53% of the people prefer to receive money online using Bitcoin

Last Update: Jul 8, 2022

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3 days ago, I asked my YouTube subscribers a simple question,

"How do you like to receive money online?"

Below are the results:

More & More Websites Pay You in Bitcoin

Over the years, I have used dozens of different websites and apps to make money online.

I've seen that year by year more of them enable you to get paid in Bitcoin.

You have probably noticed the same.

Why Do People Prefer to Receive Money in Bitcoin?

We would need to ask from each person directly why they prefer Bitcoin over other payment methods but here may be a few reasons:

  • Bitcoin works everywhere in the world (unlike PayPal or banks that only work in selected countries)
  • Anyone can use Bitcoin, no matter the age, gender, skin color, financial status or any other criteria... (Compare that to banks or PayPal... Almost 2 billion people are unbanked and even more are underbanked without sufficient financial servies.)
  • Bitcoin transactions & wallets can't be frozen (Compare to PayPal & banks that constantly freeze users' accounts.)
  • Bitcoin works 24/7/365 with a 100% uptime.
  • In many cases, Bitcoin is also the fastest option.
  • And last but not least... Bitcoin is the best-performing money ever seen on planet Earth.

Many people convert their USD, EUR and other government currencies anyway immediately into Bitcoin so instead of going through the hassle of sending money from PayPal or bank, it's just easier to receive money directly in Bitcoin.

To summarize all of that in 2 words:

Bitcoin is the safest and easiest way to receive money online that anyone can use.


I'd like to ask you the same question that I asked in the poll.

How do you like to receive money online?

Share with us in the comments below! :)

Recent Comments


A very interesting survey which has produced some very surprising results IMHO Roope!

Personally, from what I have read about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the volativity of the market is so up and down one could lose a fortune ( but also gain one as well) in a very short time!

I am definitely no expert here though and could change my tune in the future if more research is done by myself...

But for now I'm happy to receive what I can from a good old fashioned bank transfer (and I don't really trust banks that much either)!

Cash in hand has always been my preferred method of getting paid (old-school maybe) but you should see the size of some of my mattresses!!

It seems like there is a generation gap (all ages, not true) related to this volatile market of Bitcoin and Cryptos.

I am the last of the Baby Boomer generation like them, I prefer to stick with the legitimate currency that is “real” money. I’d stay away from that.

You stated many businesses and places are accepting Bitcoin online. I have not seen that at all. Most of them still follow the legal currency using apps connected to a bank account.

I know Bitcoin can be converted to cash. I am not interested in getting involved with that.

This is one of the biggest scams of the 21st century.

Why is it so mysterious?

Nobody even knows who is responsible for starting Bitcoin.

That in its own right should get you to stop and think.

Probably has something to do with the FED since the whole world is run by crooked people and since the whole world is controlled by the FED.

The only people who are going to benefit from crypto are the top 1%, the so-called elite. the ones who want to hide their wealth!

There are over 7,000 currencies, what's all that about?

Just to confuse the issue, even more, I guess!

It will never get regulated although I have seen mentioned that the crooked banking institute is looking at some form of regulatory system.

That should upset a lot of people!

People are interested in crypto in the hopes of making a quick buck and since Bitcoin (full value) is out of most people's reach they can expect to "maybe" get pennies in return.

Bitcoin is up and down like well ? and why people think they are going to benefit is beyond me.

This whole scam is controlled by the mega-rich and they know exactly when to bring it down because guess what, they all talk to each other and decide when.

That leaves me and you with our tails between our legs and the only thing you can do is let ride for the next time, and because of greed, people will miss out again.

I was literally sick of reviewing crypto scams!

Anyway, that's my bit for what it's worth!

Have a nice day


I prefer PayPal but also love my commissions that are sent to my e-wallet then to a debit card..... the commissions paid directly to my bank are great as well.

Crypto..... I've now started to avoid them, luckily I cashed out before Bitcoin crashed.

Great topic Roope!

Thank You for always Sharing & Caring my Friend,


Wow this is great

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