Why I joined WA

Last Update: August 25, 2015

I came across Wealthy Affiliate purely by mistake which has to be one of the best mistakes I have ever made in my life!

Had I have known about this program years ago, I wouldn't have wasted so much time joining silly scam sites which lead us all to nowhere, promising to make us rich for very little effort.

Wealthy Affiliate is nothing like a 'Get Rich Quick' site by any means! We are told right from the start of the process that we can only achieve success by following the great training we are given. Everyone can join for free for the first 7 days with the option to upgrade to 'Premium' after that time, but having seen what was available just for free, I upgraded myself after only 2 -3 days. I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I am glad to be among so many other who saw the total sense of joining WA.


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carcol Premium
I have to say i was dragged kicking and screaming into WA but my wife knew I could build a website around my hobby and make it pay. She knew I needed help with it and saw the potential in WA.

SO HERE I AM!.........LOVING IT. Thanks darling wife.
Mark1957 Premium
Me too Roger!
SharonAllen1 Premium
Isn't it great to feel great about yourself?
Sherefashion Premium
Its striking fantastic!
AlexEvans Premium
True Words Rodger . Seems to be a common tread . It is wonderful to be amongst a community of like mined people.
KatieMac Premium
So very true, I too came across WA by mistake and it has been a very worthwhile mistake to, I have learned so much and we need to ask ourselves what is it worth to gain the education we receive here
CarolynR Premium
seesy62 Premium
Very well said buddy...
meal2468 Premium
so glad your here
Pisquali Premium
Yes I found it while looking for surveys to do.
Josorei Premium
Hi Roger! I think you're right, I feel the same way. I too upgraded to premium before my 7 free days was over... Wishing you all the best! Onwards :)
Rich908 Premium
Hi Roger

No time was ever lost - I thought I had found the pot of gold at last only to find it was a scam. I say the past is another country and we don't live there anymore.
We are extremely fortunate that we on the
El Camino (Royal Road ) to find financial success and we have Carson and Kyle to thank for their willingness to help us reap the rewards

But above all pat yourself on the back for never ever giving up
I think you have found your El Camino

To Our Succes

markstrayer Premium
great reminder/ditto on your thoughts Roger...

dragolith Premium
Likewise, I found WA while researching another system...I can't remember what now! I actually came across a WA member's review of said system and they recommended WA over it (bootcamp website!)

I too went premium after a few days and haven't looked back since.
beata029444 Premium
Hello, Roger and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate family. I have been here for two months and have to say it is changing my life. I became more positive, optimistic. I learn something new every day. Good luck and enjoy that beautiful journey with Wealthy Affiliate!
mlight56 Premium
Exactly to the point sir ... doesn't matter what you try to do online there will be cost involved if you want to try to make money ... may as well spend your hard earned money at the right places ... this is definitely a good starting point ... cheers ... Michel
Gerard1990 Premium
you are right Roger
Sheila50 Premium
This blog is so very true! I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliates a long time ago also! I was scammed so many times it is not funny!!! Now if we focus and not give up, I think we will succeed! Good Luck!
Kyle Premium
We are the furthest thing from a get rich quick program and we are upfront and honest about that. The reason being that nobody in business gets rich quick, it takes hard work, dedication and persistence.

The really awesome thing is though that "getting rich" is more than possible for those that are willing to work for it. Far more so than within the online business world as you have the ability to connect with 2.8+ billion people and your business is always going to operate in a 24/7 fashion. ;)
Dgegegegwg Premium
Same here. I found it through another site when researching something that turned out to be yet another scam. I luckily never fell for any of the scams out there, but I did have an interest in affiliate marketing for years before I found WA.
richgirlme2 Premium
Well said, Roger. I too believe this is the best training on the internet, especially for newbies. Like you, I wasted a lot of time and resources with all the scams that led to nowhere, just frustration.