Which Quadrant Would You Like To Be In?

Last Update: November 10, 2020

Hi everyone, I hope that you are well?

Hope that all is going well with your business?

I want to share something with you. You may already be familiar with the four quadrants, but it's worthwhile to mention it again, so as to serve as a reminder of our ultimate goal, here, at WA.

Take a look at the diagram below :

There are 4 quadrants in the circle.

They represent the "business cycles" that we may go through.

E- Employee Quadrant

If we are in this quadrant, then it means that we are working for a boss. And that means that they control our time.

Which means NO JOB = NO INCOME

S - Self-Employed

If we are in this quadrant, it means that we own a job. We could be doctors, lawyers, accountants, hairdressers, etc

The main issue here is that clients control our income.


Now, shifting over to the right-hand side of the quadrant, things get interesting.

B - Business Owner

If we are in this quadrant, then it means that we own a system, not a job. We control the system to leverage our TIME and MONEY.

I - Investor Quadrant

This is where our money works for Us.

So, by joining WA, we are learning to build a business based on the affiliate marketing model. It will eventually become our system, that will earn us passive income.

Knowing these skills will allow us to build more "systems", if we want to.

And then with our income from our systems, we can move to the Investor quadrant, and have our money work EVEN MORE HARDER FOR US, by investing in various other vehicles, like rental property for instance.

I'd say that as a WA member, we can really make things happen in our favour.

What do you say?

Which Quadrant would you like to be in?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

May Your Business Grow From Strength to Strength!



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Patbracy Premium
Great inspiring post. Thank you for sharing. I choose the to be a business owner.
RoopeshG Premium
Great stuff, Pat
RussellO1 Premium
I aiming for Investor.
RoopeshG Premium
Hey Russell, hope that you are well? You go for it!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
In many cases, self-employed and Business owner are one and the same, Roopesh!

GeoffreyC1 Premium
That's interesting, as it is the particular job that will determine where you want to be and not the quadrant. As if it's the job you want and job you love then you won't care.
RoopeshG Premium
True indeed