Is YouTube Easier for Making Money for Beginners?

Last Update: January 05, 2022

After seeing 1,000's of people start their affiliate marketing journeys I've started to think that YouTube is for most people a much easier way to start making money than blogging.

Here are just 7 reasons:

  1. On YouTube there's much less competition than on Google.
  2. On Google a lot of competition is bad for you. If you don't get ranked on top, you don't get traffic.
  3. On YouTube competition may work in your favor. Even if you wouldn't get ranked on YouTube search, you can get traffic from suggested videos, YouTube homepage, etc.
  4. Getting ranked on Google requires much more technical knowledge: Setting up a website, SEO, site design, etc.
  5. Many people aren't good writers but they have been talking through their whole life. Talking is something natural for every human being.
  6. In most cases, it's much easier to SHOW things through video than try to explain through text.
  7. Online video/audio consumption has been on the rise year by year.

The Potential of YouTube Is MASSIVE

And no... You don't need to show your face or have fancy equipment to make money.

I have over 1,070 videos on my main YouTube channel and the video that generated the most money through YouTube ad revenue didn't show my face even once and it was recorded with a low 720p quality and a $1/month software.

Total production time for that video? Planning, recording, uploading... a few hours.

Money generated? More money than most people earn working for a month in a 9-5 job.

I hope that illustrates to you the potential of YouTube.

Once you'll get the ball rolling, you may earn more money in a few hours than most people earn working full-time for a whole month.

Of course, that's not a guarantee but it illustrates the potential of simple YouTube videos.

The only reason I didn't start earlier on YouTube was because I didn't realize its MASSIVE POTENTIAL. Now that I have done both YouTube and blogging, I wish that I would have immediately started on YouTube instead of doing blogging first.

I'd love to hear your experiences.

Which one has been been easier for you? YouTube or blogging? Why?

Share with us in the comments below!

Feel free to disagree with my observations. Everyone is different so for certain people making money through blogging may be easier :)

- Roope "Is YouTube easier than blogging?" Kiuttu

PS. This year I'll be hosting several Premium Plus Live Classes here in Wealthy Affiliate about YouTube.

You'll learn...

  • YouTube secrets that I wish I had known before.
  • Things about getting results on YouTube that 99.99% of the population doesn't know.
  • How to find on YouTube what's proven to work.
  • How to see what people are searching on YouTube.
  • And much more...

I'm super excited to share these things because I think so many people are missing out on something amazing.

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MikaelM Premium Plus
I agree. It is great to have both traffic from YT and Google but when starting from scratch it can definitely be faster to see results from YT. But it can also be scarier for people to get started on YT, I think.

But no doubt YT has massive potential and cannot wait to see where our channels are in a few years:-)
briandouglas Premium
Hi, RoopeKiuttu's, great wee article, Youtube requires another set of skills, but as you point out, not everyone has wordsmith skills, but a lot of people can explain visually, useful things by video.
There are numerous other video platforms sprouting up not to mention podcasting and live streaming, I feel a lot of the skills learnt here will be useful right across the different media, exciting times ahead.
BrendaMZ Premium
Hi Roope, I do remember you telling me that I do not need to show face on YouTube. Aw, wished I am P+ Member to take advantage of your YouTube marketing classes. The problem for me is I know nothing about how to do it “faceless.” For someone like me what is needed to get started without paying for anything? I am sure that could find free tutorials by searching Google.
Trodvies Premium
Hi Roope:

Do you know that for a couple of months now, I have had exactly this same thought? This post is just a confirmation from the super affiliate that you are, and I'm not sure if anyone will disagree with you on this - except perhaps those who are not into both.

This is to say that I totally agree with you, and this is based on recent experience. At the beginning, I didn't have the courage to start Youtube, but it's becomming fun.

And seeing the fruit (the daily increase in subscriptions), I recently started focusing on producing more content on my Youtube channel; and I must admit that it's much more rewarding than my website.

I too regret not starting earlier, but as the saying goes, "it comes with age".

And I must mention that my niche is not MMO. So it seems to work across niches.

There's a particular WA member I had thought on suggesting the idea to some time this week.

Thanks for this confirmation.
QiMindset Premium Plus
Great topic!
I'm looking forward to your classes.
I have a YouTube channel, but haven't got to required 1000 subscribers to monetize as of yet.
I was creating 3 videos a week, but have been focusing on blogs lately. not getting paid from any of them yet, but I'm willing to put in the work.
Your article make me want to get back to doing videos. I prefer it to writing blogs.
When is your first class?
Trodvies Premium
I encourage you to pursue Youtube, Albert. I know of Ytbers who started to monetize in just a few months, which is not typical of a website. Your three times a week posting was the perfect formula. So just stick/return to it. All the best!
QiMindset Premium Plus
Will do, Roope!
Look forward to your classes..
In the mean time I subscribed to your YouTube channel to get done pointers👍
Keep thriving!