Having a Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Site, Can Invite Some Nasty Humans!

Last Update: February 09, 2018

Along with the good, you will get some visitors that are downright mean.

I had the privilege of encountering one such person when they visited my Wealthy Afffiliate Bootcamp site.Take a look at the comment he left behind.

I censored some of the text as not to offend anyone.

Anyway, this got me thinking whether or not I should publish it.

With the helpful advice of a fellow WA member, I decided to both publish and reply to it. The WA member also made me realize the fact that in time to come, many more of these types of comments would make their way to our sites.

The fact is, Wealthy Affiliate works, I have made money with it. My sites have helped people and made a difference in their lives. That is priceless.There are countless success stories here at Wealthy Affiliate that speaks volumes.

I guess what I am getting at, is to those doing the bootcamp and those with niche sites, follow the training and build your websites with thorough research and helpful content.

Most importantly do not let 'Nasty Humans,' instil doubt in what you are doing. Do not let them put you off.

At the end of the day, you cannot make everyone happy. Not everyone will see the value in Wealthy Affiliate and that's okay.

That's just the way it is....

Thanks for stopping by and have a blast of a weekend.

I know the Super Affiliates In Vegas will.

Take Care


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buffetearns Premium

Sorry to hear you received such a comment, do you think he was having a bad day?

I worked out the censored words!Lol

Does Wealthy Affiliate knock every business?

I am a member of WA simply because I believe it can work for people.

I would never knock anyone’s business in order to get ahead myself!!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

RoopeshG Premium
Hey Wayne
I honestly do not know what was going through this guy's head.

When one exposes the truth about a scam and reports it, one will put themselves at risk of getting some resistance.I don't believe that we knock every business.I endorse a lot of other companies besides WA.

You right, WA can work for people.I think that it's up to them to make it work.

I do not believe in bad mouthing another business, If you are not sure, then say in your review, you are not sure.Its all about reputation.You want people to trust you.

It's harder in the long run to stick to the honest path, but it's more rewarding.And you can sleep better.

Enjoy your day too
buffetearns Premium
Hi Roops

Thank you for your reply. I have been at the brunt of others greed, seemingly good friends have sacrificed friendship for monetary success!

I to “stick to the honest path”, this is how I will conduct my business and my friendship’s, despite my past experiences!

This guy’s intimidating and unprofessional behaviour is unacceptable and it is the likely reason he is not a member of WA?

Thanks for the heads up on such possible situations.

parisgtrl Premium
they were obviously just having a bad day. Sad people in this world.
RoopeshG Premium
Hey Paris
It is sad indeed. Thank you so much for stopping by.
Take Care
Miren Premium
You're right, don't let any of these people bring you down. You know what your purpose is and that's what matters.
I also have a bootcamp site and I've received some comments of people calling me a scammer, I guess they were the scam artists themselves who were mad at me for exposing their crap lol.

Have a great day,
RoopeshG Premium
Well said, Miren
I can now relate to what you are going through on your site.
On that note, I wish you tons of success.
Have a great day as well
Loes Premium
It's just as in real life Roopesh, there are good and bad people, hooligans and saints, civilized and louts. You just can not click them away in real life, you shouldn't click them away online either. Just deal with them:))!
RoopeshG Premium
Absolutely, Loes, I agree with you 100%
MPatiko Premium
Thank you for the tip off, at least now I know I can encounter negativity and I will know how to deal with it
RoopeshG Premium
No problem at all. That is the beauty of being a member of WA, is that people here are able to help you when you are not sure of how to deal with certain things.

Like the lady had helped me, with this situation. I felt the support and that's one of the essential ingredients when you are building a business.