trust, if your audience know that you will always have quality content to share, they will always come back, I have a few blogs that I follow on Pinterest and they put out new content once or twice a week. And it does not matter what the author puts out that week I will go and read it.

And the same goes for YouTube, so I think what we have to do, is work on trust and enticement, and I think we will be just fine. When creating a pin for Pinterest use enticing text on the pin and use bold plain easy to read text.

And if possible choose a set of colors or design that will be your signature colors(design), that way your audience can spot your pin easily.

Anyway I know I should have written two different posts, one about my top 100 and one about these tips but as I mentioned earlier time is of the essence, and I didn't want to forget these points so that is why I decided to share here.

Well, I better go and work on that post, but before I leave, I want to thank all the fabulous WA members who take the time out of their busy schedule to share some really helpful information. some of the posts they share are so rich and full of nuggets of gold. That they could easily use for their own websites but they choose to share here and help people.

Thank you guys


Now that I know what makes me click on an article or a pin, I am working hard to improve my work, so I can earn the trust. And I am also researching more on my tittles to create that enticement factor.

OK, now let me hear from you, what makes you click and what do you think our audience need from us? Do you think my ideas make sense or I am I on the wrong track here? please share your comments below. And don't forget to hit the like this button.

Thank you for your time and for your comments.


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