My Tinnitus Hearing Loss and How WA Helped Me.

Last Update: February 10, 2017

This week is Tinnitus Awareness Week.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a noise that is generated within the ear rather than from the environment. It is classified as a symptom rather than a disease and it is very common. At some point or another, 10 to 15% of the population is affected by it.

In some cases, however, it can really affect one's life. The noise which can be continuous and varies in intensity, can range from ringing to whistling to roaring and whooshing sounds. Sometimes, it can even be a combination of the above.

Many tinnitus sufferers, have difficulty following through with a conversation if there's more than one speaker in a crowd. As the tinnitus sounds can be loud, some people find that by not being in silent environments, it can bring relief to them. It is advised that they should always be in an environment that has some noise. This is why some folks use things like maskers and white noise machines to help make a difference. The sound of a fan at night helps some tinnitus sufferers fall asleep. There are some really sad stories where people have taken their lives as the noise became too unbearable.

There is no CURE for it at the moment. It can be caused by certain drugs, exposure to loud music, damage to the head region, certain diseases and even stress.

My life changed the day I became one of the 10% of sufferers.....

Don't Take Life For Granted

I am permanently deaf in my right ear. It was due to a viral infection when I was a baby. When I went for a concert 3 years back, my wife told me to use the ear plugs to protect my left ear. I had too much to drink and my ego would not allow me to listen to her. I took things for granted and suffered the consequences.

Ever since then, my hearing has not been the same. I had no choice but to invest in a hearing aid. My profession as a pharmacist was at stake as a result of this tinnitus hearing loss. It was my only source of income at the time, and I could NOT afford to make a mistake. I was dealing with people's lives. There was no second chances if I dispensed the incorrect medication. As you can imagine, my job depended on me 'hearing the customer out.' With the tinnitus and my hearing aid, it was quite a challenge. Then a thought came to me, a scary one! What if I go completely deaf?

I had to find another source of income, something less stressful and that did not require for me to hear all the time. So I searched and searched and searched.

As I was reading up some Facebook posts, something small grabbed my attention in a photograph. I zoomed in and...that was when I was guided to the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate Helped me and Other Tinnitus Sufferers

Doing the online lessons to build my first ever website was a challenge. One that I could only manage by using headphones to hear Kyle(doing the certification lessons) and Jay (doing his live webinars).For the first time in a long time I felt alive and was ready to push through all obstacles.

As you might have guessed it already, my first website was a site to help tinnitus sufferers around the world. I could use my pharmacy knowledge and my website to offer various lifestyle modifications, dietary recommendations and most importantly support them. I found that people just wanted to talk and share their experiences.

With gratitude I can say that my site has accomplished to help a few tinnitus sufferers. That success is attributed to the awesome WA training platform and all the wonderful members who have helped me along the way. This is best online business opportunity around and if you work at it, it can take you places....

Thank you everyone and God Bless You.

Have a Fantastic weekend


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snaaaz Premium
Thanks for sharing your story Roopesh.
Loes Premium
There you say something Roopesh, we shut out a whole group of people with bad hearing with the video lessons and no subtitles and no scripts available, stuff to think over
RoopeshG Premium
Hey Loes.Yeap you right.Definitely something to think about.
Chris2005 Premium
The sound is a bother most of the day. I like to have some kind of white noise,some sound that I have on, while I work on my site to keep my mind off of the ringing. Still have pretty good hearing.
Elijah1916 Premium
Roopesh I suffered from tinnitus at a stage when a plane I was in had a sudden descent, and my inner ear was displayed. I had surgery to replace the inner ear with a cartilage. It did correct the tinnitus, but now I am deaf in ear (the right one). I am grateful that I am able to hear with one. I have been thinking of getting hearing aid, but have not got doing that. Thanks for bringing out the awareness to show that one is not alone.
RoopeshG Premium
Hi Lanu
Sorry to hear about your right ear. Its amazing these days how technological advancements can help one out. These days the hearing aids that companies make are really powerful and can make a huge difference. I am proof of that. Without my hearing aid, I would be lost.

My advice is go for it. I went for a Phonak one. The company allowed me to trial the aid before purchase.You can speak to them and work something out. I actually got a 'behind the ear' one and its barely noticeable.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Let me know if there is anything else that I can help with.
Karax Premium
that is a very impressive story! thanks for sharing
RoopeshG Premium
Hi Asen
Thank you for taking the time to read it. Appreciate it.