New YouTube Scam? I almost fell for it!

Last Update: June 18, 2019

I got a following email today.

I was half asleep when I checked my phone + email and thought like, "Oh MAN! What have I done wrong??"

First, I was going to answer it right away but I was almost asleep so I thought I'll answer later when I'm on my computer.

When I was about to reply to that email, I was like, "Hmmm... Why do they ask me for such details?"

Then I checked the email where it's coming from.

See the screenshot below:

It's from ""

Doesn't sound very legit, right?

Just to be on the sure side, I've sent an email to the official YouTube creator support to confirm that it's not from them.

Would be a disaster to lose a YouTube channel with +400 videos that's generating a significant passive income consistently...

Again a good reminder for you and me:

Always be careful in this exciting world of the Internet!


Roope "I almost fell for this" Kiuttu

PS. Have you already started building a YouTube channel? :)

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derekmarshal Premium
Some of these are very convincing bro. I had one a couple of years back from "Paypal".

Everything, (I do mean everything here!)

Was perfect....even the so called email address being a subdomain of Paypal (as listed in the email).

Only upon hovering over the link they wanted me to click I could see the address (bottom left of screen) was not Paypal!.

Very, very, very convincing!.

Always hover over suspicious emails and see where the link is going to take you.
VioletLight Premium
Thanks Roope for posting this, I have been scammed before and it’s an awful experience - I will include this in my warnings when I sort my website out if that is allowed - I am trying to warn ppl of various pitfalls online and scammers are so rife and some scams are so slick you’d think if they’ve worked that hard on it, get a job you can clearly work!😘
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience, Roope. It's good to highlight these things for those who are not alert to scams such as this.
I could have been scammed with a business I owned had it not been that my accountant was suspicious when I approached him for help.

These people never give up. A pity!
webcash2us Premium
Wow, wow, wow!!!

I'm sure tech support would of helped you for a nominal

I wonder how many others fell for this scam?

I just read last week that the Grancrab ransoware is retiring after scamming over 2 billion dollars from people.

I'm not sure how that's even possible.

Great catch Roope.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
I saw online afterwards that many other YouTubers had received the same message so I'm sure some of them have fell for it.
I make it a HARD policy to NEVER look at any emails/texts/etc unless and until I am fully awake.
Made mistakes in the past due to adrenaline-jumping when half-awake.

If things waited the hours you were asleep, they'll wait the short time it takes for your brain to warm and boot up fully. ;)
RoopeKiuttu Premium
That's a good principle John!
Selenityjade Premium
It's always a good idea to check the source of the email, but that's not 100% as I got an email from my bank and it was the correct email, but they apparently spoofed that somehow! O_O

But no one will ever ask for your password or passcode to get into anything because all passwords are encrypted, even from employees of the company. HA!

Glad you caught it and thanks for the heads up!
EdwinBernard Premium
Whenever my wife or I receive Email messages that look legitimate but seem unusual, I always do what you did. Check the Email source. Every time this has shown a bogus Email address. We just delete the message.

Sadly there are people who will respond and give away their private information and later get their Identity stolen.

Thanks for this alert Roope!

SDiTullio Premium
Thanks, Roope... smart thinking. What we need to be sure to remember, is that you NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD that has been requested, UNLESS YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE who the message came from and it's a viable source!

We've gotten some good responses to check the return address, as yo did,
but ideally, you go to the company or organization who SUPPOSEDLY sent you the message and verify it with them. Another smart move on your part.

Have a prosperous day!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
You're right Steve. Never should give the password to anyone unless we're 120% sure that it's the right person.
BlueJasmin Premium
Forgot to add: - of course, it is somewhere in Russia.

Guys and girls, be very careful of any strange addresses.

Also, take an extra few minutes and REPORT THE FRAUD!

It will help all of us.

Thank you.
BlueJasmin Premium
Great information! Thank you very much.

Tip for all: if ANYONE(!) ask your password for ANYTHING, get your alert antenna up!

Very speedy and right to the point!

Sincerely appreciate it.
firstlearn Premium
I always check the from address these days before I do anything else Roope.

There are so many spam emails supposedly from big companies that when you check the email address don't add up.

georkeis Premium
Sleep saved you!
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Roope. Jim
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Roope
Thanks for the heads up with this
I am about to start You Tube regularly and wouldn't want this spam coming in
You rock!!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Glad to hear you'll also be active on YouTube Vicki! You're gonna do great!
lynnsam61 Premium
Glad you didn't fall for it. Thanks for sharing.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah! :)
Thank you for that timely reminder!
We all work way too hard to loose our progress to someone who wants to profit from our work.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
MMoncur Premium
Thanks for this warning!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
My pleasure