My first YouTube giveaway was success. I continue it now weekly!

Last Update: June 09, 2019

Last week I created my first YouTube giveaway as I told here in my previous WA blog post and I promised to share you some results "behind the scenes" and operate as your crash test dummy.

It was actually the only video that I have published in 1 week because I have been focusing on building my Email Marketing Mastery course that I will make available for public and have a pre-launch on 26th of June. It's a ton of work and even more than I expected but I'm super-excited about it! :)

Now let me explain:

  1. How did I do the giveaway?
  2. What kind of results did I get?
  3. Concerns about legal things
  4. My future plan for YouTube

I hope that this will provide you a good value.

Read my previous post to find out the reasons why I started these giveways.=

Rules for My Giveaway Were These:

  1. To participate people needed to leave a comment under my YouTube video.
  2. 1 week time to participate.
  3. I got comments from 70 unique commenters.
  4. I did a raffle and shared as a reward free $50 that I will send through PayPal for a winner.
  5. In each video, I also show 1 great way to make money online through PayPal.

By doing this, I don't only give away money for someone who watches the video but also help everyone by showing real websites that pay through PayPal.

Results for the First YouTube Giveaway:

The first giveaway went well and that's why I plan to continue doing them weekly.

All metrics on my YouTube channel (views, subscribers, ad revenue) got a nice boost in the following days of the giveaway video.

Even though I didn't publish any other video during the week (because I was recording videos for my Email marketing course) the results for the week were still good. 1 video got more views, likes and subscribers than sometimes 4 other videos.

In addition, feedback from my followers was very positive. A lot of people said that they had received a lot of help and learned a lot through my daily emails and YouTube videos.

Therefore, I plan to continue doing these giveaways weekly if everything goes well. I may rise the reward amount at some point if things continue positively.

Concerns about Legal Things

I am still a bit concerned if these YouTube giveaways are 100% legal. At least, I have done my best to follow the YouTube rules & guidelines so I hope everything is fine.

I've also sent a message to YouTube Creator Support to review my giveaway but I am still waiting for a reply. My previous contacts to the YouTube support hasn't always been replied so I am not sure if they will reply this time.

If you have any knowledge regarding the legality of giveaways and contacting YouTube support, please, let me know in the comments.

My Future Plans for YouTube

The next few weeks, I will probably post only 1-2 videos per week on YouTube because I must put full focus and effort on making my email marketing course great.

But after that course is launched and running, I will probably start creating daily videos on YouTube and grow my channel. Videos that publish new content daily tend to skyrocket in numbers.

I've recently analyzed successful channels in the make money online niche and I have several wonderful ideas to implement.

I may also to get a video editor probably in August through to get more done. Recently, I bought video equipment for +$2,5k to increase the quality of my videos but I noticed that editing videos would take a lot of time so I may need to get someone to do that so I can start producing more high-quality content faster.


Thank you for reading.

Have a great upcoming week!


Roope "giving money away on YouTube" Kiuttu

Have you done giveaways on YouTube or on any other platforms?

What kind of results did you get? Would you do it again?

What kind of tips would you give?

By the way, this is my 100th blog post at WA! Woohoo!

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FKelso Premium
I have not done them, but have thought about it, and would like to figure out what to give away...was thinking I might give away a few copies of one of my books. What do you think?
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Sounds like a good idea if those books are relevant to your audience.
FKelso Premium
Yes, they are. Thanks...I think I'll try it.
Mick18 Premium
Thanks for sharing, giveaways sound like a great idea. Will plan in the future.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, so far it seems to be working well. I'll probably must create some giveaways for my email list in the future as well.
Hadjie Premium
Thanks for sharing your success on your youtube. You have an awesome idea on how you published it.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks Hadrian!
Dhind1 Premium
Thanks for sharing what works for you on YouTube. It sounds like a really good idea and definitely seems to be working.

I hope there are no issues with YT.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks Alexander.

I just received a response from YouTube (that doesn't really help much):

"We appreciate your effort in making sure that your video is compliant to our policies. Unfortunately, I’m unable to offer editorial advice on videos. I’d recommend visiting our Community Guidelines page for more information and to make sure your content is in line with our policies. "
Dhind1 Premium

So they don't really know themselves. That is difficult, and it puts the responsibility back on you.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yep. Also before I've received some similar responses when trying to contact YouTube support.
PastorDre Premium
great idea.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks Pastor!