Why are they leaving money on the table? [EASY money]

Last Update: July 29, 2020

Since I've been recently quite active on TikTok, I've been wondering one question...

Why are people leaving so much money on the table?

(=missing the opportunity to get money; not taking money that is available with almost no efforts.)

100k Followers And 1,000,000's of Views but NO Offer?

I've seen TikTok channels with 10,000's followers and some even with 100'000's of followers and they don't have any product offer.

Actually one friend of mine had +70,000 active followers on Instagram and +50,000 active followers on TikTok.

I said to her a couple of times that she could make a good amount of money with just 5 minutes of work simply by adding some affiliate link in her bio.

But she didn't do it... In fact, she went and deleted her TikTok account because she wanted to create a new kind of profile. I was never able to understand that but life is full of mysteries.

5 Minutes of Work => Easy Money

Most of the time, easy money doesn't exist... But if you already have 10,000's of followers and you don't have any offer, you can make easy money simply by adding a link.

Where should you link from your bio? It obviously depends on your niche/topic that your profile is posting on but let me just give a few simple examples that come into my mind immediately.

  1. Fitness profile => Link to your favorite protein powder or fitness program
  2. Cats => Link to an online store where people who love cats can buy stuff
  3. Travel => Link to a travel booking website.
  4. Beautiful Photography => Link to an online store that sells camera stuff

I mean... These ideas just come from the top of my head and I assume that if your profile is getting tons of traffic, just by leaving a simple link in 5 minutes will make you a nice amount of money.

Start calculating your hourly salary for adding that link! ;) lol

"But I Don't Want to Sell Anything..."

Sometimes people may not want to add any offers because they may feel like selling is evil or something like that...

First of all, you don't need to push anyone anything. If you leave a link in your bio, you just offer an opportunity for people to get something.

In most cases, you are HELPING PEOPLE by offering the products they need.

If someone is looking at your fitness content, the chances are that he/she wants to get into a good shape too. Why wouldn't you link him to a product that helps him to achieve that goal more easily?

If someone desires to travel, why wouldn't you show him the best website to do that?

Affiliate marketing is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

  1. Your follower wins because they get a product they need.
  2. You win because you earn a commission for helping him to find it.
  3. A company that offers a product wins because they get a new customer.

3 Reasonable Explanation for This Phenomenon...

When I've been thinking about why people aren't offering anything on their profiles, the most common reason is probably that they don't know how easy it is to add an affiliate link.

In other words, they are not aware of that opportunity.

Second, some people may think that they first want to build a huge following and then only start offering some products. That is somewhat understandable but I assume that most people don't think like that. In addition, why wouldn't you offer your followers some products that can actually help them?

Third, some people may think that "money isn't everything". I don't want to get people's money. That's fair enough. Money definitely isn't everything and you don't need to sell anything if you don't want. But my questions is, why wouldn't you at least offer them something that can help them to reach their goals further even though it would be for free?

Who knows if I'll ever get answers to these questions...

Have a great day!

- Roope "Why are people leaving money on the table?" Kiuttu

PS. Of course, you may, and most likely should use more advanced strategies than just adding an affiliate link if you want to maximize your impact. Some sort of "funnel" would be good...

But in this post, I just wanted to point out how easy it would get going just by adding an affiliate link if there is already an existing audience.

PPS. I'm trying to do my own part to help people out with this issue... I've recorded YouTube videos recently where I educate how TikTokers can make more money through their profiles to help them with this.

PPPS. Now I'd love to hear from you.

Do you have a social media profile where you are leaving money on the table and missing an opportunity?

Have you seen other people doing that?

Why do you think that happens?

Let me know in the comments below! :)

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Kiranoppa Premium
I've been wondering the same thing. There are also bloggers with big traffic, who don't monetize their traffic in any way. They could just use Adsense and earn money with their traffic without even selling anything. What a waste!

I also find gathering a decent social media following a long road, so I can't understand why do the work and gather a big following "just for fun". I guess not everyone is entrepreneur-minded at all!
Dhind1 Premium
I think most people do not understand the opportunity. They have social profiles, and they think they are just that a way to connect socially. Nobody has shown them how to monetize these profiles, therefore why would they think that it was possible?

It is great that you are making an effort to educate people on the potential of their profiles.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, that's probably the reason! They just haven't understood the possibility to it needs to be shown clearly.
mbouteiller Premium
Excellent article, thank you Roope.

Yes... Facebook. I know I'm leaving money on the table. I'm not a fan of Facebook and I do have Facebook Page. I haven't done anything more on it.

I'm quite interested in Pinterest and took notes from Jay's Webinars so there is no way I'll leave money on the table with that one.

Also, I'm going to look at TikTok... looks interesting too and I know you and Grace are very successful with it.

Thanks again...
JKulk1 Premium
The answer to that is Yes Roope. Quora is one that comes to mind. Jim
LDSewell Premium
Great topic and good points!

I think many times it is because people do not know how to do it to begin with, as you mentioned.

Other people are funny about selling - yet everyone is in fact already in sales whether they know it or not and whether they like it or not. Think about it - you need sales skills just to get a job, a promotion - and even a mate.

Even then every one of those jobs by any company ultimately gets its revenue - including the money for paychecks - by selling stuff!

That even includes non-profits too.

Some may pause and think otherwise regarding an NP's - but look deeper. Where do you think they get their money from in the first place? Fundraising, acquiring donations and all that involves marketing and SALES.

The mindset shift to go from hating sales or fearing sales to loving it is an internal thing. The idea must become that you are trying to do something FOR someone instead of TO someone.

One is service and the other is predatory.

In part, the way to do that is first and foremost never market, promote or sell stuff that you do not truly believe in and that you do not feel is truly a fair value in exchange for its cost.

Once that's done - then the only thing left that is truly challenging is the willingness to get uncomfortable until you get comfortable with sales. One way to do that is by not being attached to the outcome either way.

That simply means once you are confidently trying to help people make informed decisions - you present your information and expect positive results - yet do not become discouraged by those who choose not to buy. Make enough offers of the right products to the right people and enough will buy - its a numbers game, and always will be.

As far as platforms go - there comes a point (which is different person to person) where more is too much.

Nobody can be everywhere and do everything. Time, energy, and focus are limited for even the most focused and efficient people on the planet - so it is better to choose your core platforms carefully and forget the rest - or lose your mind trying in vain to "be everywhere".

Have a great day Roope!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Great points! Thanks for sharing!