Pushy selling or recommending to a friend?

Last Update: June 24, 2019

My friend,

I must make a small confession today but before that, let me ask you 2 very quick questions.

Have you ever been sold to?

How did it feel?

As an Internet marketer, I usually like it when people try to sell me something. Then I can pick up the strategies that I could also use myself in my own marketing.

However, this weekend I experienced selling style that absolutely makes me Mad.

(Keep in mind that something “makes me mad” perhaps once a year, only if it’s something really serious.)

Selling style where they make you feel a worse human being if you don’t buy.

That kind of salespersons do their best to make you feel guilty and embarrassed if you don’t get their products.

How do you feel when someone tries to sell you like that? Isn't that annoying!

Let me share with you an experience that was completely the opposite.

At the beginning of this year, I got started with a new training program and I was shocked (in a positive way!) how they approached selling.

I talked with one of their salespersons about the program. I told her, "Currently, I am not interested this, I need more time to think."

Guess what?

She said, “Okay. No problems. If you are interested, just let me know.”

  • No pushing.
  • No persuasion.
  • No guilt.

Just a human being talking to another human being.

I was expecting that she would start persuading me and try to sell me something.

But she just said, "Okay. No problems."

With many other programs, I had experienced pushy selling and all kinds of shady strategies.

Therefore, I almost fell from the chair by her honest and genuine approach.

It was completely different than what I had ever experienced before. If they would have tried to push the program to me, I wouldn’t have probably bought it anyway.

I got a feeling that she genuinely that she appreciates my opinion and doesn't try to push me anything.

Later on, I went and bought the program. She made a sale! I wouldn't have probably bought at all if she would have started attacking me with reasons to buy immediately.

It's completely opposite selling approach than what I experience this weekend that says basically, "If you don't buy our products, you are gonna be miserable for the rest of your life. And you are also a bad person because courageous people buy."

That's just super-annoying and unethical in my opinion.

Here’s an important lesson to you and me:

  • Whatever you try to sell online/offline, don’t be too pushy.
  • First of all, being too pushy is not ethically a good way to do things.
  • Second, you are most likely going to make more sales and have happier customers as a result of genuinely helping people.

Think about the situations when you've bought something?

I guess in most cases you bouthg because you trusted the salesperson or your friend and that he cares for YOUR best.

That's also what Kyle highlights here in his training.

Kyle always reminds that your #1 goal is always to HELP your audience. That's a powerful lesson. It simply works. It also makes you and a customer feel good.

I believe you also apply this to your own marketing.


Roope "don't be too pushy" Kiuttu

PS. I have questions for you. Let's discuss in the comments below!

Have you ever been sold to?

How did it feel?

Did they try to push you or did they focus on helping?

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georkeis Premium
I can't remember being sold to but I think I might have been. Well I know about people trying to make me feel miserable and do what they ask me to (some beggars in the street ask for money and they say they want it for their child etc but most of the times it's a lie). My mother gave them once money and they found our house (how did they know where we live) and asked for more. He even asked for the oven!. So not cool!
SStubbins1 Premium
As I have aged I've seen various sales techniques. I remember going to JC Penney's one day with no make up, no jewelry but neatly dressed. The sales person appeared annoyed that I ask for assistance. Once I found the item she through it around and let out a
sigh then banged it. Inquiring with her if there was a problem are issued, she said no.
Several hours later, same sells person, I was impeccably dress, with full makeup and jewelry. This time the friendliness came out, she was very helpful , almost overly helpful with my most Southern charm I ask her her how her day had been, she had a good day, really nice day. Then I explained that I was the lady who had come earlier and her disposition was not professional, cordial are very helpful. She looked stunned as she remembered me and she said "I can't believe you're the same woman who was in here earlier .
She said you look beautiful. As I thanked her for her compliment I also said beauty is from within. Have a blessed today

Shopping while being Black has gone backwards for me. I'm old enough to remember when I couldn't go in certain stores, when people talked about me where I could hear them. Now the same thing is happening because of lack of training. We have more stores, And now I have to make sure my purse is zipped, Undercover people follow me around to the point that I tell them to go and follow someone else. If you would like to check me before I leave no problem. But you better find something. Usually my home health aide does the shopping. I'm just starting to go in to a grocery store again. Which almost gives me anxiety attacks.
LLettau1 Premium
I spent years in sales both advertising and insurance products. I observed other sales reps try the pushy approach. I did a softer informational approach that led to more sales and happy customers.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Larry! Great observations
Kaizen21 Premium
I have experienced a few presentations in the last few years that wasn't as extreme as the sale you've mentioned.

In my experience they were trying to convince how my life was lacking due to their amazing product or service and how I was missing out and living a mundane life, in contrast.

It does make you feel that you need to be elite to join them and if you do you become part of the 'cool kids'.

It's not something that I'm worried about but I can see how people fall into that trap if the right things are said and you feel a little less human.

I despise such marketing strategies.

I rarely find people that want to help you when selling a product, but if I do, they come off as people who aren't really interested in trying to promote the product.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Interesting! Thanks for sharing Ian