What is it About Time?

Last Update: October 06, 2018

What is One Thing That Never Stops?

It's time of course! We may stop and go throughout our lives, but time just keeps on going. In the world of Wealthy Affiliate and running this business, time is the one thing that you cannot stop, BUT you can control it.

It's all about planning and it drives me crazy sometimes. Okay, I do have a schedule, but since there's so much to do, things pop up all the time and it screws up your time schedule. I'm sure this happens to many of you as well.

No matter what I do the time always gets interrupted and between that and information overload can put me over the edge! I'll set the timer for writing an article and before I know it the time is up and I haven't finished and have to move on to the next task on my list.

It's just acceptance that I'm doing the best I can against the time factor. I feel that learning is as important as anything else here at Wealthy Affiliate and should be part of my time schedule too.

And to think that I've been at it here at WA for over 1 1/2 years is mind boggling. That can't be! I just started yesterday, didn't I? Okay, it's not just about everything here but in the personal life as well. Time is going by way too fast but I want to get a grip on it and slow it down which cannot be done.

But better time control can be improved! This wasn't on my schedule today but anything I feel is important should be inserted into a time slot somewhere.....right here and right now.

I'm just curious as to how many others go through this and how you handle it, if any differently? Time is up here now and have to get back to the list and schedule! Waiting to hear from you! Thanks for your "time!" :-)


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halinphilly Premium
Time management is one of the keys to success!

Problem is, I often misplace my keys.
RobSciubba Premium
Fortunately I don't have that problem. At least not yet! LOL
marmar463 Premium
Rob, I agree with you wholeheartedly because time is going to fast it just seems that we had Christmas and Thanksgiving and look it is back again.

What happened to Summer it came and gone. And now it is fall and then Winter and I pray and hope that we don't have a Winter like we had last year.

But anyway things are going to fast and it is not slowing up it either. It is just going faster.

LauraFuller Premium
I was just thinking about this. My biggest time issue is I put too many things on the schedule for one day and feel defeated when I don’t finish.

Solution for me, more realistic goals.

Thanks for the post. Good to know everyone else’s time is as short as mine.

Godsmack12 Premium
Time I found now doing this really gets away.
You spend so much time reading or watching a video or working on your site, next thing you look up and the day is gone.
No matter how much you plan something gets thrown at you and everything gets pushed aside.
free4life Premium
Time oh give me time. Great post, Rob. Time management is something that always needs to be sharpened. I never thought about setting a timer for writing, great thought, I might have to try that.
RobSciubba Premium
Thanks :-) Time really does get away doesn't it? I set the timer on my Iphone too for every 20 minutes to get up and ride my exercise bike for 2 minutes to avoid sitting constantly and it also gets my eyes off the computer screen! :-)
free4life Premium
A very good idea, structured is better.