10 Tips for EFFECTIVE Communication

Last Update: April 30, 2021

If you can communicate effectively with people, you will...

  1. Earn more money
  2. Have better access to places
  3. Have better relationships
  4. Have a bigger impact on the world

In a nutshell => ALL Doors will open for you.

Communication is an extremely essential skill that you’ll always need no matter how you make money.

  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Content Creation

=> There is NOT a platform where you wouldn't need good communication skills.

I’ve started studying effective communication and today I’ll share with you around 10 tips from Jim Rohn, who was one of the best communicators of all time who has touched BILLIONS of people worldwide.

1) Have Something Good to Say

Ask questions such as,

  • What can benefit your audience?
  • What are the problems they’re facing?
  • => How can you solve them? How can you help your audience?

Take the ocus away from you to your readers.viewers!

2) Say It Well

There are keys in saying it well.


Want good for others sincerely and genuinely.

They’ll notice that and it will produce good results for you and them.

One of my best teachers at school, when I was studying Social Services, taught us, "The clients will always feel worker's attitude." I think she is/was right.


Repetition has at least 2 benefits.

1) You’ll Get Better Over Time.

Each time you’ll get better.

The first time is always the hardest one.

Every single time you repeat your message, you'll get better at saying it.

Think about stand-up comedians... The first time when they tell a joke, nobody laughs. But after they've told the same joke 100 times on different occasions, they've become so good at it that MUCH more people in the audience start laughing.

=> With repetition, you'll build a SKILL.

2) The Message Will Go Through Better

As the study says, and Kyle has also pointed out in his training.

“It takes on average 7 touchpoints to make a sale.

To make more sales, the prospect needs to hear the message more than once.


“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” — Cicero

People will value it if they feel that you appreciate their time.

Compare 2 persons in a meeting:

  1. A person who is always talking.
  2. A person who only talks when it’s something important.

Who are the people going to listen to with more attention?


You can say the same thing in completely different ways.

For example…

Let’s say that you want to motivate people to work hard.

Style 1) “You SHOULD work harder!!! Don’t be lazy!”


Style 2) “Think about the results that you’ll achieve when you put a little bit of extra effort. Think about the freedom that you'll get.

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction once you’ve done the work. It’s amazing!”

What kind of style is going to be more effective?


Whenever you come up with a word that’s new to you, study that word!

Don’t worry if you don’t learn it the first time. It takes on average 40 times to learn a new word by heart from a foreign language.

Good vocabulary has at least 2 Benefits:

  1. You’ll be able to express yourself better.
  2. You’ll understand others better.

This applies especially if you are creating content in a language that’s not your native language but sometimes you must also learn new words in your own native language.

3) Read Your Audience

Do this Before - During - After the communication

1. Read What You SEE

Body language can give you HUGE clues. (on live events and Zoom calls)

  • Is the person leaning forward or backward?
  • Does he look interested or bored?
  • Does he look like he has a lot of time now for you or is he leaving?
  • Etc.

2. Read What You HEAR

Listen to what people say.

Feedback is the most important key to improve your business.

I create a lot of my YouTube videos based on people’s comments.

Your goal is always to fullfil your audience's needs so you must listen to them very closely.

3. Read How You FEEL

Your gut feeling is often right => Adjust your approach accordingly.

This applies also to many "get rich quick" programs. If your gut feeling says that something isn't 100% right, I advise you to be careful before joining.

BONUS: What Kind of Reaction Do You Want to See?

After people have read or watched your content, what kind of reaction should you expect?

There were 2 Speakers in antiquity: Cicero & Demosthenes.

History tells that after Cicero spoke people said, “What a good speech!”

Is that the reaction you'd like or would the following be better?

After Demosthenes spoke everyone said, “Let’s march!”

You don't want people just to listen.

You want that people will take action based on what you say.

You'll want to get the reaction, "Let's March!"

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Say it well" Kiuttu

PS. Now I'd love to hear your thoughts.

What do YOU think are the most important keys for effective communication?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Only1Hugh Premium
A lot of what is said here resonates. Make your point without fluff. Look for verbal and non-verbal cues to understand your audience. Use powerful CTA's. Thanks as always Roope.
richardgb Premium
Hi Roope
Thank you for an insightful post.

I think a really important thing to remember about communication is that it is normally a 2 way process.

(Using the word listen to mean read as well)...

Ideally we listen to learn, think, then respond.

I think a big human weakness, that we can observe everywhere, and to avoid, is that most of us listen just to respond with our words of wisdom, as opposed to listening to learn first.
Jessiefido Premium
Thanks for the lowdown on how best to communicate effectively Roope!

Being a great listener has to be up there for me, listen to what people are interested in hearing, then act on that accordingly by giving the best solutions possible for our audiences so that they can take action.

Let's March Together Each And Every One Of Us My Friend!!
1Rudy1 Premium
This is fantastic, Roope! Thanks for sharing. I daw done reminders in there that will help when conveying to my readers.


eminentcopy Premium
Be a good listener and make your message simple and concise.