Quarantine With No WiFi

Last Update: March 14, 2020

Just as I thought, I will be able to really do a lot of work on my websites, since we are under quarantine, the WiFi has gone.

Since yesterday we’ve had no WiFi, and we are not able to do anything on our computers.

The WiFi Couldn’t Be Fixed

We spent the day yesterday trying to get it fixed, but the providers said that since its the weekend, they can only sort it out on Monday because, they need to send a technician to our house, since they couldn’t fix it remotely.

So the only internet we have is on our phones. It’s terrible, my husband is also frustrated because he had some projects that he needed to take care of this weekend.

Well, what can we do? We just have to wait until Monday.

You never know just how precious something is until you don’t have it.

I would do just about anything to have WiFi right now lol.

This Too Shall Pass, Stay Strong

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and working on your websites.

Please don’t be afraid and don’t panic, all will be well, we shall overcome this CoronaVirus.

And please stop buying to much toilet paper 🧻 I don’t understand why people have decided that toilet paper is the most important commodity to have during this crisis.

You would think people would be storing food like pasta, rice, beans, etc.

Anyway, be safe and take great care of yourselves.

Thank you for your time.


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dougpetch Premium
I'm glad your internet is up!
On a side note, there are stores posting signs that they will not accept returns on paper items and sanitizers.
Also, i believe a Danish store found a way to curb hording of sanitizers by only charge regular price for first one and $103 for the next ones purchased at that time.
Ropesa Premium
That is a great strategy, all supermarkets should do the same, charge more.
Calvinator63 Premium
What a major pain in the rear!

I understand completely what it is like to be without internet service over the years I have grown more and more dependent on the internet for my entertainment (I don’t know when the last time the television was even turned on). The last time I went without internet service at the l house here, and found out it was going to take a day or two to be fixed. I was visiting the local library within the hour and getting my fix on the internet there.

Although, with the CoronaVirus (CONID-19) which has been nicknamed Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and it is taking hold and spreading everywhere.

I feel for you in your time of involuntary suppression of internet activities, I would be going nuts not being able to be online when I wanted to. Currently, our libraries are closed due to the risk of spreading the CONID-19 virus by the handling of books by multiple people so if I lost internet service now, I too would suffer your same fate.

Equally important, why is this certain virus so scary to so many; the death toll percentages are relatively low (less than 10% from what I have read) compared to other strains of new viruses that the medical communities around the world have had to recently deal with in the last century such as MERS, SARS, and Ebola.

By the way, we are still having periodic outbreaks (9 in total) of Ebola some 44 years after the original outbreak occurred in 1976 to 1979 (reported 36 cases, 23 deaths, and 3 different strains of the same virus).

However, it over the years has reported, through lab testing to confirm cases, to have infected over 30 thousand people and killed over 40% that became infected with the virus during those outbreaks.

But no widespread fear was created by these results, why?

With the Ebola virus, we quickly learned how the virus came to be, how it is spread amongst us, and we have learned what preventive measures can be taken to practically eliminate an infestation, the spread of, or contamination with the virus.

We have knowledge about it and how to prevent it, This places, calm over most people when discussing the virus. So why didn’t these other viruses cause such panic as the CONID-19 is in the world today?


Plain and simple: fear of the unknown. Anything that we humans cannot explain or define upsets the balance of the unknown and the known: this creates fear!

Simply by washing your hands or good hygiene practices (which I would hope most healthy adults practice despite the global pandemic currently happening). But how do you know that you washed your hands good enough or are keeping yourself hygienic clean enough (hence the hoarding of toilet paper) to ward off this dark mysterious virus that is spreading like wildfire?

The truth is we don’t know yet, and the mystery that this virus holds baffles us, and so we as humans fall into a survival mode. Even though the fatality rate is very low in comparison to Ebola, CONID-19 frightens most of us.

China has reported that only roughly 16% of those confirmed infected experienced serious illnesses and most experienced less than flu or the common cold-like symptoms.

CDC article link that I got this information from: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/summary.html

On a side note this information was only obtained from those individuals that were confirmed infected by CONID-19 by laboratory testing, those that never received medical attention or were never tested, are not included in the data. So these numbers could and are most likely much lower than what is officially reported by Chinese medical officials

The elderly and those with premedical respiratory and or immune-deficiency conditions are more at risk of having severe problems once the virus is contracted by them. However, the general population’s interaction with the virus suggests that the illness caused by this new strain of the virus is mild.

But then again we do not know if this is a long term mildness that could be created where the body builds a resistance to the virus and destroys it. Or if the virus lays dormant within the body to strike against our immune system later, at a more favorable time for the virus, so that it can have greater medical consequences within its host. (Much like HIV and AIDS)

Myself, I feel that there is a fear being presented about this virus (the reason is unknown at this time), but from what I have read the flu each year causes more medical disruption then what this virus is causing so why all the fear. Until we know all the facts I don’t see what there is to fear.

Yes, I will wear a face mask if I plan to be around a lot of people such as at a gathering of some sort, and if I had any premedical conditions I would most like quarantine myself until more facts are presented and known. I also will continue to eat healthily to assure, not if, but when I am exposed to the virus my body‘s immune system will be ready for the fight!! (8-9 portions of fruits and vegetable daily)

But to go and start buying up rolls of toilet paper that I probably won’t use for another 6 months to a year or so; that just sounds like unnecessary hoarding to me and I am not sure where it will really help in the long run.

Although one of the symptoms of contracting the virus is diarrhea (only 3.8% that were infected suffered from that symptom; according to a NEJM Chinese Study) other than that not sure what all the toilet paper is for.

A copy of the study from where I got these figures from within the New England Journal of Medicine:


The links in this blog are provided for those that would like to read and learn more about the virus and the preliminary study done by the Chinese medical community on the virus.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” (FDR, 1933)

Moving forward, and living life large!
Kiranoppa Premium
The toilet paper hoarding seems to happen all over the world, also here in Finland. It's crazy! As if it was the most important thing to hoard, and besides, it's not like we are in Bird Box or anything.

Of course, people have also hoarded hand sanitizers, and there is no hand sanitizer in any pharmacy or grocery store now.

Why are you in quarantine? Do you have corona virus in your household, or is the area you live in just in quarantine?

It must suck, though, sorry to hear that. But hopefully you will get the wifi on Monday. I know it's not easy when you have things to do, but you could take this as an opportunity to rest for the weekend, so that you will have even more energy to work on your business when you can access the internet again.

Keep safe,

Ropesa Premium
Its the area that’s under quarantine for 14 days, the schools are closed and so are other places.
Sonny40 Premium
The toilet paper situation is the same here in Canada. It's ridiculous, to say the least
Kiranoppa Premium
It seems in Finland schools and everything is closing on Wednesday too, and borders will be closed too. Only grocery stores and pharmacies will be open. Well, it won't affect my life too much, though.
boomergp08 Premium
The same thing happened to me on Friday. Mine happened after a brief power outage on my street that lasted about a minute. When the power came back so did everything else except the WiFi.

Fortunately I am still able to take the Ethernet cable from my modem, plug it into an adapter and then into my USB port. Now I have access. Where are you located? I am in the New York City area in New Jersey.
Ropesa Premium
I live in Greece 🇬🇷
boomergp08 Premium
Do you have a modem or is your WiFi coming from a public hotpot transmitter. If you have a modem you should be able to do just like I did. You may even be able to plug directly into the computer if you have an ethernet port.
HildeRegine Premium
This situation could last for a while as the peak are supposed to come this summer. Working as a healthworker I am at risk myself for infection. Have some days off now, but I guess it will not be long before my phone is ringing due to lack of personnel. Take care and wish you recover soon!