No Matter How Much Money I Make, I Don't Wanna Be Like That Guy

Last Update: February 22, 2020

I'm sure you are wondering what is she on about now? well, I will tell you in a minute. Before I get into it, I just want to say that this post was supposed to be about my recent accomplishments but we shall discuss that in another post.

Because I want to talk about this before I forget it, Its something I have noticed on YouTube.

Alright here we go. Do you notice how YouTube always shows you ads based on the content you've been consuming? Before I started blogging seriously, I used to go on YouTube for entertainment, or to learn something exciting, for example, makeup tutorials, cooking videos, funny shows etc.

So in those days I used to get ads that are either related to makeup, skincare, cooking etc. The last ten months or so the content I consume on YouTube has changed a lot. And that means the ads I get have also been modified to suit the content I watch. I guess YouTube Must show Me products that I might be interested in, based on what I am watching.

YouTube Is Quite Clever

YouTube is very smart, they can see that I am interested in things like make money online SEO tutorials or tips, Pinterest SEO and graphics etc.

Which brings me to the title of this post. There is this ad that keeps popping up on me and I really hate that ad, yet I keep forgetting to block it, does someone know how to block an ad on YouTube?

The message in the ad is actually good, the delivery however, is terrible. Based on the ad, the guy is a very successful business man, and has done many interviews with the major media outlets, and he has been hired by many business to help them strategies. But the way he starts the ad is absolute terrible.

I did watch the ad the other day without skipping because I wanted to see where he is going with this.

Obviously I cannot use the language he uses in the ad because it's just disgusting.

He is promoting some sort of course on how to start, and scale an online business. After watching that ad I asked myself, how much money would it take for me to be this arrogant, rude and downright abusive to my audience? One million dollars 5 million? how about ten or 50?

Does Money Change People?

In my opinion money cannot change who you are as a person. If you are an arrogant person I think when you don't have too much money you will try to keep your arrogance in check because you need to get along with people.

For example if you are working at an office setting, you need to get along with your colleagues and get the job done so you can take care of those bills. But when you become your own boss and you make loads of money, then maybe you might not feel the need to, be polite to people or to address people with respect.

I have seen this trend on Pinterest too, there is a pin that keeps popping up and it's a promoted pin so the person does not necessarily rely on organic traffic for their pin to be on the top. The language they have used on the pin makes me wonder why Pinterest allowed it to be on the platform but I guess since they are paying for it, that's what matters.

Your Character, Cannot Be Changed By Wealth, I Don't Believe So

Now going back to money changing people. I think no matter how much money one makes, one's morals, and character, cannot be changed. You will still remain grounded in what you believe in, what your morals are and how you treat fellow human being regardless of their financial status or business success.

One can offer assistance to those who are struggling in business without making them feel like they fall short in comprehension department or making them feel like they are less than smart because their business are not taking off.

The truth is some people succeed quickly and some take time to succeed and besides, if one formula worked 3 or 5 years ago and one made millions as a result, who says the same formula will work now? if it was, that simple then everyone running an online business would be a millionaire.

Don't Let Those Ads On YouTube Discourage You, Some Are Cases Of Fake It Until You Make It Anyway

Well, since I am on the YouTube roll now, let me mention another ad, there is this guy who is running an ad claiming he is recording the ad as he is relaxing in one of the most famous exotic locations in the world.

Now that is all well, but it seems like he did not watch the ad after recording it because you can see the poster that he is standing behind move, so maybe he should have edited that part. So he is lying to us that he is in some exotic island, but in reality he is just somewhere outside his apartment standing behind a poster.

But at least apart from misleading us about his location, this guy is not arrogant or rude, and he does introduce his course in a professional manner.


Diffrent people have different ways of promoting their business, or courses online, but I think it's wise to treat people with respect and talk to people the same way you would talk to them if you were seating across the table from somebody.

To be honest even if I was desperate to learn about what the guy in the ad is talking about, I would rather spend hours searching for the similar course done by someone else, because if that is how he is representing the course in an ad, how will he talk to me in the course?

Well, lets keep this discussion going on the comment section, have you noticed some weird ads on YouTube? Do you Think that Wealth can change how people behave towards each other?

Please leave your comments below, and if you liked the post then hit the like button.

Thank you for your time


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Stanleycmng Premium
Great post, Rose. Making money is one thing, being an obnoxious, irritating and rude person is another.

One is work to earn, the other is character and personality. Need to know they are separate, exclusive items but personality is often used to get attention.

Like they say, there is not such thing as bad publicity, only no publicity.
MOtuke Premium
This is so fantastic, I certainly noticed now that I am on Youtube, they have also changed the content for me as well. In terms of advertisements, I have seen a few people that use vulgar language to get people's attention and I think it's used so that maybe individuals can listen. I don't like it either but the way things are going it could be the new trend not sure. In terms of money, I guess the true character comes out more when someone has money. They were probably the same when they had less but with money some individuals just get worse. I think money should not change a person though.
Ropesa Premium
I don’t think using such language will make people listen, I think it will make them skip faster or block the ads. Well, at least people like me that is what we will do.

But I suppose there are a group of people who speak that way so maybe the ads are targeting such people.
MOtuke Premium
Potentially, but I wonder whey they have to advertise that to every single person.
PLuh1 Premium
Oh yes, money does change people. Not all people and not in the same way, but unfortunately it does.
Some forget their roots and are now ashamed of their modest beginnings.
Some get into a power frenzy.
And some use that opportunity to spread the wealth, share it and do good deeds.
Only very grounded people will keep their values and behavior.
(I guess at least you and me;)
Ropesa Premium
You are so right. I think money might seem to change people but maybe they were that way anyway and money just gives them the freedom to be their true selves. Whether its good or bad, I think when one accumulates wealth, then we get to see who they really are.
Twack Premium
I have an ad blocker running, so Luckily I don't see any of the adverts.
Staying true to yourself, whether you're at the start of your journey, or enjoying the spoils of success, is what it's about.
Great post Rose, thank you.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much Twack,
Twack Premium
You're welcome.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Unfortunately, Rose, Money does tend to change all of us in some ways, whether we like it or not!

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Ropesa Premium
I just hope the change is for the good, and not for bad, I really won't want to be that way.

I would rather make so much money but remain grounded in who I am as a person, I am I perfect? no way.

I have my own faults but I really would rather remain the way I am than become an arrogant disrespectful rich woman who treats people like meaningless creatures.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Just so your best to remain true to yourself, Rose, and you should be fine!