10 > 1 - SUCCESS is Simple Math

Last Update: September 20, 2021

If you just "try to make money online" for 1 week, your chances of success are close to 0.

If you do the right things, your success is probably 99% guaranteed.

Success is a numbers game.

When you'll constantly increase your odds of success, sooner or later you'll become successful.

Now I'll lay down a couple of important factors that will heavily increase your chances of success.

10,000 Hours to Become an Expert

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the "10,000-hour-rule" which states that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any given field.

Some people have argued that 10,000 hours isn't an exact measure of becoming successful. We can always argue whether it takes 9,000 or 10,000 or 11,000 hours to become an expert but everyone agrees IT TAKES TIMES.

Let's say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at making money online (or whatever niche within this huge industry).

Let's say that you give yourself only 1 month (like many people do who expect to get results immediately). You'll need to work 333 hours every day for a month. There's only 24 hours in a day...

You'll understand why everyone who commits just for one month sets them up for failure.

Let's say that you'll give yourself a little bit more time.

You want to master your craft in 1 year.

10,000 / 365 => Over 27 hours every single day. Still impossible.

Give yourself 5 years...

10,000 / 365 / 5 => 5,5 hours every single day. Still extremely hard for most people to stay that consistent.

What about 10 years?

10,000 / 365 / 10 => 2 hours and 45 minutes per day on average. Sounds MUCH EASIER.

The longer the time frame you have, the easier it will be to become an expert in your field.

If you look at the leaders and winners in any field, almost all of them have worked for YEARS.

It's not a coincidence. It's simple mathematics.

How Do You Spend Your 10,000 Hours?

You might be thinking now, "But 10 years is too long... I don't want to wait for so long. I WANT TO GET MASSIVE RESULTS NOW!!

I've got some news for you.

10 years is going to pass anyway.

After 10 years you'll be 10 years older whether you want it or not.

However, you can decide where you'll end up in 10 years. Will you succeed or fail? It depends on the actions you take every day during these 10 years.

Most people are going to spend the majority of their time on things that don't bring them closer to their dreams. Most people will fail to achieve their goals and dreams.

You can just look at the facts and statistics.

Your destiny depends on how YOU spend YOUR TIME.

If you want to get massive results faster, I'll have a suggestion for you.



If you wanna become a successful affiliate marketer (=goal of many Wealthy Affiliate members), you'll do the following:

1. Do something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to improve your affiliate marketing skills.

    Create more content.

    Study successful affiliate marketers.

    Create new affiliate campaigns.


    2. Work more hours.

    The old wisdom says, "Work smarter, not harder."

    Who is going to win: A man who works smart and hard for 5 hours OR a man who works smart for just one hour?

    Obviously, the man who works for 5 hours.

    His chances of success are MUCH higher.

    3. FOCUS

    This is a big one.

    People always say, "My life got in the way. I didn't work as much as I wanted and my work was very distracted."

    If you wanna become successful, you'll need to cut time off from distractions and prioritize your goal.

    Here are some ideas:

    • Write down which tasks give you the most results. Cut off less important tasks.
    • Hire someone to do the cleaning and other similar tasks.
    • If you're planning to meet 4 friends this week, can you meet all of them on the same day or one this week and others in the upcoming weeks?
    • If you have now 2 hobbies, cut off another hobby.
    • Eat healthy food that is faster to create. Instead of cooking a 3-course lunch, you can eat oatmeal, smoothie, salad or whatever you want.

    You can come up with more ideas in the comments! :)

      Now you might be saying, "But Roope, I don't want to make any changes! It sounds uncomfortable."

      You don't need to make any changes in your life if you don't want.

      But if you want to get results faster, you'll need to set some priorities.

      The #1 reason why people fail is lack of focus.

      Define your #1 goal and make time for it.

      If it's important for you, you'll find a way.

      Conclusions: 3 Steps to Help YOU Succeed

      You've learned that your success is almost guaranteed if you do the right things.

      It's simple math.

      Here are 3 things to take away from this post

      1) Define what you want to achieve

      Success means different things for different people.

      You must define clearly what success means for you.

      Write it down.

      Have a clear vision in your head.

      2) Commit to doing it for the long term (10 years / 10,000 hours)

      If you commit for just one year and I commit for 10 years, I'm going to beat you 99% of the time.

      Give yourself time.

      Put in the hours.

      There are no shortcuts to success.

      3) Cut the Distractions. FOCUS

      This will not only get you results faster but it will make oftentimes make the process much more enjoyable too.

      Let's say you'll start 3 websites.

      You'll need to do the same mistakes with all of them.

      That's pretty tiring.

      Instead, you'll start just one website. You learn the tricks.

      When you'll start your second website, you don't need to repeat the same mistakes again. Your process is much FASTER and MORE ENJOYABLE.

      Go for it!

      1. Define what you want
      2. Commit for the long term (10 years)
      3. FOCUS

      It's Your Time!

      - Roope "Simple math guarantees your success" Kiuttu

      PS. Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

      What does SUCCESS mean to you?

      What are you currently doing to increase your chances of success?

      What kinds of distractions have you cut off to have a better FOCUS?

      Looking forward to hearing your ideas and learning from you!

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      ZachK Premium
      Hey Roope,

      Great Post!

      There is one thing that I've started doing a little while back.

      When I wake up every morning, the first thing I do is work on my business for at least 2 hours before I do anything else, like reading emails and all the rabbit holes which that can take you, etc.... (Although I can't take credit for thinking of this change, I pilfered it from Prince P "Partha", Thanks Prince P!).

      I know this and some other things that I plan on doing are going to pay big dividends in the future!!!

      BobMargroff Premium Plus
      Thanks for this Roope!!

      Success to me is being able to pay off all my debt, including my house, and then replace my income from my J-O-B!! Then do all the things I WANT to do, not what I need to do.

      The posts that you and Partha write is setting up my roadmap to work on my goals a little bit more defined and focused.

      I wish you the best!
      KathyAnne Premium Plus
      Success to me is improving my home and buying a new car. In addition, money to pay bills and affording whatever I like without worrying. Yes, strangely you mentioned cleaning as I'm going to outsource it in the near future. I'd let it slide and took my OCD neighbour to help me see the light lol! I'm good at focusing though and my only distraction is watching soaps in the evening for a couple of hours! Thanks for sharing
      Roybretton Premium Plus
      Good morning Roope,

      Thank you for another excellent and truthful blog post!

      I don't think the majority of people realise how hard you have to work to start a business, whether it's online or offline. As you mention, there are no shortcuts, just dedication, being organised and the big one, especially on the Internet, staying focused!

      I try and start work at 5 AM, it doesn't always work, but generally, it does work! I'm very much a morning person, I can achieve a lot in the first few hours of the morning before the phone starts ringing.

      Two things that I have started doing is closing all my Google Chrome tabs, it's amazing how quickly the tabs build up. A few weeks ago I had around 140 tabs open, although it's useful, it can also be distracting. I also use session buddy to create various tabs on different subjects, depending on what I am working on. Session Buddy is a useful Google extension that enables you to put various tab sets into folders and bring the tabs up in a couple of clicks.

      The second thing that I'm implementing is being more organised with my blog posts. I've been watching Tim's training on how to create a content plan, I can seriously recommend this training.

      The title of Tim's training is below.

      How to Create a Content Plan (And Why You Need One)

      Have a great day.