8,000 YouTube subscribers. On the way to 10k!

Last Update: August 27, 2019

YouTube is fun.

I like it nowadays much more than blogging.

Why Is YouTube Great?

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. YouTube has MUCH LESS COMPETITION than on Google (I think because many people don't bother to create videos. It's easier to write).
  2. Videos can create MUCH MORE PERSONAL CONNECTION with your audience than just texts.
  3. Your YouTube videos can rank on BOTH YouTube and Google + YouTube promotes your videos on their platform -> In general, it may be easier to get views on YouTube videos than visitors on your website.

Of course, blogging has also some benefits that YouTube doesn't have. For example each visitor on your website should be on average much more valuable than one viewer on your YouTube video.

In addition, on YouTube you are relying on a platform while on your blog you OWN everything.

=> Everything has pros and cons.

3 Quick Tips for a Better YouTube Success

Here are my 3 tips to get started on YouTube if you are a newbie (or even more experienced):

  1. Just start and publish at least 100 videos.

    No excuses. You can start for free by using your smartphone or by using a free screencast software like Screencast-o-matic.

    A great thing about YouTube is that you can't really fail. Everything you do takes your game forward.
  2. Pick 5-10 channels within your niche to follow.
    => See what keywords are working well (= getting most views).
    => Create videos for targeting those same keywords.

    This is extremely powerful. I've proven it several times.

    I created a video where the quality was bad but the keyword was popular. I spent maybe 1 hour in total in creation + publishing.

    Then I spent probably 10 hours on another video where the keyword wasn't so popular. The video quality was much better.

    Guess which video did better?

    The one with a low quality but a KILLER KEYWORD.

    If you have the right keyword
    (that you searched from other similar channels within your niche), you will most likely get good results even though if you'd video would suck.

    On the other hand, if your keyword is bad, your video may not get much views even though you spend 10 hours creating it.

    When I started on YouTube, I was quite shy about it. I just published videos but felt like I am afraid of sharing them to anyone.

    However, if you spend time creating a video, you must share it to the world. Facebook, Email list, your website, etc. etc.

    More views => Bigger audience => More income + Bigger influence

    If you are afraid of sharing (like I was), maybe this thought can help you:

    I am doing something good with my videos. I am trying to help them to make money online and improve their lives. Wouldn't it have a much better influence on their lives than watching cat videos, being lazy on the sofa or doing something else not-so-useful?

    Some people (Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone, etc.) even go so far that they say it's your MORAL OBLIGATION to share your message to the world.

BONUS TIP: Better Quality Brings Better Results

I am still trying to improve the quality of my videos because if you study the most successful YouTubers, they almost always have a good quality

You may get tons of views also with a low quality but that doesn't always convert into tangible results like subscribers and income.

That's why I've invested in a better camera recently and trying to learn to use it. I have better intros than before. I've started investing money on buying better thumbnails and I've searched for pro video editors and I'm going to send them videos and see which one gives the best results.

=> Investing in quality seems to bring exponential results based on "my studies" (I still need to learn this more!)

Going for Subscribers or Monetizing?

I'm still trying to find a balance between pleasing the YouTube algorithm and monetizing videos.

I have seen people who make +$5,000/month thanks to YouTube with only 1k subscribers and those who earned much less than that even though a person had +100k subscribers.

If you take people away from YouTube to your own website / promotions, you may make money right away but YouTube doesn't like it and they may not want to promote your videos.

On the other hand, if you always focus on keeping people on YouTube, you may not make much money.

So, I think we need to find the right balance there.


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It's YOUR time!

- Roope "Loving the YouTube platform" Kiuttu

PS. I have 20 awesome keywords in reserve about making money online that I am going to publish in the coming couple of weeks.


Have you started a YouTube channel?

What has worked well for you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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EddySalomon Premium
I have to totally agree with you. I started to get serious with YT again after hearing from people like you, BenjisDad, LittleMama and Vitaly.

And I must say it's been great for traffic and making money. Unlike Google YouTube wants to drive traffic to your videos as quickly as possible to see if it helps their audience and keeps them on Youtube. And if you do a good job of that they reward you faster.

I just recently passed 1000 subscribers and I just started in May. And you're right leveraging your existing blog visitors really helps. Promote your videos to those people. They will enjoy them and it will help your YouTube metrics.

Congrats on your success! Everyone should start as soon as possible. Like writing content, the more videos you create, the better you get. Don't worry about being perfect. And by the way you don't have to show your face to be successful. I don't and it still works for me.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Happy to hear your experiences too Eddy!

Yeah, I saw recently that you've started also publishing on YouTube again. That's great. Looking forward to more videos from you.

I feel that you and Benji's Dad have an inborn talent for YouTube and camera though. I guess your viewers might like even more if you show face sometimes 🤔
EddySalomon Premium
Yeah I have toyed with the idea of being on camera. But honestly I prefer to be behind the camera and have people focus on the topic I'm discussing. I am too shy. I barely talk to people I know in person. lol
RoopeKiuttu Premium
I understand.

Well, one thing that I noticed video-pros doing is to have a 15-second to max. 1-minute video intro with a talking head and then they jump showing a screen. For example, Pat Flynn has several videos like that.

I think having a short clip with your face at the beginning can help people to watch longer.

Recording just a screen is easier but adding a short intro with a talking head may be a positive thing for engagement.
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks. That may be worth testing. But so far I've been happy with my results and the feedback has been positive.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yes. You have very engaging videos!

Do you create everything yourself or do you outsource editing for someone else?
EddySalomon Premium
No i do everything myself which is why it's taking me longer to put out more videos. Do you outsource your editing?
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Not yet. At some point I got some help with editing from another person but my plan is now the following:

I've searched for a few video editors online. I'll send them some videos soon for editing. Then I'll see which one does the best job and most likely form a long-term relationship with that editor. That's my plan for now.
EddySalomon Premium
I think that makes sense. I would do a lot more videos if i didn’t have to edit them. I think it’s worth the investment like outsourcing content being written.
LLettau1 Premium
Thanks for sharing YouTube facts.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
My pleasure to share! Thank you for reading Larry
ExpatMark Premium
Bookmarked for the very near future. I am really looking forward to doing vids on YT. Thanks for sharing my friend. Video is the future. People are getting so lazy they do not take the time to read a 5-minute blog but will watch videos all day. Go figure.

Congrats in advance on the 10k mark and thanks for the motivation to get my YT channel up and rocking.

Make a living, make a difference.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thank you Mark! Feel free to share your YouTube channel with me then :)
tjkhan1 Premium
Hi ... im also working quite hard to get established via youtube ... truth be told i think its a lot easier than affiliate marketing and very enjoyable , im actually thinking of youtubing full-time & giving up on affiliate marketing as im not seeing any results so far ...
p.s you didnt mention your youtube channel ?
RoopeKiuttu Premium
YouTube is also an awesome platform for Affiliate marketing. It doesn't need to be either or because you can do both :)

My YouTube channel is Roope Kiuttu - Internet marketing coach
cramervod Premium
Why is 100 a key goal to aim for and not 50 or 200?
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yes, can be also. Most people don't create even the first video. Then many people start and create 1-5 videos but quit because they didn't succeed immediately.

If you can create 100 videos to your YouTube channel, that shows consistency in your character and I can pretty much guarantee that you're going to get great results over time.
cramervod Premium
I have 13 so far but they aren't the usual type. Just gonna see what happens and improve things as I go.