More YouTube Ads -> More Views + More $ ?

Last Update: October 19, 2019

When I started on YouTube, I didn't put any ads to my videos.

The reason was the same why I don't put ads to my website.

I thought that I will earn more money directly from affiliate programs so why would I distract my viewers with ads.

But I realized I may have been wrong...

Ads to Videos => More Views?

I heard from several big YouTubers who had +100k subscribers that adding YouTube ads may give you more views.

The reason is that YouTube is a company that wants to make money.

When does YouTube make money? When people see ads on YouTube.

Video A = NO Ads => YouTube doesn't make money.

Video B = YES Ads => YouTube makes money.

Which video would you guess that YouTube wants to promote? The video that is making them money or the video that is not making them any money?

The answer is obvious.

YouTube has an incentive to rank the video higher and put it on suggested videos if it contains ads.

If you are interested in how much YouTube pays for 1,000 views and what 3 criteria affect in your earnings, watch my training video here.

More Than 1 Add Per Video => More $$$ ?

If your video is more than 10 minutes long, YouTube allows you to add more than 1 ad for that video.

I've heard recently from a few YouTubers that when they started adding more than 1 ad per video, their ad revenue has grown rapidly overnight.

I can confirm from my personal experience that adding more YouTube for each video will earn you more ad revenue.

Will adding too many ads affect negatively to the user experience?

In my current experience, adding 3-4 ads for a 12-15 minute doesn't have any negative effects on my watchtime.

My top-earning videos have had 2-4 ads and they've been getting even a longer watchtime than my average videos!

That leads to a conclusion that adding more than 1 ad may actually increase your watchtime.

However, don't quote me on that because I will need more data to confirm that it's accurate.

Going After YouTube Ad Revenue or Affiliate Revenue?

When you create content on YouTube, you face this dilemma.

Should you please YouTube algorithm and keep people on YouTube OR drive people to your affiliate links, your website and your email list?

If you keep people on YouTube, it's going to reward you by promoting your videos more.

On the other hand, if nobody leaves YouTube, how are you supposed to make any money from your promotions.

For me personally, YouTube ad has just been a supplementary income. It's like a nice extra on top of the cake.

However, there are people who make $10,000/month and the best ones make even $100,000/month from YouTube ads.

So there is definitely potential as well. YouTube obviously loves those guys because they are also making YouTube a lot of money so the platform pushes their videos even harder which leads to even more views.

Is good to keep in mind that pleasing YouTube algorithm will most likely lead to more views. Taking people away from YouTube will probably give you fewer views.


At the same time I think that the biggest income potential is always with direct affiliate or product promotions rather than with YouTube ads.

I talk about it more in my recent training video below:

=> How Much Money Does YouTube Pay For 1,000 Views? (3 TRICKS to Earn More Money!)

Now I'd love to hear from you.

Do YouTube Ads distract you as a viewer?

What kind of conclusions have you made from using YouTube Ads?

Let's discuss about this topic in the comments below!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

- Roope "YouTube marketer" Kiuttu

PS. I am publishing currently 3 videos every week (Mondy, Wednesday, Friday) on YouTube about making money online where I share my secrets, mistakes, a-ha moments and much more.

Publishing 3 videos per week instead of every day enables me to put more effort and planning on creating videos so the quality is now much higher than before.

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Mick18 Premium
Plan on using YouTube in the near future. Thanks, I'll check out your training.
Dave07 Premium
Im gonna watch your training and check out your channel before voicing an opinion.
I think most people are accepting of pre roll ads that you can skip after 5 sec. I get irritated by ads in the middle and often move on to another video when they happen.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing David. My guess is that most people think the same. That's why it's quite counter-intuitive that adding more ads to some of my videos have performed better and had even a longer watch time than those video where I had fewer ads.
JimTheFin Premium
Thank you for this. I have been starting to look at creating a youtube channel and your timing on this article is perfect.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Glad to hear that Jim!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Interesting facts! Thank you! Continued successes to you, friend!🎊
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thank you Heidi!
Joes946 Premium
Roope, I’m about ready to take the YouTuibe plunge. Gonna look at your training.
Thanks a bunch.
RoopeKiuttu Premium