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Last Update: September 04, 2017

I will give some pointers about how best to make money with Facebook, from what I’ve learned over the years. First, obviously it is important to have a Facebook page. Now you do not have to have a Facebook page specifically set up for your website to do Facebook marketing, in fact some people prefer just using their normal Facebook page because it is more personal and people are more comfortable with you rather than it looking like you’re trying to sell them something. However, that being said it is crucial to set up a Facebook page for your site over time. But what I’m going to focus on, is how to make money with your niche and the products that are relevant to your niche using Facebook ads.

So, most importantly, the way to set up a Facebook ad first deals with what to say, how to scale and optimize the ad; setting up a link from your website to your ad; and most importantly setting up a landing opt-in page where people can sign up and leave their email address. So the most effective way of doing this and creating a Facebook ad, in my opinion, is to offer something free in return for their email address. This is crucial because building your email list is probably one of the most important elements of affiliate marketing.

So how do we do this? First whether or not you want to set up your ad on your websites page or your personal page, the way you do it is to click on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your Facebook homepage. Then you scroll down to Create Ad. From there, you can set up the type of ad if you choose. However, most importantly there are certain elements you want to include in order to get maximum visibility, benefits, traffic, and furthermore conversions. First off, you want to make sure that the mobile button is chosen so that your ad is visible on mobile devices. The reason that this is important is because 70 to 90% of people browse their social media pages such as Facebook on their phone or iPad.

Therefore when they see your offer the next element is crucial to getting not only their attention but for them to revisit what it is you’re trying to attract them to. One of the most commonly used methods in order to do this, is to upload an image of your choice that has the offer written in the middle to top so that they can see what your offer is on all devices. Then, when they click on your ad, it will go to an offer opt in page, where to receive this free offer, they have to sign up by giving their email address, and answers with a thank you message. Thank you messages show you care, and build rappor.

Then, since they like your ad enough to click on it, and since you’re free offer was enticing enough for them to give you their email address, they will be used to you emailing them later. This is crucial when it comes to email marketing. People being comfortable with you, when it comes to email marketing, this is probably the most important element of the entire process. So, how do we make this happen? Well, there are effective ways to run this ad that will be seen on both Facebook and integrate them, and will convert and add to your email list, so that within a few days, you can send them your true offer or whichever offer is the most popular that you like and that is related to your niche.

You can also set up an ad, in the same way, marketing to Facebook and Instagram, from the create ad section on Facebook, but instead of putting your email opt in, you put your actual affiliate link or Ad banner as what is seen. Then, if people are interested, they can click straight to your product or affiliate link to your web site. Now, in my experience this can be very effective, but in general it is a little less effective than the email opt in technique, unless you have built a sufficient landing page with the offer, opt-in, and if you have upsells, then the funnel of pages after, then finallly to your main site. However, I believe experimenting with both is probably the best way to go, so you can see how the whole process of what is called social marketing PPC is all about.

So, how do you choose what products in your niche you should advertise if that is the route you want to go? Well, this is a great example of where the Jaaxy keyword analysis tool can be used very effectively. Another really good tool is the Google trends webpage in order to see what is really popular in your niche. (New Material) So, it just so happens that Google Trends and Keyword Planner are less reliable than they once were, that is becausse, unlike Jaaxy, you will usually only get medium quality high traffic keywords. They hide the super keywords and the true low hanging fruit. I only recently discovered this, as a team member of mine was doing graphical analysis of different keyword tools. Guess which one came in number one? Jaaxy Enterprise, but Pro is sufficient. The reason Google Trends isn't quite as useful as it once was is because they have made some business deals that limit what is trending outside of Google, even with some of thei direct partners.

Now, in the area were you set up your Ad (upper right hand corner, click the down arrow and then click Create Ads), you go to the description area, and I would recommend writing a short but captivating description of your product. Then, don’t forget to click on the mobile button or make sure that it won't be missed, and make sure to click on the Instagram button so your Instagram account is connected. This is crucial for reach, even if you are doing a very targeted Niche product.

Then you go to the broadcasting section. Here, in the broadcasting section, you choose your audience or audience size. There will be a map and an area where you can type in where you want your ad to be seen. Now, unless you own a business where it is crucial to get traffic to a local area where the local residents can see where you are, where to go, and where to see your products; then, it is much better to choose general areas meaning countries. Remember, a lot of businesses rely on local marketing though. If you have a business that is limited to where you live, or partially, then target that area. If you also do products that can be sold anywhere, also select the countries you'd like to target. Usually one or the other is done, but both can to emphasize where you live (ie. if you are a shop owner or M.D.)

Now, unless you speak multiple languages, it is best to use English-speaking countries. For example, Wealthy Affiliate’s most popular areas where they get the most traffic are Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. I would also consider including Australia, South Africa, and countries where although English is not the primary language, a lot of people still speak the language. However, it is based on Your Niche and how far of a reach can you sell to, and how large is your budget to cover that?

Because you are picking such large areas the potential audience size or the amount of people or traffic that will see your Ad will be much larger. Keep in mind, this burns your budget faster, so make sure you are regulating, and checking the analytics daily, so you know what to remove that is waisting money.

Then, you choose the area of interest. Which of course it is most important to pick ones that are directly related to your niche. And if they have a category that is exactly your product or product area it is important to choose that as well. Then you can find other categories that have the largest amounts of traffic but are still relative to your niche so that you can drive the most views to your ad. Then you choose where you want your ad to be seen. You can choose the right side of the Facebook page, which has been said to be the highest converting area to Advertise on Facebook. Or, you can choose the other settings, where success can still easily be achieved if you set up the next part correctly.

So now we get to how to scale the amount of money your going to put into your Ad and why. When you’re first starting an Ad, it is important to start off slow, and with a relatively small amount of money or budget, depending on how much money you make and how quickly you want to get traffic.

For most ads, I usually start from anywhere from $10-$100 to begin with. Then, I see how well it does, and conversions, in order to see whether or not it is appropriate to now scale up the amount of money that I’m spending to subsequently make more money on the back end.

Important Side Note, it is important to click under what is most important – Conversions. Because Facebook has advanced code that can help you based on how you set up your Ad, and if conversions are your goal, then the metrics will actually help you with that.

Also, you can incorporate a tracking and analysis selection to see a graph chart of traffic and conversions just like in Google Analytics. This will help you to determine whether or not scaling up the amount of money you’re spending on your ad is appropriate, or if your Ad itself needs to be evaluated and changed (banners, vidoes, memes/giphs that really get the point across and capture attention, don't forget about Alt Attributes!), and/or if your audience targetting needs to be changed. These are all very important elements.

I believe it is important to know that in the beginning you will be spending more money per conversion then you will in the over all Ad time. But as time goes on, rather quickly if done right, and the more traffic that is digitally sent to your FB Ad, that ratio changes, and you are spending less money, for more conversions and thus making more money. This is the concept of proper scaling, and applies to PPC as well.

So how do you do this to make sure that your Ad is set up correctly to properly scale? Well, if your ad is doing well, and you’re getting more conversions, then you don’t necessarily have to change anything if you are happy with the results, especially keeping in mind that you will be making those profits for less money up front as time goes on as the ratio evens out.

Now, if your Ad is not doing well, then it is important to change various elements of your Ad and restarting it, refreshing it, or starting a new Ad. Some of the things that would need to be changed are: looking at the areas that you have selected, then checking the analysis tool to see where most of your conversions that you did get came from. And adjusting the areas where you selected.

So that the traffic can be focused on the areas that are working. Then, take a look at your niche categories area below the last section, and use the analysis tool to see what categories were working best for your niche subject or product. Then, remove the ones that will not work as well. And users stick with the ones that are or what I would recommend, would be to find new categories with high traffic that are related to your product and niche.

You can also, change where your ad placement was. If it was in the news feed then you can make it a side ad instead or another of your choosing. This is how you can experiment with making incredibly effective Ads, and how to adjust them to get more traffic, and more conversions.

This is also true, with the opt in method, where you get larger amounts of emails on your email list in either A-Weber, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc. or whichever of your choosing. I prefer the professional capabilities of A-Weber and secondly MailChimp. Now, I know many prefer Mail chimp because there aare a lot of pro templates that include Mail Chimp, but not A-Weber; however, if you really look at AWeber's crm, you will see they are supported by many more leading companies, and it is a little more professional than all your mail having some Mail chimp relic. But, if it works for you, then no need to change.

MailPoet is another one that has recently become popular because of WordPress, but i would still integrate it with your chosen solution, so you don't miss out on certain tools. And might be smarter to do it that way, so that you get the benefits of both.

Then, follow up immedietely with a Thank You for opting-in. Then follow up in intervals your offer/s. Covering every benefit of how it will help them and solve thier problems, but using conversational speech. Then, as your commissions go up, you start another campaign at a higher starting point because you can afford it, it has proven to work, and people are used to seeing your banner or video.

By the way, it is important to know that Video Ads on Facebook convert at a much higher rate than banners. A meme would work better than a banner also, anything that catches the attention of multiple types of personalities. Then, the rest is on you to complete the process and scale your sale ratios.

Well, I hope my analysis of creating effective Facebook Ads is helpful, in conjunction with the video link from wealthy affiliate that is a at the end of this post. And lastly, if you do not yet have a Wealthy Affiliate account or you have not upgraded to Premium to get everything that it offers, and you are either interested in this business or already in it, beginner or professional, in my professional opinion, there is no better program for online business of any type, especially for web design, keyword analysis, business owners that want top-of-the-line websites that will create much more revenue for your business, product creators, and affiliates. Therefore, since you can sign up free now there is really nothing to lose! And if you haven’t gone Premium yet, remember everything that you are missing, and there is a Premium Promo Discount going on right now. Check out these offers below:

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If you have any questions, need guidance, or have any question, shoot ,me one below! Best of Wishes!

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Thank you so much!
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I appreciate your comment. I am glad it helped you out! I made some slight changes, but this is my specialty is any form of online marketing. And, Facebook is important. Please feel free reach out for help. Also, Instagram is very important and I feel doesn't get discussed enough, I may do a training, my only Fear is, I would be giving away a training that is how I really make my money, but I can at least show you some things on there too. Lastly, Pinterest is, if done correctly, can be a continuous source of niche based traffic without spending a dime. Hope all is well on your journey!
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Many thanks Rod. Very useful post.
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