Stop trying! Just DO it.

Last Update: Nov 27, 2021

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When a young man said, "Phew, I'll give it a try..."

The wise old teacher replied,

NO! Don't try.

Do or do not. There is not try.

Are You Preparing to Fail or to Succeed?

Most of the time when people say, "I'll give it a try." they're preparing to fail.

They've already given up in their minds.

That's why the wise old teacher said, "Do or do not! There is no try."

When it comes to making money online, you can simply do it.

If you're more or less healthy human being with an Internet connection, you can definitely make a fortune online.

There's no need to "try" because MILLIONS of people before you have done it before you and so can you.

You'll simply DO IT.

No need "try".

Decide - Plan - Act

Decide that you'll do it.

Plan how you'll do it.

Then execute.

If you face obstacles, you'll do it again.

And again.

And again.

Until you succeed.

Those who are "trying" have already given up afteir their first or second obstacle.

NOW Is a Perfect Time to Decide

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In fact, NOW is the best time ever to make money online.

Don't "try".

Just do it.

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Let's go ALL IN" Kiuttu

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Recent Comments


I had many a friend and relatives used that line and each time they are saying no and they are not really Willing to put in the work or effort to succeed because they want it easy and they are also to complacent. Very argumentative as Well . Thanks for sharing ! 😎

Thanks heaps Roope for the encouragement, much appreciated

Thanks for giving me the booster to stand up and push harder Roope.

To your success!


Thanks. Action is the best medicine.
It's a relevant and genuine post.
Like it.

Exactly right, Roope! Just Do It!


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