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I haven't made a sale yet but I still am positive and keep working at it. I know I keep reading that it will happen within time. I have over 40 posts and try to stay current with everything here.This will be the first thing I've ever done online that I refuse to quit. It takes hard work and discipline and I know that. At this point it is probably just one of the lower times while doing this and I'm sure it will change.I enjoy writing and working at my website. I just want to feel that 1st sale
I just keep going and it feels better with each step I take. Sometimes I come up against a wall and may not know what to do, but I find a way either through the community, support staff, or my mentor. Along the way I try and help others. That's what it's all about. Onward to bigger and sales yet but hoping at some point...
April 10, 2017
I just keep doing the lessons and moving on. It's a great feeling and although I haven't made any money yet, I have faith in the training and the community and myself. Thanks to all! ;-)
I've been with Wealthy Affiliate for 2 months now. I knew from the start that I found my home on the internet. But that's because of Kyle, Carson, Vitaliy, and the entire staff and community. I've had roadblocks so far, but nothing I couldn't get help for or nothing I couldn't figure out on my own.The website I created is about lowering your blood sugar naturally. I'm doing this because of my diabetes and high blood sugar numbers. I've already reduced to number from 317 (very high) to 133 yeste
I just has to post this because it concerns me. I've always been a whiz at spelling. I'm not bragging and saying that I'm the best speller in the world. My "gripe" is when I read a comment and there are words spelled wrong or there's incorrect grammar. It really can take away from the value of a good post. Can't we take an extra minute to proofread and make sure things are spelled correctly? Sorry, I just think it's important for the readers. Anybody else feel the same or is it just me?
It's taken many years of surfing the internet for the one thing I wanted to do. I'm not bitter about the negative things I went through. I'm grateful for finally finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (which I ironically called my display business, "Rainbow Displays." I've learned so much over the years and even though I had almost given up at one point, I kept on the track because I was determined.I feel that you have to eat, sleep, and live a business and have such passion and sup
March 20, 2017
It seems like only yesterday. It does, but I am now on to course 4 and onward! I've learned so much already! This is the most awesome place to be. How great it is to have so many others here setting out to accomplish their goals and dreams as well? One thing I'd also like to point out is that I've seen many different kinds of people who never thought they could be successful. I heard Mark Cuban once say, You can be wrong many times but you only have to be right ONCE! Yep, that once is Wealthy A
March 19, 2017
Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I spend time here almost every day if possible. Why? Because it's my business now and I'm treating it that way. I know what I've done in the past and when I got to a point in whatever I was invested in, I gave up. Why did I do that? Probably because I got frustrated and didn't understand things and had little or no support. Maybe if I had stuck it out, I would have succeeded, but I never felt that what I was doing was "right for me". I wasn't passion about the w
I've hit the dead end street more times than I can count. Since joining WA, I've hit some road bumps but I learn from others here on how to get over it. You see, with other programs and scams and what have you, there isn't support like there is here. I've never been one to ask for much help in my life, but you can't be that way here with WA.I've been through this before. Sometimes frustration sets in and the thought of throwing in the towel arises but no more. This time I AM the one who's going
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For the first time that I've been doing business on the internet, I can truly say I feel the success. Each day I try and do as much as I can. I learn as I have been learning for years. So maybe I got scammed and lost money and time as well, but you know something? I did gain some experience in certain aspects of the internet business. I wrote and published kindle books and have a little residual income coming in each month.You know what I have now that I never had before? A program here at WA t
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