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Last Update: June 11, 2021

As Joseph McClendon said, Many people belong to the self-beaters club.

They beat themselves up saying things such as,

  • "I haven't achieved enough!"
  • "I should do more..."
  • "Why haven't I yet achieved x and y..."
  • "Others have achieved so much more..."
  • Etc. Etc.

The chances are that you can recognize yourself from that club too? ;)

At least I recognize myself from that time to time.

"I Have Already Done X But..."

I see this all the time in messages, comments and social media posts...

People say all the time, "I have already done x, y and z but I still haven't achieved what I wanted."

I understand that completely!

Now take a look back and analyze what have you ALREADY ACHIEVED.

Here are a few things that you can focus on:

  • Have you learned new things during the last 6 months?
  • Have you achieved something that you've never achieved before? (Even small milestones count!!)
  • Have you learned what doesn't work? => This helps to narrow down what works!
  • Have you had some failures? => GREAT! You're getting more data & insights of your industry!
  • Do you have more knowledge NOW than you had 6 months ago?

Focus on what you've already and let it give you fire to keep on working

Let's Get Out of the Self-Beaters Club!

Let me ask you a question.

Do you focus more on things you already HAVE or things that you DON'T HAVE?

If you focus too much on what you don't have, the chances that you'll start beating yourself up. You become dissatisfied.

It's better to focus on what you do already have and be thankful for that.

Online Business Examples


Self-beater version:

"I am only making $x/month. Why haven't I achieved more?"

Better version:

"I am already making $x/month. It's more than 1 year ago! I'll continue working on this to make progress."



Self-beater version:

"Others have achieved so much more. Maybe I'm a failure."

Better version:

"I am enough and I never compare myself to others. Each person have their own race and the most important thing is that I'm improving myself constantly."


Self-beater version:

"I didn't reach my goal... I'll quit."

Better version:

"I didn't reach my goal this time but I made progress towards it! Next time I'll work a bit harder and I'll surely reach it then!"

Be 100% Happy Right NOW!

If you're waiting to be happy when you achieve x or y things, you'll never be happy.

Better to decide to be happy right now.

And at the same time, you start reaching for more.

When I made that mindset shift from "I'll be happy and satisfied when I achieve x and y." into "I'm already happy.", I started enjoying the journey much more.

You can always decide to be happy.

You can be happy every moment of your life.

If you analyze some of the most successful people Earth, most of them enjoyed what they're doing. They love the process.

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Be happy today" Kiuttu

PS. Now I'd love to hear from you.

How can you apply this in your own life and business?

What are the things that you have already achieved and you can be happy about?

Remember... Even small things count!

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DCarpenter1 Premium
Thanks Roope, a great post & it hit the mark with me.

I don't beat myself up, but I do get despondent for not achieving what I know is possible for me.
The wonderful family here at WA gives me encouragement to work harder & be successful.
"I think I can I know I can" wise words indeed.

SHINEPAGE1 Premium Plus
Roope , this post is going straight to
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Now the post
I have to personally say thanks to you , because not only you sign me up to WEALTH AFFILIATE but you have been a excellent Tutor , and I have to say thanks and give you a truck load of credit
And you are 1000000% right we have to give thanks and appreciate everything good that is going in our own life
Lots people lost their lives and none of us is SPECIAL
We are all lucky and blessed to survive
Condolences to all the people who lost friends and relatives
Excellent post Roope
Nice one
KathyAnne Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing this Roope. I know I was always beating myself up over things, but thankfully, know better these days. Showing gratitude for what you have actually helps attract more good things into your life. I've certainly gained a lot more knowledge over the past six months and continue working towards my goals, at my own pace:)
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Roope,

Thank you for your blog post and your wise words Roope, much appreciated.

I have been one of those people who beat themselves up in the past, however, I stopped several years ago, as there are no benefits!

I much prefer to look at things in a positive light rather than a negative way. I also learnt not to compare myself with others as we are all created individuals and each one of us is made differently.

Now to your questions, Roope;

I always like to try and think positively and know that all things are possible when we put effort into something.

I am making daily commissions and I know that I can work to increase these commissions. The power of the Internet never fails to amaze me, the opportunities are endless!

Have a great weekend,

Newme202 Premium
Our mindset are one of the many things that are causing us to look at our own life in a negative way.

If we continue to think negatively then our results will be negative.

It is so good to be positive and grateful for all that we have received from our opportunities.