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October 06, 2018
What is One Thing That Never Stops?It's time of course! We may stop and go throughout our lives, but time just keeps on going. In the world of Wealthy Affiliate and running this business, time is the one thing that you cannot stop, BUT you can control it.It's all about planning and it drives me crazy sometimes. Okay, I do have a schedule, but since there's so much to do, things pop up all the time and it screws up your time schedule. I'm sure this happens to many of you as well.No matter what I
Does anyone else experience this? It feels like a roadblock and there's nothing to do but go around it. Sometimes easier said than done. I feel like I'm at the point where the harder I work at this, the less I am accomplishing.I think to myself, should I keep trying other things because these aren't working? Traffic keeps declining and no sales at all. It's more than 1 1/2 years and I still feel like I am back where I began.I'm ramping up on the comments but I seem to get very little back and w
Hello fellow WA members :-)When you get up each morning do you ever think to yourself, "If I could just make one person happy, how would it make me feel?" It doesn't matter what it is. Whether it's helping someone here in Wealthy Affiliate, at work, home, school, at the mall, or in a restaurant, do you go out of your way to help someone?I feel we were put on this earth to help one another out and not suffer the violence and negative aspects of life. More people should stop and think before they
August 08, 2018
It's been a year and a half and hard to believe I made it to the top 200 of this awesome program! It's been a lot of hard work but that's what it takes for success. There have been some ups and downs no doubt but with the support of my mentor, Kyle, Carson, Jay and the rest of the Wealthy Affiliate community I've gotten here.Everyday is a new challenge and I guess that makes it exciting. My objective on my site is to help whoever I can in my niche and anywhere else for that matter. I am just be
April 12, 2018
Who ever said that anything worthwhile is easy,right? The ups and downs of this roller coaster can really get to ya sometimes but you know what?I see this community growing at such a fast pace that I think to myself, " Can all these folks be wrong?" It's all about going with your gut and continuing to learn and work hard.I find that I learn something new just about everyday. I've changed themes several times. I have changed images, content, game plans, you name it. But change is good and necess
February 05, 2018
I can't believe how time flies! I started with Wealthy Affiliate one year ago and it's been a very positive experience.I have learned so much and it just keeps getting better. There have been some roadblocks but thanks to the WA community there's always a way around them.My thanks to Kyle, Carson, and Vitaliy. Vitaliy is always there when I need help. That's what it's all about, helping others!I hope to be in the position of others who have already succeed here and I know the only way is to kee
So what's your story? There probably hasn't been one person who hasn't questioned if the hard work will pay off or not. I've read about it when others state that WA works.I put in the hard work and have been for a year now without seeing much of anything when it comes to a financial gain and that's okay because that's part of the journey. I get it.Is it frustrating? Absolutely! Do I find it hard to keep going sometimes? Yes. There are no guarantees in life. But I put my faith in Wealthy Affilia
August 05, 2017
I can't believe that it's been six months already! Wow. I get up everyday and live and breathe Wealthy Affiliate! Each day is a new journey and learning experience. Here's to the next six months! Thanks to all who have helped me to get here!
I have an issue with my website. When I go to the website on Google Chrome, there is a message that says 'This page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized sources' and asks if I would like to load them. Do you know if this is something that is built into the page already or potentially something malicious? When I open the website in Internet Explorer, that message does not come up and then the whole computer slows down to a halt and I am unable to do anything.
I knew I had to hang in there but after my last blog I was feeling a bit down. That was 3 days ago. Today I logged into my Amazon account and had my first sale! It really pumped me up. I'll always remember $1.54. I should go play the number! Everyone said hang in there and they were right. Onward and upward!