OH My Goodness I Didn't Expect A Sale From This Website So Soon

Last Update: October 25, 2019

OK, so there is this little website that I work on sometimes, I just created it because I thought I have a lot of content ideas that relates to the niche. Well 18 posts later, I kind of run out of things to say, I have not abandoned the site I do try to post one article every week, well apart from this week.

The site is just a few months old, its actually younger than my SAC site, so I guess I must have built it in June or July, because the SAC site I built it in April ( I think) Anyway, I received an email that I had earned commission, when I checked which site the commission came from, it came from my young site, my little baby :).

It's not a lot of money, not even enough for lunch but it means a lot to me because according to my website's health report here at WA, that website is showing red.

I think I should start taking it seriously now, and add more content and do more stuff on it, wow! its amazing.

it goes to show that as long as your website is live and you have affiliate links there, you do have a chance of making money online.

Let's keep doing what we are doing guys, it works. Takes time but it does work.

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ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
That's awesome....Congratulations! Yes....now is the time to put a bit more work into it! :)

Have a great day!

Ropesa Premium
Yes, I agree with you Claudia, I need to put in some work on it from now on.
cld111 Premium
That's so fun! Congrats to you, Rose!

I have a couple of little websites too, and I want to find time to add more content for JUST this reason.

One I want to build up and create a consistent income and then sell it. And the other one I want to create products for.

We have so many possibilities to make money, don't we? What a great time to be alive! :)

- Christina
Ropesa Premium
Absolutely, Christina, we are so privileged to be here and doing what we love. I only created that little site because its something I enjoy talking about.
And now I think I need to take it seriously and research some more so I can create more content.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree with that one hundred percent, especially since I quite surprisingly, received a referral from my dormant affiliate site! Keep up the great work!

ART8229 Premium
congrats, it most be an inspiring feeling. Loved the picture, it tells the story.
Ropesa Premium
Yeah, I love that picture lol :)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Awesome!! This is so exciting! Keep up the great work, my friend! You have a bright future ahead!!💞