1 Year as a WA Ambassador! ;-)

Last Update: January 04, 2020

1 year birthday as a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador. Hehe :D

Thank you for being able to be part of this life-changing commnity!

For beginners and new members here at WA, it simply means that I have been active in this community.

I Started as a Complete Beginner at WA

Wealthy Affiliate has been very important for me personally over the last couple of years.

First, I started here as a complete beginner, without any experience of affiliate marketing. I didn't even know what affiliate marketing means.

Second, I didn't know anyone who would have made money online with the Internet marketing or affiliate marketing. It was a completely new world to me.

Therefore, I didn't have anyone to ask in person.

That's why Wealthy Affiliate training and community was super-helpful to me.

I learned the steps to make money with affiliate marketing and there were people who helped me when I got stuck (Special thanks to Kyle and Nathaniell!)

Now I've Also Had a Privilege to Help Others

So, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I learned to make a living online with affiliate marketing. It gave me a freedom that before I just dreamed of.

But in addition, I've had a chance to help others.

I've invited thousands of people to this wonderful community.

Last year I posted lots of WA blog posts. When I was getting started, I remember that reading blog posts from more experienced members was very helpful so I hope my blog posts have been able to inspire and help many.

And through direct messages I've had a chance to help members who joined to Wealthy Affiliate through my links.

Thank you everyone.

It's a great blessing to be part of this community.


Roope "1 year as a WA ambassador" Kiuttu


How long have you been a member at Wealthy Affiliate already? :)

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PA59 Premium
Congratulations on your 1 Year milestone...your positive energy and is infectious and I feel confident that I can learn to succeed here too by following your lead and skilled example..Based on your recommendation, and a further endorsement from Chris of Benjie’s dad, I’ve just made an online purchase of the e-book by Legendary Marketer and look forward to diving into that content beginning sometime tomorrow...I have tons of support here at WA and so all I have left to do tonight is than you for being there and ask that you continue to provide support and example as questions or challenges arise and I reach out for help....Happy 2020....Mark(Chez Pa)
cld111 Premium
Congrats, Roope! Your posts have been inspiring and helpful for sure.

I have been at Wealthy Affiliate since 2009. But not really. lol I was on and off during that time, so it wasn't a steady 10+ years.

I've been back since late 2017. Loving every minute of it! I learn so much not just from the training here, but also (and especially) from other members such as yourself.

- Christina
mcb247 Premium
Congrats on your achievements I wish you continued success. I have learnt a huge amount in the 13 months I have been a member here, and having laid a great foundation I am ready to make 2020 the year I go full time.

I am subscribed to your YouTube channel and have learnt many tips from you. Keep up the great work. Thanks Martin
EdwinBernard Premium
Congrats Roope! Your progress in making a living out of Affiliate Marketing is phenomenal! Its even more amazing how many people you've introduced to WA.

I've just got my one year badge. And been an Ambassador for about two months. But making money? Not yet. That's something I'm working on.

You are an inspiration to me Roope. I wish you continued success.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Congratulations, Roope! I'm so happy to have found this place, and you, as you've been such an inspiration!! Thanks for all you do and Congratulations on your many successes... may they keep multiplying!!🎉🌟
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thank you Heidi. Your messages always encourage me! 😊 You're great