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Last Update: May 31, 2018

Why Wealthy Affiliate is the Best and Legit! I have been in the business of web design and affiliate marketing for almost a decade, and my teacher, one of the best in the business period, who can do it all by coding, made the same decision that I did, to join the program called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is the best in the business, you can check out my review: The Wealthy Affiliate Review to get an idea of all of the amazing features that area available.

It has the best web design creation I have ever seen called SiteRubix which is for Word Press, which close to 50% of people who are in the business of web design use. Not only does it make it easier to use, but adds tons of amazing features for design and efficiency. It is considered to be the fastest website builder in the world, with tons of professional, SEO optimized templates to choose from.

Wealthy Affiliate also incorporates Jaaxy, a keyword analysis tool so you can get the best keywords and subsequently the best Search Engine Optimization, which has worked very well for myself and everyone else I have asked.

Kyle the founder is a genius when it comes to teaching people how to use these elements to build an effective online business in a way I have never seen before. He has a boot-camp to teach you all of the basics and to get you making money fast, and there is a full University to teach you just about everything there is to learn about online business. Plus all of the Plugins that are available are amazing and add a whole host of capabilities for your website needs.

The amazing thing is that a Basic Membership so you can explore is absolutely free, and for a full membership it is ONLY $49/month. For everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers, the price simply can’t be beat. And I will offer easy access to other affiliate marketing elements to improve and extend your success at Wealthy Affiliate. I would not be putting in such a good word and promoting it if I didn’t truly believe in it and have found success myself. For me, the search for what I was looking for is over, Wealthy Affiliate is the best in the game.

PRODUCT_NAME: Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Ranking: 99%

Price: Basic Membership – Free; Premium (Full Access) Membershp – $49/month

Owners: Kyle & Carson




Wealthy Affiliate is an online University/Boot-camp, Community, Professional Website Builder, Keyword Analysis Tool, Features Thousands of Free Professional Website Templates (which can be upgraded to Pro), with almost instant help from successful experts and community members.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a Boot-camp to get you started in the most essential elements to building professional websites, the necessary content, design essentials, how to write effective pages and blog posts, how to implement affiliate marketing links and banners, how to avoid scams, ideas for essential pages/categories, how to write product reviews, and it’s main purpose is to really get you going and making money around whatever your dreams and passions are.

The larger University classes cover every element of how to become a successful online Entrepreneur and business owner. Some of this includes E-Commerce, Analytics and Tracking, and a whole host of advanced features when it comes to web design and online business development. Wealthy Affiliate uses SiteRubix, which is a design tool to create amazing WordPress sites. It makes every element of design and integration much easier for people of all of the skill levels.

Wealthy Affiliate also incorporates Jaaxy, which is the number one Keyword analysis tool in the world, which helps you determine which keywords are best to use and what great domain names would be beneficial for creating a new website. In my professional opinion, Wealthy Affiliate covers just about every element you need to be successful in building your own Professional Website and Online Business!


Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone looking to build a professional level website of any purpose. It is also incredibly effective in creating any type of online business of the type of your choosing, based on your passions, dreams, and goals. And the great thing is you can be at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level to use Wealthy Affiliate. If you are a beginner, Wealthy Affiliate will guide you to being a professional if the program is followed!


Wealthy Affiliates training tools are numerous including: the Boot-camp, University, Community of hundreds of thousands to help, a question forum where you get almost instant help from experts and fellow members, SiteRubix for building amazing looking and functioning WordPress sites, Jaaxy for finding the best keywords and domains, all of the top Plugins to make building interactive and effective websites easier, email marketing tools, a professional hosting platform, and many more.

Also, video and written training on every aspect of affiliate marketing, E-Commerce, all types of online advertising (video, content, viral, digital), social, branding, and Wealthy Affiliate’s features. This is only but a small part of the community which now has 1.4 million members, many of which are some of the best affiliate marketers, online business owners, vendors, and coaches in the world.

Lastly, Wealthy Affiliate has the most helpful community in the world, where there is always someone with more experience, or has expertise in a certain area available to help 24/7 and was rated the most helpful online business community.


The price, in my opinion, considering everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is unbeatable as a basic starter membership is Free and a Premium membership is only $49/month (with a Promo for $19 for your first month to try out alll of the amazing and beneficial features exclusive to the Premium Account) with full access to everything that is offered, and new trainings evolve as the internet evolves, and are ahead of the game.


It really is a one of a kind community that after exploring just about everything that is out there, simply, in my opinion, is the best there is if you want to master affiliate mareketing and online business!

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Excellent Review. keep it up
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I agree with your article. As a newbie this site has taught me so much.
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Just wanted to give in a good word because of how good this program is and an example of a review I write for my site/s.
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By the way, Kyle and Carson are real, I'm not sure how that rumor got started, lol