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Hi!I just created my first opt-in. It is supposed to show up when the reader starts to leave the page (any page of my site.) It appears to work to me, but someone said they don't see it pop up. I'd really appreciate it if anyone or a few people headed over to to see if they see the popup and if anyone wants to opt it just to test it out, I'd be happy and then I'd delete you from my list.Thanks a lot!Robin
This post has 50 (!!!) sites of free stock images!!! haven't checked them all out yet, but what I've seen looks good. :)Enjoy!Robin
When I originally went through the training here, I understood that it was enough to have a separate page with the affiliate disclosure for my site. But yesterday I came to understand that that is not really enough - at least not for US sites. You can read what the FTC states here:,but briefly put these are the main points:You must always disclose that there is a relationship between you and the company that you are affiliated with.You can s
9 comments Arnold posted this in the comments of Craig's post I thought it was worth bringing to everyone's attention. Updates can be helpful or a hassle until everything gets sorted out!Robin
Right there in the top, right-hand corner. You can take screen-shots at any moment during the webinar!!!
When I joined I couldn't believe how well organised the training was. Modules with Step by step tasks that I could do in the little amounts of time I had... It was great. And there were so many other tutorials for reference. In the beginning the TRAINING was my favorite aspect.But now a ways down the line, my favorite aspect is that I can ask questions any time and I get answers, not one answer, but peoples different points of view. So now my favorite aspect is the ability to ASK QUESTIONS ANYT
September 24, 2015
I received a grammatically wrong, one line comment on one of my posts (about an online bookkeeping course) from the CEO of a bookkeeping company in CA. Strange I thought. Why?.... It didn't make sense...Then I checked the IP address and the comment was sent from the Philippines! LOL I guess someone just used the site URL and the email ID given on the site.Funny though! :)
Lately I've gotten several comments that aren't bad or wrong, but they don't comment on the main point of my post. The most recent example: the post is about pros and cons of affiliate marketing with a section at the end about WA. But the point of the post is the pros and cons. And yet the comment is about WA...In such cases I can't decide what to do with them. I don't seem to get more than one or maybe two comments for the 2 I submit and I don't want to give the other person a bad approval rat
I've come across a couple of times during image related trainings where you have to guess the pixel dimensions of a space where you want to insert an image. This involves trial and error - and for newbies more error in the beginning before they get the hang of it. :DMonosnap ( is a free cloud based screenshot tool. It is easy to learn and use and.... as you are selecting the area you want to capture, it shows you the pixel dimensions as shown in this image:So when you need
I got this email from Google Search Console a few hours ago and don't know what to make of it:I haven't made any changes to my home page for weeks. So I don't know why this sudden problem.I guess that I will just follow the Fix It directions. But I was just wondering if anyone else has gotten such a message before. Or if anyone knows why these files would have changed when I haven't made any changes to the page.Any input welcome!Robin