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March 25, 2016
Hahaha! Well, I just realized that we are all authors. I would look at people's profile pics and see something like Author: Bee Happy! Then I'd think, "Oh, Bee is an author!" I'd read another post, look at the profile and see: Author: Cee Goodness! Again I would say, "Oh, Cee's an author too!" "I'd really like to be an author too," I thought to myself.Of course, I've thought that through the years...and knew one day I would be. So I write a blog and guess what? Author: rahso
March 15, 2016
My a_ _ does have a pain after trying to get this picture in hahahaha! But hey... I really wanted you guys to see this. It's one of my favorites! And I learned something new. Like I do most every day here. I've been a member for 1 MONTH. Absolutely LOVE being here! Happy Easter!
I'll never forget my anniversary of joining WA! Since I've joined, I rarely play the games I used to play. Scrabble Cubes, Tetris etc., are gone by the wayside. I have found a new addiction, one that will take me where I want to be. A place where I can live comfortably enough in my retirement years and not have to worry about finances. A place where I will be able to encourage others on their journey and provide useful, life-changing information to those who request it.My website is exercisefor
February 28, 2016
OK! So far finding just the right FREE images has been quite an adventure. I personally just tapped into BING images and find this to be the best yet. A lot of sites lure you in but seem to have nothing free! Always make sure to go under the 'license' tab and select the appropriate subtitle. Selecting the size you want is also important. This has a learning curve for sure, but finding just the right picture is important. Don't give up until the picture you choose makes you smile!
February 27, 2016
***Don't Be Overwhelmed!***I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning of joining the Wealthy Affiliate family to say the least...So many helpful people sharing tips that have helped them along the way. HOW DO I DEAL WITH ALL THIS GREAT INFO? I have never been one to hoard and can't tolerate an overloaded message bin. I read all my messages and if someone offers training or advice I know will help me when the dust settles, I copy the link to my 'Go To' page, which happens to be on