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Last Update: August 29, 2020

Hello there my Wealthy Affiliate family, I hope you are all doing well and working hard on building your online empires. There has been lots of YouTube talk lately here in the community, and I have decided to share free video editing software, no watermark.

There are many free video editing tools out here but once you use them, the final product has a watermark which makes the video look low quality, and unprofessional. So when looking for free video editing software, you want to make sure that is not going to leave watermark on your videos.

I remember a while back I had created a video and I edited it using a free video editing software, and when I viewed the video, it had a big ugly watermark on it and you could hardly watch the video.

Best Free Video Editing Software, No Watermark Windows Movie Maker

The first free video editor that I am going to talk about its for people who are using windows, did you know that Windows Movie Maker is a powerful free video editor? My Movie, Movie Maker, allows you to edit your videos by adding both images and video clips to create a complete professional looking product.

It allows you to trim the clips, as well as cutting off the parts of the footage that you are not happy with, you are able to also mark the starting and the ending point of your video.

You can add music to your videos, you can even add narration and even captions. Windows movie maker is super easy to use, and the quality of the final product is great. You have the options to download the video in the format that you like, for example if you want to download it for uploading it on YouTube, you have that option.

You can add special effects like transitions, and other graphics, the more time you spend on it the better your videos will turn out, because you will get better the more you work with Windows Movie Maker.

I am editing the post To Add That if you have Windows 10 it already has a built in video editor, just hit the Windows key and type video editor, and it will pop up as Video editor app, open it, and you can proceed to edit your videos.

The video editor in Windows 10 is a bit advanced than the Movie Maker, with more effects,and graphics options.

OpenShot Video Editor

This is another free video editing software that leaves no water mark on your videos, I used this editor to create an intro video where I just used images, some created in Canva, the quality is amazing, and I added music from YouTube music library, and the sound was superb.

You can use this editor to create either videos from images, video clips, or even from free videos downloaded from sites like Pixabay, or Pexels.

Davinci Resolve Video Editor

Davinci Resolve is another very powerful free video editor, you can edit your video clips, and add music or images if you like, and then you can upload your final product to Your YouTube Channel without any water mark.

Best Free Video Editing Software Invideo

Although, the free version of this editor does leave a watermark, I wanted to mention it here just in case you haven't heard of it. This one is like Canva but for videos, you can use this tool to turn your blog posts into videos and then upload them to your YouTube channel.

What makes this tool special, is the fact that it has thousands of video templates and it has millions of free mages, and videos from sites like Pixabay, Pexels, shutterstock, and all the other free image sites, so you really don't have to leave invideo in search of images, and videos to use in your project.

Once you copy paste your article into invideo, it will make video and image suggestion to you so you can create a high quality video out of your blog post.

You can also upload your own images and videos to use in your project if that's what you would like to do. The pro version of Invideo costs $10 per month, but you can try the free version if you don't mind the watermark.

OK, So This One Is Not A Video Editing Tool But I Must Mention It

Loom, this is actually a web based screen capture tool and I think its great for tutorials or even for creating YouTube videos where you want your viewers to see exactly what you are doing on your screen.

After creating your video, you can upload it directly from Loom to YouTube, or even other sites, I think Loom is great for creating online courses too.


Videos are very important these days and more people are leaning toward video marketing in conjunction with content marketing. So that is why I decided to share these free video editing software tools, to help you create, and edit your video in a professional manner.

I did not put any links because they all would've been external links and I am still not sure what kinds of links are allowed here and which ones are not, and of course I won't want my blog post to be flagged. Anyway, all the tools I mentioned, you can Google them.

OK, I sure hope you have found value in my article today, if so, please leave your comments below, share your thoughts with us about this topic.

Do you have more free video editing tools that you would like to share with us? please leave them below on the comment section.

Thank you so much for your time.


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Linda103 Premium
Thank you for sharing these options Rose.
This is still something I haven't done yet. I have Windows, so that is an option to try, I also have Loom but not used it yet.
Invideo sounds good, might give that a look and Dave07's option sounds good too.
Just need about 3 months on my own to catch up and try stuff, lol.
Ropesa Premium
Hi Linda, when you get the time, I think its a good idea to venture into video, who knows you might get really good at it, don't forget us when you get to the top of videos lol
Linda103 Premium
Carving out enough time to spend on the learning is hard enough at the minute. Getting to the top of the tree may take a while, lol.
Ropesa Premium
Lol 😂 its OK, one step at a time
ERichardson1 Premium
Good morning dear friend, thank you so very much for this information it shall be used. May prosperity and good healthy always with you.
Ropesa Premium
Well hello, there dear friend, I am glad that you will put it to use, and I wish you prosperity and good health too.
Chris2005 Premium
Use Open Shot, 2 videos a week. Easy to learn and add to Youtube. It does take a little time (30 minutes) to convert to MP3 or other styles so that you can add to Youtube or watch on other media.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much John for your comment. I didn't have any problem saving my video as MP4 with OpenShot, and it didn't take long, but then again my video was just a short one.
Cynthiah1 Premium
I love this. Thanks so much.
Ropesa Premium
You are welcome.
Dorrie1 Premium
Thank You for the information great post
Ropesa Premium
You are welcome.