5 EYE-OPENING Pictures Explain Why Most People Never Succeed

Last Update: January 14, 2021

As you probably know, one of the biggest reasons why most people fail with their (online) businesses is that they quit too early.

A lot of people might be in a process of building a multi-million-dollar business or something that could help millions of people, but for some reason or another, they quit.

It's like the picture below.

However, you've perhaps seen that picture already so many times that it doesn't affect you anymore. You just put it into a category of "endless motivational images".

Recently when I was planning, researching and creating a video for my YouTube channel with the title "How to make big money online", I came up with 3 pictures that really illustrate the point that I wanted to make across.

These 3 pictures are really eye-openers.

After you've seen these 3 pictures...

You'll Never Be the Same After This!

Before sowing the picutres, let me give you a part of my own story.

During the 1st year of starting my own online business I was asking myself a question “Why wouldn’t I just be working on a real job instead of building my own business?

I was asking that question from myself and others.

I knew that if I would take a job, I could immediately earn money, that I could save, invest and have consistent growth.

But then I heard from more experienced and wiser people that usually your success will compound.

If you keep on building your business, sooner or later the income of your business far exceeds the income of your jobs.

I found that to be true. However, even though that happened in my own life I still didn't realize the full extent of this concept.

But when I started watching interviews, listen to audiobooks and observe successful people who have built their businesses for decades, I realized that the further you go, the bigger the gap will become between job income and business income.

Having a job would be a decision based on short-sighted thinking compared to building your own business.

A funny quote says, "Most people only plan until the next Friday." That's why it's not a surprise that they choose a job over a business. If you only plan a few days, getting a job would be the best choice.

But if you plan long-term, your decisions will be different.

2 Real-Life Examples

2 pictures below show the net worth growth of Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos. They're some of the richest people on Earth.

Pay attention to how it started growing dramatically in the later.

Now you might be saying, "yeah, but those people are exceptions."

But if you start looking at any successful people, you'll see the same phenomenon over and over again.

Success Compounds.

Most people will never experience such growth simply because they quit too early. They change careers, quit their business or retire, for example.

People who keep on building their business long-term tend to experience the growth that you can see below in the red line.

This graph illustrates the growth between simple interest and compound interest.

The same phenomenon happens when you compare people who build their own business vs people who work on a job.

They both start from the same level (or those who have a job may earn a bit more for a while) but sooner or later the business income exceeds the job income. And the further you go, the bigger the gap becomes.

This of course requires that you're building a business where such growth is possible. The good news is that most online businesses enable such growth.

Ask the Right Questions!

Most people have too short-sighted thinking. You remember when I was asking myself during the first year of building a business, "Why wouldn't I just quit this and go to work on a job?" It was such short-term thinking.

People often ask themselves or others:

"How long have you been building your business? How much money do you earn now? Why don't you just take a job?"

In most cases, they're applying the same short-term thinking.

The questions they should rather ask,

"Which path is going to lead to better results in 5, 10 or 20 years?"

The fact is that time is going to pass anyway.

10 years from now, you're going to be 10 years older.

Why not choose a path that will lead you to better results?

It's stupid to compare your business results after 3 months to your job income. You must have a longer time perspective.

If the income of your business exceeds the income of your job after 3 months, you probably just became lucky or you're comparing your business to a bad job. Generally, it takes a longer time than that to see the real results.

Even 1 year can be too short.

2 years can be too short too.

What about 5 years? 10 years? That's when we start seeing major differences. Your business income can grow exponentially each year. While job income generally stays quite stagnant.

I hope they would have thought these things at school.

But I guess it's not a realistic wish.

If a school teacher would know these things, the chances are that he'd start his own business rather than work as an employee...

The fact is that most people never learn these things.

And even fewer people experience these in their own lives.

Because they simply never even try or quit too early in the "Early Stage".

The choice is yours...

Which path do YOU choose?

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Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Roope,

Good read, thanks for sharing!

I think the reasoning behind most people not willing to give up the 9-5 to explore entrepreneurship is caused by two things.

First, they are comfortable where they are in life. We are all animals by nature and being comfortable is something we all strive to achieve and once we have achieved this feeling most don't want to lose than warm cozy less stressful feeling.

Second, most of us have been taught through traditional teaching methods that self-doubts are a legitimate reason to not attempt to try something different or out of the ordinary.

I can't even come close to guessing how many times I was told that I would never amount to anything during my school years.
Self-doubts have stopped many people from even thinking outside the box to solve an obstacle they encounter. How sad is that?

So even though many dream of being their own boss: self-doubt is the biggest reason they will not leave their comfort zone. Unfortunately, many don't realize that by changing their mindset would open up a world of opportunities that they could excel in.

Have a productive day,

That's it's true for me if I have a budget I choose to build my own business in website because I see the different generation networking site more successful people in this world a secret millioner compare to work hard for a very long time in the company untill your body feel tired help your self for your future it's enought to help them for how many years .
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Roope,

Thank you for another excellent blog post, as usual!

Very wise words Roope, I have never understood why anyone would want to work for someone else. I have to say I find the nine till five working week exceptionally boring!

I'm glad that in 1983 I chose to go self-employed, I believe that I am now unemployable!

I believe a lot of people can learn from your blog post Roope. Everyone starts off small and yet we have the opportunity to build our business. I know what I would choose and I know that is the right way to choose, in the best possible way!

Have a great day.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
The greatest and most rewarding no doubt, we have actually been discussing productivity past two days, that's productivity activities that gets results.

And your blog post today displays Title on the dashboard, in which we are so pleased for you.

Thanks for sharing wonderful content and continuously enriching the WA community.
Swangirl Premium
Great examples Roope! The last one illustrates how the business may make less than the job at the beginning but grows rapidly down the line. For many of us having both the job and building up our business at the same time is the way to go especially if you already have bills to pay. In my case my job is in government and has great retirement benefits and lots of paid leave and health care (which is not provided in the US and is very expensive). So I am working a few more years to build up retirement and then will quit and let that keep growing while I build up my business. In the meantime we are building our real estate business as well since it is easier to get property while you have a regular job since the banks like a “traditional” income and the retirement income counts as the “reserves”. We are setting up multiple streams of income this way.

I am glad I didn’t fall in the rut of doing things like everyone else though. If you just have a regular job and buy a house then you are stuck at the job for life to pay for the house! !

We buy multi-unit properties so the other units pay for the building while we live in it. We will have multiple buildings and multiple websites by the time I quit my job.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing Jessica, Sounds like you have a great plan!