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Last Update: January 11, 2020

Welp, I am few months in and I am still surprised by the fact that I have a website that is out there for anyone to see. The progress is still slow and I haven't posted as much as I started out thinking I would, but with life and travel everything else, I am happy with where I am at.

Thinking of my niche was much easier than I expected. As I was going through some of the earlier training and thinking of things I am passionate about (and things that I already talk about all the time anyways - might as well write about it!), I was able to land on my niche. My vegan lifestyle. It feels good to share my journey with people and share tips for those at the start of their plant-based journey.

I am not a natural writer, but when I write content for my site, it comes easier and easier each time. I just write as I would if I were talking to a friend about veganism and plant-based products and the words just flow. I enjoy getting into the writing zone and also all the research I have done since I have started WA. I have learned so much about veganism that I hadn't been aware of before and it feels great to share it on a platform that is always available.

I have not had any financial success yet, and I am ok with that at this point. I am excited for that part to come, but right now I am just enjoying learning about building my website and learning about the content I put out there. I am excited to say that yesterday I set up a few different affiliate accounts with some plant-based companies that I am passionate about and I am excited to share their products with the world!

I have set myself some goals to write one article a week and to keep up with consistent training and knock out at least one lesson a week. That is what fits my lifestyle and the pace that feels comfortable for now. I have also set a goal to review one other WA member's website a week. That is one thing I have found that I really enjoy about WA - seeing what everyone else is passionate about and what they are working on.

I am enjoying this journey and will continue to learn and improve!


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WMarshall1 Premium
Hi Robyn. Great job. Keep moving forward.
megawinner Premium
Hi Robyn, keep it up. Have fun!
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'm glad you're enjoying yourself here, Robyn!😊👍
Fleeky Premium Plus
Hi Robyn
Welcome amongst us!

Beautiful start! Great niche. Well done!
Keep focus

Better remove link of your website here and post in your profile under follow me on. Here it is not allowed and coNsiddered spam... take care
RobynDeBray Premium
Thanks for the tip!
Fleeky Premium Plus