This Post Is Dedicated To Two Wealthy Affiliate Members Thank You

Last Update: October 08, 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Members are amazing, and in this post I want to honor two of them. In my language we have a proverb that says, you should not wait until the cow is dead to say that it used to produce lots of milk. Basically what this means is that, if somebody has done something good, then you should let them know, and thank them.

Another meaning of this proverb is that people in my country have this thing where when someone passes on, they come and say how great that person was, but when the person was alive, they never said a word about the said person's greatness.

Come to think of it, I think in our culture we are scared of dead people so even if the person was horrible, they still say that the person was great. I remember a case where someone was in their last moments, and they said, when I go, don't you dare say I was great, tell people the truth about what you thought of me.

OK, What Does This Have To Do With Wealthy Affiliate Members? Let's Get Into The Post.

A while ago, a member of Wealthy affiliate who goes by user name Twack Made a post here at WA, I would have liked to link the post but I was not able to find the post on his profile because he has so many posts here.

Anyway, in that post he talked about how people in olden days used to leave posters, and business cards everywhere to give their business exposure.

And he talked about leaving our blog links anywhere we are able to, so we can give our blogs exposure.

I commented on that post and told Twack that I would take his advice and leave my links wherever I can, since then I have been following his advice, and it helps a lot, because with blogging exposure is everything, being able to get people to read your content, is what its all about.

So I Would Like To Thank Twack For That Great Advice.

The second member I want to thank is a member who goes by user name Ahimbe I read a post by Ahimbe where he was talking about the travel niche, He gave tips on how to start a travel blog.

At the time I already had my plate full and I did't think I could start another blog, but I saw a void And I was determined to fill it, see as many of you know, I live in Greece, and to be specific I live on the Greek island of Crete.

This being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and world at large, I saw that the bloggers who were blogging about the island were not stationed at the island. So I remembered Ahimbe's post and I decided to Crete a website.

I Didn't Want To Create Just Another Travel Blog

I bought a domain, and started working on the website, I wanted to create something different, I did not want to create just another travel blog, where I talk about best places to visit, the best food etc. Although if I wanted to, I could have created a travel blog and review different things, I mean the island is quite big and one can create a whole website just going to different places on the island, and talking about those places.

But I wanted to also target the expats who live here, by providing them with information, in English, because most news outlets here are in Greek. I also wanted to target those who want to move to the island.

And of course I wanted to give the tourists the kinds of tips they can only get from someone who lives on the island, someone who talks to the locals and know what offends them. For example, since the Greeks are super religious, they get super offended when tourists disrespect their places of worship.

Tourists Need Tips On Visiting Worship Places In Greece

I am able to speak to the locals and ask them what the tourists should do, or how they should behave or dress when thy are visiting churches, and monasteries in Greece.

So the reason I want to thank Ahimbe, is that he is the one who inspired me to start the blog, and now its got almost 50 posts, and I am constantly getting organic comments from people asking for help and suggestions.

I have also made a couple of sales from the blog, so I think its got potential.

Thank You Ahimbe


There are so many members here at Wealthy Affiliate who have inspired me in many ways and I cannot name all of them but, I just want to say, thank you.

Thank you for answering my questions, thank you for encouragement, and thank you for reading, liking, and commenting on my posts.

Thank you for your time


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DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Rose,

A great post & one I can relate to.
It is important in my opinion, to give thanks to anyone who has helped me in my endeavors here at WA & the wider world.

I also have a Travel website, although it is far from being active & I need a lot of work to get it published.
I am a foreigner living for fifteen years in Thailand, & will provide helpful advice for visitors to this country.

Ropesa Premium
Hi Denis, I think you should get on that website and work on it because Thiland is a very popular tourist destination, and a blog run by someone who lives there will be super helpful.

I think once we are out of the current global crisis that we are in now, people will want to travel, and they will be searching for information.

Good luck to you.
SofiaMM Premium
Amen to that!!! The most amazing community you can find is ... here! Always so ready and willing to help, to share information. This is what is all about, but it's very rare to find such place where concept is practiced!

Thanks for the post Ropesa (greetings from Portugal! We are practically naeighbours!)
Sofia (... and I have a greek name!!)
Ropesa Premium
HaHa indeed we are neighbors, Wealthy affiliate is a great community, I was skeptical when I first joined the community 2 years ago, I couldn't believe that a group of people of this magnitude would actually be so helpful.

I mean we have people here from all over the world, yet it feels like we are a family, a big one but a family.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
So very well said, Rose.

I was also very sceptical but now, I cannot imagine my life without WA.

Have a good day.
Ropesa Premium
You have a great day too Cassi. WA is a way of life. I call it the WA lifestyle👍🏾👍🏾
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
My words exactly, Rose! 🙂
LindaBaxter Premium
There is so much to be gleaned from reading blogs and comments of members of this community. My direction that I have gone with my websites has been influenced greatly by many of you. I have received inspiration from many, including Twack. You have just introduced me to Ahimbi. Thank you for the intro,.


Ropesa Premium
Thank you Linda, indeed I have also done a lot of improvements on my websites thanks to blogs and comments here at WA.
Bolupe Premium
Oh wow. I am in the travel niche too and I will like to check out your blog. You are so lucky to live in Crete. It is a top destination for UK travellers and it is amazing that you are doing this. I will send you a DM.
All the best.
Ropesa Premium
Yes Bolupe Crete is top destination for UK And Scandinavia travelers, and we also have many expats from those regions.
Joes946 Premium
Great post Rose. We have some great people here!
Ropesa Premium
Yes indeed Joe. Thank you for your comment.