1 SECRET Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know

Last Update: May 3, 2021

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You may have heard some people saying, "The only secret to success is that there are no secrets."

I don't believe that.

There are a lot of secrets to success and they don't teach these things at school.

You will learn many powerful tips simply by going through the training in Wealthy Affiliate and learning from successful people such as Kyle.

For example, I learned the secret I'm about to reveal in this post from Kyle's training.

And later I've verified it through my own experiences.

Your Results Will Come with a Delay

This applies especially to Google SEO (=blogging) but also to other platforms.

Kyle said that you'll usually see the results after 3-6 months when you do blogging.

Google doesn't give much authority to new sites but as you'll website gets older, it'll be easier to get ranked on top of Google.

However, that's not the only reason for the delay.

There's also another reason that I didn't realize in the beginning and that is...

Customer Lifecycle

Several affiliate programs provide you with lifetime commissions.

It means that if someone signs up for a service through your link, you'll earn commissions for a lifetime for that referral.

Here's the thing:

Most of your referrals don't take any action in the beginning.

I promote several companies and websites and I've seen this happening with all of them.

Of course, some people do take action immediately but most people don't.

But a wonderful thing is that those people are now tracked as your referrals and over time many of them start taking action.

They start taking action later for several reasons:

  • They get marketing emails from the company
  • They see advertisements about the company
  • They see that you talk about the company again
  • Some of their friends have started using the same company's services
  • Etc. Etc.

There are endless reasons why someone may start taking action later.

And then... You start earning commissions as an affiliate.

1 Funny Example

I started using an affiliate program in 2018 and did some promotion...

It didn't turn out very well and I even stated in some of my content, "Using that affiliate program is not worth it. I don't recommend using it."

Then I logged in 2021 and realized that it had generated pretty nice commissions over those 3 years!

The results didn't come only with a 3-6 month delay. I still today earn commissions for the promotions that I did for that company 3 years ago!

This Works Both Ways

In 2019 I took my foot off the pedal a little bit. I became too comfortable for a few months. And guess what...

My results were better during those months!

But guess what happened next... The results started going down.

Again, the results came with a delay.

In the other words,

If you work hard today, you will get AWESOME results in the coming months and years.

If you slack off today, your results will suffer in the coming months and years.


As an affiliate marketer, your results can go up still long after you have stopped working. But at some point, the results will start going down if you never work.

The same works in the other direction. You may work for months without seeing any significant results.

But down the line, you'll start getting better results that you couldn't have imagined!

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Keep the foot on the pedal" Kiuttu

PS. Now I'd love to hear from you.

Have you also experienced that the results almost always come with a delay?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Good post, and the absolute truth. It all takes time, and most lower-cost ways of SEO take more time than more expensive ways. It is also true that only large corporations generally can afford the more expensive ways of SEO.
WA teaches many low-cost ways to generate rankings for your sites. If you need or want more, you can find more online, but generally, they will be similar to what is taught here, and in some cases are older ways that no longer work.

Well, you hit the target here, Roope.
Yes, understanding how this online
business works relieve us from a lot
of worries and makes us more than
ever resilient as it makes us work
more consistently, more efficiently and
more diligently.

Patience is the key and try not to be
so anxious about the results. If you
work it, it will come.

Anything well worth doing is well
worth working for.

That being said, thank you ever so
much and so great to have you as
part of my business.

God bless you, Roope!


I found that the three months is about right for results. What you post today will take three months to get major action if it is promoted and has some comments, this is where WA helps the most after the training is finished.
Paying attention to the details of training and following Jays Nija tricks gives you an advantage over your competition.

Good post Roope, I agree with what you have written and also what Richard says, which is a good analagy(I'd use a car as my version) and is a messagwe we can all learn from.

What is very definitely true, is that Blogging is the smarter way to earn money, which I came to realise in my short time away

I haven't had results yet, but I am still pressing on, writing content, sharing it on social media. I believe it will come; it is in my heart! The lesson about creating videos is slowing my training progress down. I still have to produce videos. :)
Thank you, Roope; very encouraging!:)

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