From 1k to 7k views in 90 Days! (YouTube GROWTH!)

Last Update: May 28, 2020

Let's go! 💪🔥

This post is to inspire you and to share with you 2 things that have skyrocketed my views on YouTube recently.

But first, take a look at 2 pictures below:

During the last 90 days the views on my YouTube channel have been skyrocketing primarily for 2 reasons:

  1. I've started publishing 1 new video every single day.
  2. I've started using TikTok that brings in also some views and subscribers. I publish two 15-second TikTok videos per day.
    (Learn more on TikTok on my recent WA blog post here 1,000,000 views in 1 day! (TikTok) and in this week's videos on my YouTube channel).

The growth on my channel has never been so fast. I will keep on publishing 1 new video every day for a long time probably for a looong time.

My ultimate goal is to reach 1 million YouTube subscribers and more. A YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers has on average 3,800 videos and I currently have around 575 videos so there's a long way there.

I really enjoy doing YouTube and creating and planning videos so I believe it fits for me even better than blogging.

My plan is to create courses, workshops and training on YouTube growth to help others to do the same but for now I mostly focus on buillding the channel.

My Homework for You - Do this NOW!

If you have read my recent training, "5 Tips for Beginners to Get Started in Wealthy Affiliate", you know that writing down your goal and defining WHEN and WHERE you will do that, more than doubles your chances of success.

When your goal is clear, it makes it much easier to do.

In fact, publishing 1 YouTube video per day has been really easy because it's been a clear goal for me now for a while that it's become a habit. Same like brushing my teeth or going to shower every morning. You just kinda do it automatically after a while.

So my tasks for you are:

  1. Write down what you are going to do EVERY SINGLE DAY to make progress.

    For example, publish 1 YouTube video per day (or if you are just starting out, finish 1 task in Wealthy Affiliate training daily.)

  2. Write down WHEN and WHERE you are going to do it.

    For example, every evening from 4 pm to 7 pm in your living room.

This simple activity will more than double your chances of success in achieving your goal.

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Skyrocket your views & traffic" Kiuttu

PS. Now I'd love to hear from you.

What specific actions have helped YOU to get better results with your online business?

What specific HABITS do you recommend for others too?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Roybretton Premium
Hello Roope,

That's a great achievement Roope, amazing results. You will soon be hitting the 20,000 mark of subscribers! It's interesting that you use TikTok to help bring subscribers to your YouTube channel, this is definitely something I need to look at.

Regular publishing helps me increase my YouTube viewers. However, at times my off-line business gets very busy which holds me back from creating more videos! It's good in one way but bad in another way, consistency is the key to success.

Have a great day.

HeidiY Premium
Having a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) has been a life-changer for me Roope. I have a set list of tasks that must be done every day.

I have found when motivation is lacking, and let's be honest it happens to the best of us, having clear direction on what needs to be done that day means it gets done anyway.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Wow, that's awesome to hear Heidi!
Roybretton Premium
Well done Roope, that's a great achievement! It doesn't seem many weeks ago since you reached 10,000 subscribers and now you are approaching 20,000, which is fantastic!

It's interesting how TikTok is increasing your views on YouTube, this is definitely worth taking a look at.

When you create a YouTube video Roope, do you also write an associated blog post and embed your YouTube video? I normally do if I can although it's actually quicker for me to make a video than it is to write a blog post.

Publishing regularly definitely helps, unfortunately, or maybe not, unfortunately, my off-line business is very busy at the moment which limits my time you publish videos!

My suggestions to others are to publish videos regularly and write a blog post on the same subject and then embed the video on your blog post.

Have a great day Roope.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yes Roy I've often in the past written a blog post also on the topics that I've created a video. But recently I haven't done it so much. It's a good idea though and it's surely a good thing to do.
Roybretton Premium
Good morning Roope,

Thank you for your reply, I guess this is a time factor? I have been trying to create a video with every blog post or vice versa, it doesn't always happen though!

It's great to see your success Roope, well done for making it happen.

Have a great weekend.

LatinNomad Premium
Terrific Roope. Well done. Motivational.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks Trevor!
MattLin Premium
Thanks for sharing, do you use smartphone for some of the videos? I am curious, ha...
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yes for some but not for many. Usually webcam or a camera that I bought for videos.

For TikTok I've used only smartphone