1,000,000 views in 1 day! (TikTok)

Last Update: May 25, 2020

"It's only for kids..."

"I shouldn't get distracted..."

"Don't try it Roope!"

"Just focus on REAL things..."

These were thoughts that crossed my mind when I was thinking about TikTok.

Eventually I got started...

I created my TikTok profile / first video when I was in Wealthy Affiliate concference in Vegas.

But during 2 months I only uploaded 3 random videos that took less than 5 minutes each to create. That was just to tip my toes in the platform.

A few weeks ago I eventually got started on TikTok.

First video has got now 137k views.

Fourth video got 818k views.

11th video got 1,1 million views.

Needless to say that I am hooked!

important note:

Views on TikTok are NOT super valuable compared for example to YouTube views or blog views.


Some of those TikTok views will translate into YouTube and blog views.

Making money process through TikTok is simple.

1. Upload 15-second videos to get eyeballs.

2. Have a link in your profile (to a website / YouTube / Instagram)

3. Get people to take action.

That's it.

How to Get Views on TikTok?

Same process as in any other platform.

  1. See what is already working for others.
  2. Create something similar.
  3. Get views and earn money.

I got so excited about TikTok that I decided to upload this week 4-5 videos to my YouTube channel to share some tips, strategies and what I've learned regarding this platform.

Nowadays my uploading schedule looks like this (minimum):

  • 1 new YouTube video per day.
  • 2 new TikTok videos per day.

Try the same and I can pretty much guarantee that you'll get results.

Should You Get Started on TikTok?


I am not saying here that everyone should get started on TikTok.

But for sure it's an awesome platform for many people right now.

There were a couple of Internet marketing friends who were struggling to get results on YouTube. Then they started on TikTok and getting results and making money was much easier for them on that platform.


- Roope "TikTok has surprised me in many ways" Kiuttu

PS. I'd love to hear from you now!

Have you tried TikTok?

Did you like it?

Do you think TikTok is a great tool for building your online business?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Jenny83 Premium
Hi, thanks for sharing this. I was always interested in doing something profitable with TikTok and now after reading this post I’m much more excited to see that it can works as a real business.
To reply to your questions, you can find here below my answer:
1) I have an account in TikTok but never tried to do videos or sharing something with others;
2) I like it very much, I found a lot of amazing and funny videos, and in some cases really interesting (such as someone who is able to cook, someone who is really good to draw, or someone else who is really really good at acting some famous movie scene or from cartoons, or even comedians...) and I have to say that I feel a little envious because they are sooo good at doing these things and I’m not (or at least I think not, never tried 🙄).
3) I definitely think so!!!
Are you able to share me some links or website or let me have something to understand how to use it for business and be profitable?
Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from you back!
Fredeim88 Premium
I have an account and tried it two times or so. But I don't like to be on camera and that's why I have neglected this part of marketing.

But I wish I had the know how and ideas for content on video platforms to get around this, for I loose a lot of traffic!
Easy-Moneys Premium
You can definitely create TikTok videos without you specifically being on camera....you can do a voice only with screens of your website...you could have a puppet...you could ask a friend to narrate...there are many many ways to start...don't hold yourself back!
Barb from Canada
Fredeim88 Premium
That was some great ideas Barb! Thanks! 🤩
amcg Premium
I am on Tik Tok. I LOVE it! It's fun! however, I don't get the view you have. 1100 views is the highest i've gotten. I don't think I've gotten any followers from there to follow me on IG, however, I don't really ask them to. I really just post videos I find funny and want to replicate. They don't really pertain to my "brand"... at least not yet. For me Tik Tok is strictly for fun.
Easy-Moneys Premium
1100 views is certainly nothing to sneeze at...you must be doing something right! Now Monetize it!
amcg Premium
not sure how to do THAT yet.....
Easy-Moneys Premium
Which part? Learning how to Monetize? ?? I have tons of iseas for you...please Private Message me as a wouldn't want to interfere with Roope's thread!
cld111 Premium
I started a Tik Tok account, but I don't know what to do on there! haha Also, I feel like there are so many things to focus on and I am getting so sidetracked!

But if I can figure out how to utilize it in a way that makes sense, I'm all for it! I guess I'll have to come find you on there and see what's working for you. :)

- Christina
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Christina, pick 5-10 interesting profiles.

See what's working for them and getting tons of engagement.

Then create something similar with your own spice :)
AlexEvans Premium
To be honest, I haven't checked it out the kids are all over it at the moment, breaking out their dance moves. the classic hanging upside down from the clothesline, I must be getting too old. Just curious Roope what do you post that aligns with MMO on Tik Tok. and just being cheeky what do you use to create the videos?
imelda77 Premium
Yes, I feel the same but interested to make it easy to upload on that platform.