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Haven't even started adding content to it, Amazing.I LOVE how simple and fast it can happen here!All I did was follow the OEC Training and the above result occured...Have any of your blogs indexed in Google already?.How long did it take for it to happen for you?Let me know in the comments section..
As you continue to grow your business, you're going to notice something...You're mindset has a HUGE impact on the results you get in your business.Which is why I recommend you check-out these 2 books daily to help build a profitable and wealthy Mindset.1 - "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - "The Richest Man In Babylon" as you can see, I've provided some PDF versions of the books, that way you can download them instan
I'm so EXCITED & thankful to be apart of such an AMAZING Community.I really value all of your support and thankful I can share in return. And most of all - Thank you @Kyle & @Carson !Never been around sooo many POSITIVE people :)Thank you.
Why Should I Create Engaging Email for My Readers?One of the things that annoyed me most when I was brand new to marketing, was the fact that people wouldn't buy what I was selling - INSTANTLY lolSad, right?Well, I mean - the product/service I offered was AMAZING.... ( in my eyes LOL )Anyways, what I had to do was humble myself and realize is, not everyone buys "ON THE SPOT".So in order to STAY ON THEIR MIND when it comes to making the buying decision, I recommend you incorporate these 5 ways t
Are you new-ish to blogging and looking for ways to find good first blog post ideas and headlinesyour visitors will take the time to actually read?I honestly remember the very first time I was introduced to blogging, and let me just say this...I went a very long time undervaluing it, without understanding the true power of blogging.One of the only this I can remember thinking about in that momentwas – "Oh goodness, I have to do A LOT of Typing!"LolHave you ever experienced that as well?If