2,352 Unique Visitors in a Day. My Site Is ON FIRE!

Last Update: January 01, 2018

The year has changed 10 minutes ago. Happy new year to you!

I started monthly updates on Wealthy Affiliate exactly one year ago. I am surprised how far I have come with my website. The progress has exceeded my expectations.

Today I am going to tell you some of my highlights of December and 2017 in general. Then I'll talk about my plans for 2018.

December 2017 Highlights - Bad News and VERY GOOD NEWS!

I have bad news and SUPER GOOD news about December. Let's start with bad ones and then move to the good. I didn't achieve all my "MUST" goals for December:

  1. Reach 1,500 visitors per day. (Yes, I reached this one EASILY)
  2. Update the email list messages. Create 10 high-quality follow ups. (Yes, I finished this.)
  3. Publish at least 2 YouTube-videos everyday. (I published "only" 33 videos. 6 of them were just parts of one full interview.)
  4. Publish at least 1 article on my online revenue site every day. (I published a bit over 20 articles.)
  5. Start publishing again 2 articles per week on Languages site. (Yes, I published 10 articles.)

In the other words, I stayed far from reaching my full potential. I want to do better in the future so I know that I gave my all. Now I didn't give even close to that.

Okay, these were "bad ones" and now is time for VERY GOOD NEWS! Here are some highlights of December:

  • New record with traffic: 2,352 Unique Visitors in a single Day on YourOnlineRevenue.

During the last 6 months my traffic has grown ~37% on average each month. But during December my traffic grew around 75%! Can you imagine? :D Growth is fast and it's even accelerating all the time. In the other words, I'll reach 100,000 visitors/month mark during the following months. I'm also planning to hire a regular writer on Upwork to accelerate the growth even more.

  • YouTube-channel is growing +220% per month!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm very excited about the possibilites of YouTube. The growth feels pretty easy and chances are limitless. My ultimate goal is to reach 1 Million subscribers.

At the moment I have 546 subs but it's more than doubling every month. I'll reach 1k subs in January and 10k subs most likely during the spring.

My record with YouTube ads was $9,27 in a day. I know it's not much but listen to this!

2 months ago I made only ~$0,50 per day with YouTube ads. The growth with YouTube earnings is a straight line to the sky and I think I could expect $5,000/month earnings next year if I want to focus on YouTube.

The time of views is growing +220% during the last 30 days. And as I mentioned above, this came quite easily and I wasn't even giving close to my all yet.

  • I made more money in 2 months that most people make in 1-2 years

Thanks to cryptocurrencies! ;)

I believe that 2018 will be a great year for cryptocurrencies. People are starting to realize the potential of the blockchain technology so more and more people are coming in. Let me just tell you a few examples.

One of the biggest crypto exchanges, Bittrex, has closed their service from new users because they have so huge new members all the time. The biggest Bitcoin exchange in the world, Bitfinex, takes 6-8 weeks to verify your account because they have so many people in a queue. Many big sites have gone down sometimes during "the rush" including the giants like Coinbase and Kraken.

Which project will end up being the winner in the end of 2018, after 3, 5, 10 or 20 years? That's a good question and if you can answer correctly, you'll make a huge amount of money.

Okay, I guess you see how excited I am about the process :D Now let's have a quick look at the coming year.

Plans and Goals for 2018

First of all, I want to take some time just to think about questions like:

  • What are the things that I can do so I can maximal results with minimal effort?
  • Which tasks I can outsource to other people?
  • What end result do I want for 2018?
  • How can I improve conversions on my websites more effectively?

=> Then I write down answers and put into action.

I have already a few very good things in mind but I still need to take some more time to make my goals more clear. I also challenge you to do the same. I will not tell all my goals and plans now but I'll report you in the future when I'm sure about them and I see the results.

I'm not sure yet if I'll continue these monthly updates in 2018. I think these posts have inspired many people inside Wealthy Affiliate and also been beneficial for me. So I may continue posting each month.

One thing is for sure: 2018 will be the greatest and most amazing in my life so far. So many awesome things are happening all the time that I'm excited to see the next year. I hope and believe that it can be the same for you as well :)

I spent 2 months in Bulgaria. Now I'm in Macedonia for a week. Then my plan is Turkey-UAE-Philippines (at least until the end of March). You can follow my trips and videoblogs on YouTube if you want ;)

What are conclusions of this all and 2017 in general?

First of all, the law of sowing and reaping (cause and effect) works. If you go through the Wealthy Affiliate training, put in into action, you will reap rewards. That's just a natural cause of your work. If you don't go through the training or put in the work, you will not achieve results.

Always remember (and I remind myself also!) that the growth in the online world is exponential. When my traffic grew 50% from 1,000 visitors/month to 1,500 visitors/month it didn't feel so much. But now 50% growth from 20,000 visitors/month to 30,000 visitors/month is already much better. In addition, the growth is just accelerating all the time. So what about from 100,000 visitors/month to 150,000 visitors/month.

At the moment I have 550 subs on YouTube. The growth from 250 to 550 in a month doesn't feel so much. But wait! It's +220% in a month. Imagine a growth from 10k to 22k in a month. Or from 1 million to xxx million? That's why it's important to keep on going.

My friend who has a long experience of sports nutrition businesses started a new company recently. He has only one product in this company so far but he has gained very much popularity and is already making lots of sales. That's mainly because of his former merits in the same industry.

People trust in him and want to buy more products from him because he has been around for so many years.In the other words, he is now still reaping rewards for the work that he made 10 years ago with his former businesses in the same industry.

  • So remember that the work you put in today can pay dividends after 5, 10, 20 or even after 50 years!

I wish you a wonderful new year 2018! Let it be the best year ever!

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GayleneNepia Premium
That's impressive Roope, you're on your way to great success. Have a great New Year :-)
TanyaSilvia Premium
Congrats to you! Very inspiring!! All the best to you in 2018
jofa Premium
Great! This is encouraging. I like to know the number Of articles that can earn such traffics like yours? I.e. How many article should be my target to experience this kind of traffics?


RoopeKiuttu Premium
At the moment I have over 450 articles. But I must admit that there are probably at least 200 texts that drive 0 traffic because I didn't know what I was doing at the beginning and I was hitting my head to the wall. But after I found out what works now traffic started coming. I have one training on WA about it and maybe I'll make an updated version soon.
jofa Premium
Thank you so much. I will need this lead. I currently have 150 articles with a roughly monthly regular user of 1,200, Couple with a very busy day work. My plan is to get out of this day work soon as soon as I am getting traction.

Please confirm. This article on your pages should be it. It worth practicing: regards.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
yes thats the one.
jofa Premium
Thank you. I already consumed it. I need to start putting it into practice.

MiaL Premium
Congratulations Roope! I would be very happy if I could achieve your 'bad news' :)
I posted yesterday that I made my first ever affiliate credits totalling $1!!
Well done and I can see that 2018 is going to go ballistic for you!
MKearns Premium
I'm impressed with your great successful on the road marketing effort Roope!