Progress in April. WA-Income Record and Organic Traffic Steadily Rising.

Last Update: April 30, 2017

As I have been doing in the end of every month in 2017, I post a progress report for this month and make some new goals for the coming month.

As you may have read one month ago, I had planned to quit my job.

However, my boss gave me a better offer than I had expected. I will start on Tuesday in a new department with a better salary. So, I will be earning and learning more which makes it interesting to continue in a current job. I will, for sure, learn lots of helpful things for Internet marketing because I will have some sales training by successful salespeople.

Anyway, at some point I will become a full-time online entrepreneur so I will have a freedom to live anywhere I want, meet anyone I want and work whenever I want.

Now let's take a look what were my goals for April and how did I achieve them.

Goals for April 2017

1.Publish 30 + 9 (=39) articles. Every day on YourOnlineRevenue and 2 times a week on LanguagesAreEasy. => 30 + 8 articles written. I am satisfied even though I missed one article on LAE. In March I published one more so now I am on 2 articles/week schedule.

2.Publish 3 Youtube-videos every week..Learn how to get more traffic and put it into action. => Done. I was very happy that I started this new habit. I was surprised how easy it is to get views on Youtube.

3.Double WA-referrals by optimizing pages and growing traffic => Even though WA-referrals didn't double, I made my new income record on WA for one month.

4.Create 50 PPC-ad groups on BingAds. => For some reason I didn't do this. Maybe it's because I haven't seen very good results with PPC so I decided to concentrate on the other things.

5.Take massive action. No procrastination. => In the end of the month I started a new habit. "When you work, work and when you play, play. Don't mix the two!" -Jim Rohn

In April there were 3 highlights:

1.Record on WA-referral income
2.Record with organic traffic on both websites. It has been growing steadily on both sites every month!
3.Youtube videos started getting more views than I expected.

All in all, even though April felt like "normal grinding" and I didn't do very much special, I made some progress. On May I will have more ambitious goals because of this principle, "What changes people's life is when things that should happen HAVE TO HAPPEN." -Tony Robbins. I will raise my standards even more.

Goals for May 2017:

1.Publish 31 + 9 (=40) articles. Every day on YourOnlineRevenue and 2 times a week on LanguagesAreEasy. This is my publishing schedule for the whole year 2017.

2.Publish 3 Youtube-videos every week. This habit seemed to give good results.

3.Update your Youtube-channel.
-Add links to social media and to my websites
-Add a thumbnail to every video
-Add a channel intro and update channel pictures
-Add playlists

4.Go through updated Affiliate Bootcamp 2.0. Invest at least 30 min every day for lessons. It will be interesting to see what new ideas I will get and how it will boost my business.

5.Outreach on Make interviews for 3 other language bloggers and collect a huge post where you list other language bloggers on the Internet. Then contact them all.

I am very excited for the coming months. I started publishing every day on from the beginning of this year 2017. Kyle says that results usually come with 3-6 months delay and some successful affiliate marketers have agreed. It means that soon will be a big harvest for my hard work.

The next report will be in the end of the next month.

But now I would love to hear from you.

What kind of progress are you making with your online business?

What is your posting schedule?

What other tasks are you doing to grow your business?


Thank you for reading. I wish you all the best.

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IF-Jamie Premium
Thanks for posting this RKiuttu, It's incredibly encouraging to read not only about the success stories here at WA, but how people progress towards their goals through active planning and execution.

Kind regards,
147jimmy Premium
Reading this only shows I am not putting in much work.
This is motivating. I will copy your momentum.
Swangirl Premium
This is really inspiring in a "get off my butt and write content" sort of way! It sounds like your consistency will really pay off.

I took a few breaks this year due to other life issues like moving and buying a 4-plex while still working my regular job, finishing graduate courses etc.

I am determined the breaks are over now though! I can't wait to dive back in. I have great conversions but low traffic so that is my goal, add content and increase my organic search results.

I agree with you on PPC. I have had great luck with low volume, high quality traffic vs the other way around.

Shalini1234 Premium
Thanks for sharing your success!
Tw1 Premium
Great inspirational post! Thanks for sharing!