How To Get Rich Online? Have Selfless thoughts And All Will Fall into Place.

Last Update: February 23, 2018

To be a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is an awesome experience. It allows anyone with zero experience of online business, to start a business of their own.

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate so Successful to this Day?

I think that the fundamental reason as to why Wealthy Affiliate is such a success after so many years, is because of one reason, 'the Selfless thoughts.' The owners, Kyle and Carson, have embodied the spirit of helping another person become a success by giving them the opportunity to leverage the tools, training,and top notch support that WA offers.

Ultimately they and the Wealthy Affiliate franchise become a success. Both parties win.

So, as Wealthy Affiliate members, how does this help you become a success in your business?

They always say success leaves clues.Here are some recent clues, the Super Affiliates left behind in their blogs.

Eddy with a 'y'"

Full post here :

Tim McKinlay

Full post here :


Full post here :

My Point- I sometimes spend way too much time looking at WA referral stats, hoping to see an increase in clicks.Or I visit Google Webmaster Tools,to see if I have more unique visitors. I even stare at the Airplane Icon, hoping that it will magically countdown itself.LOL

I get sidetracked.My focus should be on providing value and help people through my blogs.As one member said, " keep your nose to the grindstone." And most importantly, have the selfless thought of wanting to make a sincere difference in someone's life.

Let them know that you are there to help them build their business.Ultimately, their success is your success as well.

Have an awesome weekend everyone.



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gjshawk Premium
Hi, Roopesh. I'm like you. I'm making great progress everywhere but in getting visitors and referrals. I know that they will come, but right now I'm getting impatient. If I could just get one referral to break the ice....
RoopeshG Premium
HI Grant
It certainly get agonizing waiting for your first referral.I know that it will come. I can't wait to hear you blog about it.
All the best
buffetearns Premium
Very good!

RoopeshG Premium
Hey Wayne
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Appreciate it.