An Email From Kyle That Brought Tears To My Eyes

Last Update: January 29, 2020

This post will probably not look very nice and it will have many mistakes because I am writing it using my phone and its not easy working on a small screen.

Plus my smartphone sometimes gets too smart and corrects everything I write and sometimes it writes its own thing.

Maybe one day I should just let it write its onw post lol 😂.

OK sorry let me get back to the subject of the matter. I got an email from Kyle this morning. The email subject read congratulations you have referred someone to Jaaxy, or something like that, I am too excited to remember the exact words.

And then the next email was also from Kyle the subject of the email was invitation accepted.

And then it read that someone has decided to try things out at WA, meaning I have referred someone to WA.

OK, let me now tell you why all this brought tears to my eyes. I have been working so hard on my SAC site sometimes going to bed late at night just so I can finish and publish a blog post.

And all this time Google Search Console has been really discouraging me, but I have just been pushing on and trying as hard as I can to complete my monthly tasks.

So for me to receive those emails from Kyle means everything to me and gives me motivation to keep going.

Its really reassuring.

OK, hope what I have written so far makes sense.

I will check this post on my computer later but I just had to post it now, I just had to.

Thank you for your time


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etseil20 Premium

That's fantastic! I know what that's like to get that kind of email. I got my first commission here nearly four months ago, and it was so unreal. So I can relate to your email instance.

That's great to hear. I hope that brings you some motivation going forward. Keep up the excellent work- you got this!

All the best,

ERichardson1 Premium
Good morning my friend, I am so happy and excited for you. I know that feeling very well it brings chills down your spine it tells you you are going in the right direction and you are. Keep moving do not stop keep believing in you and what you are doing and I guarantee you if you don't stop you will succeed.May Prosperity be always with you.
Ropesa Premium
wow, what a comment, thank you so much. yes, I will keep going since now I have a confirmation that I am indeed on the right path.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Wish you a lot more 'such' tears. 🙂

Ropesa Premium
oh, yes please, I want to cry such tears some more, happy tears all the way lol :) thank you so much Akshay.
LisaMarie3 Premium
Congratulations, I would be thrilled too
Ropesa Premium
Thank you, and yes I wish you many emails from Kyle too informing you about accepted invitations.
MOtuke Premium
Your post certainly makes sense and you deserve this reward for all your hard work.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much.