10 Whole Days Offline, Did You Notice I Was Gone?

Last Update: January 25, 2020

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been doing some traveling and I knew I was not going to be able to do much writing, so I tried as hard as I could to complete my Super Affiliate Challenge tasks, I only missed the mark by one post so I am happy about that.

Now even though I was not gonna do much writing, I did not plan on being totally offline, I intended to login with my phone and stay updated with the WA activities.

How Long Can You Go Without A Phone?

I had not realized just how dependent of my phone I was until I discovered that I had forgotten my phone at home and I could not go back for it without missing our flight. I was hysterical, I told husband that I cannot go without my phone.

The thought of spending ten days without a phone was unbearable. But I actually made it through and by second day of being phone free, I started enjoying the freedom of not checking and answering texts every few minutes.

As a result of being inactive here at WA, my rank has dropped and now I am not in the top 200 anymore, I am actually at 271. Now, as much as I know being in the top 200 does not impact my online business in any way, I like being in the top 200 so I will try to get my rank back to top 200.

That Being Said I still Need To Work Hard On My Websites

Now, although I do want to get back my top 200 status here at WA, I also have a lot of work to do because not creating fresh content for my websites for ten days, means I have to push out content to keep up with my schedule.

My plan is to get my websites to 100 posts by summer, and that means a lot of work. Plus I have to keep working on my YouTube channel.

I have read a few posts here at WA since I got back just trying to catch up. And one of the top ten posts that I read is one by Grace AKA Littlemama, and she said that in order to achieve the super affiliate status, one has to write about 400 reviews. Well, she said that is the path that worked for her and also worked for the people who listened to her, and followed her tips when she talked about reviews.

Although this is something that we learned in the bootcamp training, and the importance of reviews is really emphasized, it kinda discouraged me because to be honest I don't think I can write 400 reviews on the make money online niche, because, it would mean me spending time on some places that I really don't wanna spend time at.

By that I mean, in order to research the websites and products that you are going to review especially the scammy ones, you have to spend time there so you can give a comprehensive review.

I do have some reviews on my SAC site but not many, I will try to add more reviews but I think it could take as long as 4 years for me to get to 400 reviews on my SAC site.

Right now there is a product that I am researching so I can review it and I reckon its gonna take me at least a month of using it so I can give a good review.

Enough About Me. What Have You Been Up To?

OK, enough about me. How has your business been? have you done something exciting? Please share below. How is the 2020 treating you?

Thank you so much for your time


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FKelso Premium
It just proves that WA goes on whether we are here or not.

I, too, have decided I cannot write 400 reviews. I have about 50 or 60, and will do some more, but not 400. If I don't get to Vegas, I don't get to Vegas, simple as that. Would like to go, but it's not worth doing something I really don't enjoy doing to get there.

Other than that, business is keeping me very busy.
Ropesa Premium
You are absolutely right, the reason I worked so hard to learn this business is because I enjoy blogging and helping people where I can. So if me writing how to posts means I will never make it to Vegas, then so be it. I do have some reviews on my SAC site but not many.

The reviews I have are mainly products that I compare to products offered by WA like keyword research tools, web hosting and website builders.

Will I write reviews? Of course I will, when I come across a website or a product that I feel will help my audience make a wise decision, then yes I will review it.

But I am not prepared to spend time on scammy sites, because I feel in order for me to label a website or product a scam, I have to spend lots of time researching and I would make sure that I don’t leave any stone un turned.
That is because I believe in fairness. So for me to render a website a scam, I really have to get my hands dirty.

Now, I do have a few websites that I had fallen victim of and maybe in time I will review them but for now, I am still traumatized. And I am not prepared to go back on those websites.

As far as my niche websites go, I can do lots of reviews because I will be reviewing products and not necessarily websites. Plus my niches apart from one, are within products that I use on a daily basis.
FKelso Premium
Sounds like a plan. Yes, it would be wonderful to go to Vegas, but not at the expense of doing something I totally don't enjoy in order to get there.
MOtuke Premium
I actually did not notice you were offline but for me, I actually try to get off any electronic gadgets as often as I can and I have found sometimes it helps with my creativity and train of thought. Can we live without our phones at this time, certainly not. I hope you had a great holiday. You will be back on track in no time.
Ropesa Premium
You are so right we certainly cannot live without our phones, I have many things in my phone including recipes, which means I need my phone to make food 🥘 😂😂😂 pathetic I know.

I need my phone for walking so it can tell me how far I have walked and how many calories I have burned lol 😂 I need my phone to wake me up so I don’t oversleep. Heck I need my phone to fall a sleep lol 😂 OK I am not that bad, I do put my phone away when talking to someone face to face 🤔
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hey, Rose! There isn't a chance I could go a day (let alone 10) without my phone! It has become (to a fault) another part of my life that I'm far too dependent on. That said, I wish it wasn't so, but it's the reality. I'm so happy for you that you were able to enjoy your time away!!

Welcome back!
Ropesa Premium
Yes Heidi, I honestly don’t know how I survived ten days. I am super proud of myself 😂😂😂😂
DouglasPlumb Premium
Some days I wish I didn't have a phone as it just gets in the way of life. Many people would rather look at their phones then look you in the face and talk. Glad you are back and you will get back into that top 200 very fast.
starfalex123 Premium
Rose,Welcome back. Great post. All the best to you.It is good to have you back not just for us but you phone who miss you. Have a wonderful weeken .