1 Million Views on YouTube - Milestone Reached :)

Last Update: Mar 12, 2020

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I just noticed that my YouTube channel has reached a 1-Million-View mark!

It's nice to celebrate milestones :D

When posting these "milestone" posts, I've always wanted to share a few thoughts on YouTube as well so let's talk today about the competition on YouTube.

Competition on YouTube - Good or Bad?

How many times have you heard the question or thought, "X or Y niche is so competitive. Do you think I can still make money within that niche?"

People are often afraid of the competition.

They think that if there's already so many people making money within a certain niche, it would be impossible for them to get there.

But I highly disagree. Especially when it comes to YouTube...

Competition = People Are Making a Lot of Money

I remember when I was getting started at Wealthy Affiliate and I asked from Nathaniell if there is too much competition within a specific niche.

He pointed out that most of the time in the most competitive niches businesses are making the most money.

If there is 0 competition, that can in some cases mean that there is not much money to be made.

It was an eye-opener for me.

Of course, this doesn't apply to every single case but let me give you an example...

How competitive is for example knitting compared to real estate investing (or any business related niche)?

I haven't studied the statistics closely but I am 99,99% sure that real estate investing niche has way more competition than knitting.

Then how much money are people willing to pay for a knitting course compared to a real estate course?

People who invest in real estate think that they will make money out of it later. So, dumping $1,000 in a course doesn't feel that bad if they think the skills they learn will make them $10,000 later.

Then how many people can you find that are willing to pay $1,000 for a knitting course? Not that many.

That brings also more competition to working in the real estate niche.

Competition on YouTube - A Great Thing?

I've thought always that competition on YouTube is not that good. I've targeted low competition keywords in order to rank higher on search results. Sometimes that has worked great, sometimes not so great.

Anyways, recently I listened to Brian Dean's ("SEO guru") teachings and he explained that he targets only the most competitive keywords on YouTube.

The more competition there is for a certain keyword, the more likely he is going to create a video about it. If there is not enough competition, he doesn't bother to target it.

That's counter-intuitive and completely different than I had thought and done before.

What's the reason why Brian Dean is targeting only high competition keywords?


SEO stands for search engine optimizaion.

SVO stands for suggested videos optimization.

Brian Dean showed a statistic that on YouTube suggested videos get 3-4 times more traffic overall than YouTube search engine.

Suggested videos can be on other videos or on YouTube homepage.

Following this thought, the potential for getting tons of views with a killer SVO video is much higher than with a killer SEO video.

"SVO gets 3-4 times more traffic than SEO."

Now I heard that thought quite recently and a lot of the videos on my channel are targeted for SEO.

However, when moving forward, I will definitely try to optimize some videos for SVO and see how that turns out. A fun thing about YouTube (or with any thing related to business really) is that you can always test things and as you learn from that you'll gain knowledge and get better.

This is also one of the reasons why I want to focus more on creating videos for YouTube than creating blog content to rank on Google where competition is directly a negative thing (as far as I know?).

My Plans Related to YouTube

My plan is to keep on publishing minimum 3 videos every single week consistently to my YouTube channel. Every "guru" says that YouTube loves consistency.

This week I published on my channel 3 interviews from Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas conference.

Recently I was part of the Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi Knowledge Broker Blueprint launch as an affiliate and I also bought the product myself.

I've gone through half of the course and I'm planning to start hosting regular YouTube workshops and masterminds in the upcoming weeks/months. The goal will be to get beginners to get started and small YouTube channels to grow.

Even though I am not yet at 100k or 1 million subscribers mark, I still know a lot of things about YouTube and it's generating me a nice income. Therefore, I believe that by sharing that knowledge a lot of people could benefit and save tons of time and money.

If I would had the knowledge that I have know when I got started, I would have obviously made much faster progress.

In addition, when we will have YouTube workshops / masterminds, that will boost everyone's channels because when we share things together, we learn collectively from each other. 10 minds is more powerful than 1, right? ;)

This is going to be interesting because it's different than affiliate marketing but hosting workshops/masterminds will give an opportunity to work with people more personally and develop deeper relationships.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about starting YouTube workshops and masterminds? Do you think it would be a good thing? (These are going to be paid ones because there's obviously a lot of work to prepare and run them.)


If you have any questions about YouTube, feel free to ask me in the comments below and I'll reply to you personally.


- Roope "Hit 1 million views on YouTube" Kiuttu


What do you think about competition? Is it a good or a bad thing?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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I believe you hit on the mark Roope just by generating 101 comments because people are interested in what you have to say.
Competition is the # everybody should look for. Know that subject health and health-related subjects was not that competitive. But with the way the world is going now health and health-related issues are being pushed to the four-front and everybody is having a say on the matter. How is right and how is wrong but it does get the creative juices flowing and impulses you to look for the truth and as you look it gets more and more complex but you finally hit on something that resonates with you.
I think I got carried away have a great day always a better way

I haven't started doing any video marketing as yet, Ruppe, but the info you've kindly shared in this post will give me a bit of a boost when I do.
I've never heard of SVO and would have gone down the seemingly most logical SEO route on YouTube had you not explained it.
Thanks for writing such an informative and eye opening post for our benefit.
Rich :-)

Your strategy is to target more competitive keywords.

How does your video get the views if it does not appear on the first page due to the competition?

I have made several videos and I use low competition keywords and my ranking is good however my views is increasing rather slowly.

Is this due to the content or could there be other reasons?

Thanks and congratulation on the awesome results. 👍


A followup comment on Competition.

Competition is great!

We have the opportunity to see what they are doing right. What are they doing that's great? What are they doing that's not so good that we could improve upon. What are they not doing at all? How could we improve the customer's experience? What more could we offer? How could we better upsell?

There is just so much that can be learned and we still have 7 billion plus people on the earth to reach.


One million views! Awesome!

There is no such thing as competition, nature creates abundance meaning there is enough for everyone in every niche.

If person X makes money in a the same niche as Person Y who does not it is not because the market or niche is saturated..

Nature does not work like that. Nature makes two blades of grass grow where there used to be one. An abundance for everyone. Nature does not take from one and give to another.

2 blades of grass..even in busy niches the grass grows!


P.S. (I'm still unsure about US$1,000 Knitting courses, though!)

Thanks for sharing Derek. Interesting points of views!

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