How to Make Money on YouTube without Showing Your Face?

Last Update: Jul 30, 2021

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So many people seem to be creating videos nowadays on YouTube with a title, How to Make Money on YouTube without Showing Your Face. Some of them are just clickbaity while some provide actually good value.

I wanted to give my own contribution to this topic through my own first-hand experience.

I've taken 3 examples that worked well.

All of these videos have made money through YouTube Ads and affiliate commissions. Usually, most of my income comes from affiliate income but these 3 videos did really well for YouTube ads as well as you can see in the screenshots below:

  • $873
  • $263
  • $544

What Strategy Did I Use?

My strategy was pretty simple:

  • Find a keyword on YouTube within my niche that is 1) getting a good amount of views but 2) doesn't have much competition and 3) get ranked on YouTube search.

I explained how to find keywords on YouTube on my previous Wealthy Affiliate blog posts so you'll want to check that one out if you didn't read it yet.

If you want to get traffic from suggested videos, you may want to target keywords that do have a lot of competition. But if you want to get traffic from YouTube search, then you'll prefer keywords that don't have competition. (NOTE: Those are 2 different strategies!)

As you can see in the screenshot below regarding one of those 3 videos, most of the traffic came from YouTube search:

Then 10.5% of the traffic came from External which was mostly Google search meaning that my YouTube video got also ranked on Google under certain keywords.

What Kind of Videos Did I Create?

All of these were screencast videos where I recorded my screen. However, I want to add that in 2 of these 3 videos I recorded a short 30-second intro where I did show my face. But that wouldn't have been necessary and if you want to make money without showing your face, you don't need to add that intro.

There are a lot of cheap screencast software that you can use and usually, they have free trials available as well if you want to test them for free.

2 screencast software that I've used the most are Camtasia and Screencast-o-Matic.

What Did I Say in the Videos?

All of those 3 videos were reviews. In this context, I don't want to mention the specific names because that might cause many people to create lots of videos targeting the same keywords.

In the videos, I simply explained my thoughts about each of those products/companies.

I had made a research and contributed my thoughts taking into account the following things (Pro tip: These are the things that you can include in your reviews!)

  • What have people said about these products?
  • What kind of experiences customers had?
  • What kind of background do the company owners have?
  • How do these products compare to other products within the industry? Offer, pricing, etc.
  • How long has the company existed?
  • Etc.

You notice that these are really simple things.

If you are talking about things that interest your viewers, a simple screencast video is enough. There's a channel called Trader University that does 100% screencast videos and a creator never shows his face. I've watched 50+ videos from him from the beginning until the end because I find the topic interesting.

In the same way like, I've watched that channel so closely, your audience will listen to you if you are talking about things that interest them!

By the way, videos in the Wealthy Affiliate core training created by Kyle are also screencast videos so that already proves to you that even ultra-successful people are using screencasts.

Can ANYONE Make Money on YouTube Like This?

Yes. This is not rocket science.

Here's a summary of what you'll need to make money in the same way:

  1. Screencast software (note: Can be even free)
  2. A keyword that you'll target on YouTube
  3. Research of the product (note: Can be done 100% online)

And a microphone if you want to record the voice yourself. If you prefer not to talk out loud, you can simply write a script and hire someone on Upwork to read the script for your video.

Will This Make You Immediately Lots of Money?

No! If you search on YouTube, "How to Make Money on YouTube without Showing Your Face", you'll probably find videos from some scammers who are going to promise you the moon from the sky. Be careful, they're just trying to take advantage of you!

The examples that I showed you in this post were highlights and I do have a lot of experience on YouTube by now so I'm not promising you'll make lots of money easily.

That being said, I truly believe that anyone can make a life-changing income on YouTube even without ever showing their faces.

It just requires consistent work but I can tell you from my own experience that it's worth it in the end. Over time your results will compound!

This video that I published over 2 years ago is still making me money every single day and most likely will keep on generating money for months and years to come.

It's Your Time!

- Roope "YouTube teacher" Kiuttu

PS. I'd love to hear from you.

Have you ever created YouTube videos?

Do you prefer showing your face or create videos without showing your face?

Did you see any difference in results when showing/not showing your face?

Let us know in the comments below!

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I started a youtube channel last June/July time doing cleaning and motivational videos. Some recipe videos in there as well. I decided to show my face and try to make it very personal due to the types of videos that I was creating.

I currently find it really hard to keep going with it as editing videos takes such a long time often 3 hours to get a cleaning video that lasts 15 minutes on youtube.

Glad you've had some success with not even having to show your face, wishing you all the best and success going forward.


Thanks for sharing Shannon!

Yes, I understand the video creation process takes time. But think about what kind of results you can achieve if you do it consistently, for example, for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.

Over time the results will compound and I'm pretty sure you'll achieve results that now you couldn't even dream of.

Hey, I love this!

I have done a couple of videos but I really like the idea of screencasting. Again, I have done some screencasting but I wasn't quite sure whether this would be a useful way to go.

I've had a look at some of the Trader University videos and I love the way he talks around the issues with different websites in the background. Also, you know that you can then go in and use those websites and that would be really useful.

Thanks again


PS I'll now go and have a look at your how to find YouTube keywords video.

Thanks Roope, very helpful and informative as always.

This one is actually a game changer for me, as I haven't delved into youtube at all yet, purely because I work in the public service here, where we basically can't be seen trying to do other things to make our own incomes, so I figured youtube wasn't going to work for me.

The fact, as you mentioned, that all the initial training sessions on here are done without actually seeing Kyle, and definitely still offer plenty of value!

Thanks again, this is very helpful.

Thank you for sharing this Roope. I've not yet started creating Youtube videos but have Invideo which I bought a while back. I also have Camtasia so no excuse!! I hate showing my face so your ideas are perfect. Yes, its all about consistency over a period of time. You are so right that there are many scammers out there with false promises and unrealistic claims.

I tried many times to record myself and ended up not publishing it to YT. I'm scared. It's maybe because I still couldn't find my voice. What am I capable of and what if it doesn't work out well? I wanted to, I tried, published one, but erased it immediately, I know the principle of gaining audience' trust and showing yourself can make you more connected but I'm too shy and scared.

I believe that 99.99% of the people have that fear in the beginning = almost everyone. I've never met a person who wouldn't have that fear in the beginning.

The only way to get over it is just to fear that fear and take action.

But if you don't want, another alternative is to hire other people to record the voice for you.

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