Avoid 1 Mistake to Save +6 Months of YOUR Time!

Last Update: March 09, 2020

Would you like to save 100's of hours and make faster progress at Wealthy Affiliate?

I got inspired to write this quick article after reading Nathaniell's awesome post: Avoid These 5 Newbie Mistakes To Shave WEEKS Off Your Starter Progress

My Biggest Mistake When Starting...

When I got started here at Wealthy Affiliate, I was literally hitting my head to the wall.

I wrote dozens and dozens and dozens...

And dozens...

And dozens...

And dozens of articles in vain.

Basically nobody read them.

Ever felt like that?

I made one huge mistake that cost me A LOT of time...

1 HUGE Mistake...

I wasn't targeting any low competition keyword with my posts.

I was just posting new "high quality" content on my website and hoped that it would get ranked.

Basically nothing got ranked and I wasted tons of time.

What worked?

1. Every article targeted keywords with QSR less than 50 (on Jaaxy).

2. They were review posts. (How to posts were too competitive to get ranked)

3. Included the keyword in URL, Title, first paragraph, and then included related keywords in sub-titles.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell with keywords. I've written about it in other posts, in 2 YouTube videos and in my short training where I shared 10 tips on how I got 100 pages on top of Google.

Quick Conclusion - Target a Low Competition Keyword ALWAYS

I thought, "Well, if I just write some 'high quality content' probably it'll get ranked on Google."

Many other people have thought the same.

But the reality is...

That it won't get ranked and you may end up wasting endless hours like I did.

My Strategy Nowadays...

I've shifted my main focus from my blog to YouTube and other platforms for several reasons.

First, there's much less competition on YouTube, and even if there would be competition, it can be actually a good thing because you can get to suggested videos. On Google, a lot of competition simply means lower rankings for you.

Second, I enjoy creating videos more than writing articles.

If you're my referral and you have a yearly membership, send me a message and I'll send you my guide "10 steps to +10,000 YouTube subscribers" guide immediately. It's a bonus for my referrals who go yearly.


- Roope "Don't make the mistake that I did!" Kiuttu

PS. This week I'll start posting WA Super Affiliate interview videos from Las Vegas conference. That's exciting!

Have a great week!


What's the biggest mistake that you've made when starting out?

Share it in the comments below and how you solved it so everyone can benefit! :)

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Fredeim88 Premium
This was a fantastic reading. I have wondered how to increase my traffic and be more targeted with my keywords. To be honest, I still trying to grasp proper SEO techniques.

And lately I have discovered I haven't narrow it down enough and didn't payed too much eye on QSR. Now I have learned to focus on 100 searches a month at least and most 50 in QSR.

Also I fell in the trap with too short posts. Because of this, I was discouraged. However, I have been more active the last month with focus on going through Bootcamp again and writing blog post here to gather traffic to Wealthy Affiliate as well this way.

Thank you so much for providing useful guidelines. You are a inspiration! 😊

Stay safe!

Padmas Premium
My biggest mistake is I've been getting too overwhelmed with so much to do. Then I get impatient and demotivated. So occasionally I've been taking a break and then getting back to work on my site periodically.

Also now I see that I need to just focus on the important tasks and not pay too much attention to tasks that don't matter as much - such as image alignment.
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Roope

Nice post!

I had two thing which ate up most of my time. One was a name for my website and the other was a theme.

I believe also one area many of us also go through is being a perfectionist, this also costs a waste of time.

Have a nice week!

Brenda63 Premium
My biggest mistake when I started was wasting time with theme. I just didn’t understand WP and theme. Wasted so much time on that and never got my content up because still do not understand WP theme. I do not like Generate Press premium. Finally, I found the theme I like but it’s my lack of don’t know how in spite of following the OEC and Bootcamp. That’s my struggle since a year.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
I see. I think that's pretty common. At the beginning probably for most people is just pick some theme and go with it and figure things out later with the design things.
CarlaNavarro Premium
Very good reading.

I realized keywords were very important about a year and a half into WA.

I learn more and more every day!

Much success.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Carla