OMG, My Video Pin Training Is On The First Page Of Google

Last Update: June 25, 2020

Someone here at WA, just Informed me that they found my training on the first page Of Google, I am so excited, when I created the tutorial, I was just trying to help our members here at WA especially the new members, I did not even think about keywords or anything like that.

As you can see on the screenshot that I am gonna attach in a second, my training is at position 4 on the first page of Google! under how to create video pins using Canva.

I knew that our posts and tutorials do rank in search engines because I have actually found many tutorials from WA members on Google, I just din't think my little tutorial could actually make it there.

So, here is a screenshot of the comment I got informing me that they found my tutorial on Google

And now, here is a screenshot of my training on Google.

Further investigation revealed that I am also ranked on Bing, and Yahoo, I am position 1 on Bing, and Position 2 on Yahoo.

This goes to show that even when we are blogging here at WA, or creating tutorials, we are still working, because if people find my content on Google, there is a chance of me getting referrals from the blog posts, and tutorials that I have created here at WA.

So exciting indeed.


I just wanted to come here and share this exciting news with my WA Fam, so it can be an encouragement to anyone who thinks that blogging here at WA, is just for the WA, community, your blog post can be found on Google.

And now, I would like to hear what you think about this, did you know that your WA blogs can rank? I actually also saw a question ranked on Google, so whatever you write here at WA, know that it could end up of the first page of Goole, how cool is that?

Thank you so much for your time.


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JKulk1 Premium
That's fantastic news Rose. Your blog on video pins was interesting and very helpful. You deserve that high ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. All the best. Jim
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much Jim
IAnum1 Premium
Thanks for sharing Rose
Ropesa Premium
You are welcome
LMeffan1 Premium
How exciting!!!!! Good on you! Liz
Ropesa Premium
Thank you
Joes946 Premium
Well done. Yes, our posts and lessons can help us rank.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you Joe
JKhlem Premium
Nice work . It always exciting when the unexpected happens .
Great job Rose .

Ropesa Premium
Thanks, Jack, and you are right, it's very exciting.