Stop consuming content. Start creating.

Last Update: June 01, 2019

I remember spending hours and hours and hours on my laptop.

After that Internet surfing session I asked myself, "What did I accomplish during those hours?"

To give you some background... My goal was to build a profitable online business but I was still making nothing.

Then I often realized that I had surfed the Internet for hours without taking any tangible action.

  1. I watched educational videos.
  2. I read inspiring blog posts.
  3. I went through emails from successful people.
  4. Etc. Etc.

But something was obviously missing and that was Taking Action.

I realized that if I want to build an online business, I must go from just a content consumer into a content creator.

Instead of spending endless hours watching and reading other people's content, I would need to create content for other people.

I see that daily a big number of people read my emails I sent but sometimes I'm wondering that how many people actually take action.

You can read emails from me and 100 of other online entrepreneurs but nothing will change in your life until you start taking action and applying what you learn.

You see, I'm challenging you again a little bit ;)

Think about this application in the offline world. Who makes the profit? The consumer or the creator?

You go to a theme park. Who makes the profit? Someone who created it.

You go to a restaurant. Who makes the profit? Someone who created the restaurant.

You go to movies. Who makes the profit? Someone who created the movie.

You watch a YouTube video. Who makes the profit? Someone who created the video + YouTube company because they created the platform.

Practical application: A person who creates experiences and thinks how he can serve others will always make the profit. => Be the person who thinks how you can serve others and then do it.

Remember this:

  • Your level of success will be in a direct correlation of how much action you take, not on how much content you read or watch.

There can be a person who reads 100 books and goes through 10 training programs and doesn't achieve anything.

Then there's a guy who doesn't read any book, goes through the Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training (or any other proven training) and he makes millions online.

Of course, it's good to learn from many sources, I'm not saying that. But your success will be determined by the action you take after learning.


So, the question is never how much content you can watch and learn but a more important question is how much action you take based on the content you watch.

Anyways, thanks for reading this piece of content.

Now my question to you is:

What specific and MEASURABLE action are you committed to taking every single day that takes you closer to your goals?


All the best!

- Roope "Stop consuming and start creating" Kiuttu

PS. Write down for yourself the action you are going to take every day.

Then share it with us below because sharing your goals and plans to others increases your chances of actually making it real.

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FKelso Premium
Goal for today: Go do my Saturday market, and when there are lulls in business, work on my Monday post for one website. Come home and research the next article for my other website. That will pretty much fill up my day.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Sounds great Fran!
GarryBrown Premium
I started to read your post, then took your advice. And stopped reading at But something was obviously missing and that was Taking Action....................see ya!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
That's Awesome Garry! :)
MKearns Premium
I still read a lot but less! Why? Because I get as much or more joy from creating a story as reading one!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
That's true! Creating content gives also joy but I think even more importantly it can provide value to other people who will later read/watch your content.
RAFStuart Premium
Must confess after twelve months here the penny has finally dropped, so agree with you completely. If I am honest it is the challenge that has made me realise that I was doing it all wrong.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah. There's a flood of new content coming all the time so I feel it really requires a conscious effort to say No to it and focus on creating instead of consuming.
RAFStuart Premium
You are so right.
PastorDre Premium
Thanks for the post. Much appreciated
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for reading PastorDre