But I am Not Good At This Affiliate Marketing Stuff

Last Update: November 15, 2019

OK, lets make a list of things we think we are not good at, recently I came across a very good Karaoke app, it's called Vsing, it gives you the music to the song you like and the lyrics and your job is to just sing, you can even record yourself and share your masterpiece with friends and family.

I am Not Good At Singing And I Know It

Problem is I am not good at singing at all, does that stop me from singing my heart out? Nope. But I am not to blame for my love of singing, my grandmother is to blame, when I was younger, she used to stand up during the service and say she has a song that has been blessing her soul that week and she would like to sing it. She said she loved singing, (whether She has a singing voice, that's another matter lol).

The thing is, singing in our churches was not about if you have a singing voice or not, it's about the joy, the dancing, the beat of the drum and the message that the song gives to the congregation.

Anyway, my grandmother would go to the front of the congregation and after she gives a lengthy testimony, she would call me to come and help her sing the song, to which I would shake my head vigorously but that would not help because she would not start singing until I got there.

Grandma Said As Long As You Can Talk, You Can Sing

When we would get home we would have the same conversation that we always had every Sunday afternoon. I would tell her that she had to stop calling me to help her sing because I can't sing, and she would tell me that if one can talk, then one can most definitely sing.

So I grew up singing and I built a passion for music, and as I grew older, I actually found myself requesting that I be given an opportunity to sing at church, and I even joined the choir.

Now going back to my new-found app, I have noticed that the more I practice my singing the better my voice sounds. Do I do it because I am good at it? No, I do it because I love it, and actually I think singing is therapeutic.

When I Started Affiliate Marketing, I Was Not Good At It At All

I'm I good at affiliate marketing now? Nope, but I am much better than when I first started and I will only get better as I practice some more. As you all know from my previous post titled when things are not going so well, I have not done so well on month 5 of the super affiliate challenge.

But as I was trying to make myself feel better, I went through my websites just to see what I have accomplished so far. I have to say that I never thought that I could be using the kind of words I use in my posts.

Of course when I built my super affiliate challenge(SAC) website, I had experience because I had been here at Wealthy Affiliate for a while, and I had learned a lot by then, so there is not so many mistake like in my first website.

As I Went Through My Super Affiliate Challenge Website, It Cheered Me Up

As I went through my SAC website I had to pinch myself. I can’t believe how far I have come. I know there are other super affiliates who started the same time as me and they have done greater than I have, but I am impressed with my progress so far.

Now I just need to find my groove again.

The point of this post is to encourage those who feel like they are not good at this affiliate marketing business. As long as you are interested in learning, and implementing what you learn, you will not only be good but you will be great at affiliate marketing.

I think what keeps me going even when things are not working in my favor, is the fact that I have e always been interested in blogging and making money online. And I do love writing and reading.


I remember when I was doing the training, there were times when I doubted that I will be able to do the things that I was learning, some lessons I had to go through them 3 or even 4 times, heck even now I do find myself going back to the bootcamp training because I have maybe forgotten how something was done.

The beauty of the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can always go back and review the lessons again and again if you need to. So my message to the new members today is, don't feel like you are not good at this.

As I always say, no one was born knowing anything, so as long as you are willing to put effort at learning, you gonna do great.

But as far as my singing goes, well, I am not gonna stop but I know, I will never be a professional singer not even close lol but I love it.

Well, thank you for your time, and please leave your comments below, are you a good singer? what is it that you think you are not good at?


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AlvinBowden Premium
I like your spirit. the Bible tells us to make a joyful noise. And to me that is what singing is. I am sure those close by me do not agree that I am making a joyful noise, but I don't care for I am not singing for them, but in obedience to my Lord.
EdwinBernard Premium
Rose, I feel your enthusiasm in what you do in your affiliate marketing business. I remember how you embarked in making your YouTube videos. You have come a long way.

I too have fallen short in my SAC. But I do a little each day. Now the focus is on Black Friday and I realize I don't even have an Email list to put into action. So that is my focus now.

I wish you much success in your business ventures Rose.


Ropesa Premium
Oh yes, Edwin, I do have to make more videos, I did make a Black Friday video, don't know if it's any good but its there on my channel, I am waiting for a ring light because I need to make an intro video.
Because it looks suspicious not showing my face on videos so I want to make one intro video and then I will be doing a screen capture on my blog and my face moving forward.
ajpbailey Premium
I love this!!! I love singing and I actually can sing! The one thing I do have is stage fright, so I never became a singer, wasn't my dream!!! I do realize that we all have a special gift, whatever it may be and thankfully no one is perfect. So this has encourage me to do my best at my own pace to reach my goal. I have watch other travel consultants become millionaire, and I kept wonder what was I doing wrong! Realized it wasn't my time yet, but it was coming! Being determine made me think of you singing cause you enjoy and love it! So here's to you for making me remember that it okay, you can keep trying until you succeed!!!
Ropesa Premium
what a lovely comment, thank you so much for sharing, and keep singing, even if you just sing in front of friends and family.
as I mentioned in the post, I actually find singing very therapeutic.

And I do wish you lots of success in your business.
Babou3 Premium
I help people every day to regain their voice after vocal cord surgery and it is often opera singers who think they are afraid of never finding their beautiful voice again. But through hard work and patience, they all find their voice that they had before and sometimes even more beautiful than before. We are all able to get to the best of us with patience and work and you do it very well.

Ropesa Premium
oh wow! that has to be nice working with those singers and watching them find their voices again, amazing.
JKulk1 Premium
I'm not a great singer, although I was pretty good when I was young. My mother had the voice of an Angel. She grew up in the Netherlands . When she was young a talent scout from the USA wanted her to go to the states to sing, but she wouldn't leave my father, who she had only recently met. My father was a fantastic musician , but instead of pursuing a career in music they went on to have 13 children. I was the only child that couldn't play any sort of instrument., But not from lack of trying. My life centred around numbers instead.
Ropesa Premium
Wow 😯 13 children 😳😳😳