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November 25, 2018
So, I upgraded and very glad that I did so. I am glad that I will be saving money, but this community is worth it no matter what, and at a better price is just more confirmation of that. The advanced building and site platform structure is the best in the industry that I have ever seen and am super excited to see the new features, inlcuding SEO'ing an article, and beta testing.Most importantly I'd like to thank Kyle, Carson, and Jay for there continued devotion to training people. I am especial
February 23, 2017
Well, since my account was closed due to health reasons a while ago, and I had to restart, I am finally back to a creative flow. I don't have as many sites up yet, but the one site I have been focusing on I have been enjoying doing and has been doing well so far.The Niche of the website is based on Wealthy Affiliate and the subject of online business in general and everything that surrounds that. My central focus is to funnel people to Wealthy Affiliate. My secondary focus is to help people wit
February 03, 2017
I will give some pointers about how best to make money with Facebook, from what I’ve learned over the years. First, obviously it is important to have a Facebook page. Now you do not have to have a Facebook page specifically set up for your website to do Facebook marketing, in fact some people prefer just using their normal Facebook page because it is more personal and people are more comfortable with you rather than it looking like you’re trying to sell them something. However, that
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